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Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton Vs. Ronica Jeffrey Superfight a Success!

The much awaited results of the Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton vs, Ronica Jeffrey is finally here thanks to Angelo Reyes for the email and pictures of the fight.

May 5th was a big day for Mexican Americans in celebration of the Cinco de Mayo over their victory against the French. What a commemorative day it was especially at the West Wind Event Center as the “Superfight” between #1 Ranked Ronica Jeffrey of Gleasons Gym in NY slugging it out with our very own #4 ranked Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton of West-Wind Bok-Fu in a 5 round East vs. West Exhibition Match on who is the Best Pound for Pound Female Featherweight in the US.

The fight was billed as the DelaHoya vs. Mayweather version of Women’s Amateur Boxing with Ana taking the role of DelaHoya for her good looks of course and huge fan following and Ronica the Pound for Pound on her best. It was one of the most exciting female fights and the crowd as expected had a very exciting event to tell for quite some time. It was a fight that bore similarities with the huge main event of the day and maybe the most exciting female fights for both Pro and Amateur in 2007.

As expected Ana “the Hurricane” is the aggressor throughout the fight throwing a much harder shots than her craftier, defensive minded opponent. 1st round went to jeffries' with her quick counter precision punches. 2nd round sent Ronica staggering with Ana’s signature left hook and continued with her power pounding was overwhelmingly Ana’s round. The 3rd and 4th round is epic as well with their exchange of jabs and blows while Ana had a stronger blows Ronica was effective with her precision counter punches that sent the crowd up on their feet. Relentless as a hurricane Ana had stronger jabs and having the quicker over hand right cross, the two would battle back and forth left hook for left hook with Ana throwing the much bigger blows and Ronica with her slick defense & effective counter punching. The 5th round had the crowd on the edge of their seat or wit as the fight was just like the last round of the DelaHoya vs. Mayweather with Ana going for the knockout like DelaHoya while Ronica with her fast feet & sly defense all the while throwing exchanges only when necessary. It was a split decision that went for Jeffrey's direction, the judges scores were as follows Judge 1 (45-44 for Jeffrey), Judge 2 (36-33 for Julaton), and Judge 3 (26-22 for Jeffrey).

It was a good fight and Ana true to her form as a good athlete she never showed her disappointment, which I quote:

“I’m not disappointed at all…this was an exhibition match to show the world that Women’s Boxing should be in the Olympics for 2008…I’m happy that so much media came to the event.” said Ana with a smile. Ronica added “I’m happy with my victory…it was a close fight & I’m hoping we can do it again, but in my hometown next time.” Both ladies were very thankful to PrimierRound for putting the fight together and added that if more magazines had the same attitude towards women’s the sport of boxing would become even more popular. It was a great event as the crowd was in for a treat to watch the live fight in conjunction with the Delahoya/Mayweather PPV on with some special guest ringside: WBC minimum weight champ Carina Moreno, Consulate General of the Philippines Rowena Sanchez, Bay area football star JJ Stokes and 49er great Eric Wright & the Golden State Warriors Mickael Peitrus & Adonal Foyle were all there to support Ana and her efforts to promote women’s boxing.

Don’t you just love her, I bet you both these women can beat the crap out of me just like the Sports Anchor she had for a sparring partner, indeed I say women’s boxing deserve a spot at the Olympics.


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Photo courtesy: Primer Round magazine

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