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Bantay Boto Summary of Information

This is Bantay Boto's information that has some similarities with Kontra Daya information of possible electoral irregularies based on the 2004 Garcified results. Kontra Daya will release their report on the outcome of the election collated from various sources reporting electoral anomalies in different parts of the country. Watch for it meanwhile find the Summary of Information from Bantay Boto below and the earlier entry on their Bulletin no.1:

1. Intelligence reports reveal the existence of OPLAN MERCURY RISING. The operational plan has identified the following specific areas where massive election fraud will be committed:

A. Ilocos Sur - 345,981 registered voters

B. Pampanga - 1,131,627

C. Camarines Norte - 222,691

D. Cebu - 2,104,738

E. Bohol - 661,041

F. Leyte - 940,738

G. Eastern Samar - 234,559

H. Lanao del Norte - 484,091

I. Davao del Sur - 1,232,053

J. Lanao del Sur - 396,722

K. Maguindanao - 336,774

L. Sharif Kabunsuan - 198,280


8,289,295 registered voters (18.4%)

A. Region VI - 3,667,151 registered voters

B. Region XI - 994,552 (Total: 2,226,605)

C. CARAGA - 1,238,982

D. ARMM - 572,248 (Total: 1,504,024)


6,472,933 registered voters (14.4%)


Grand Total - 14,762,228 (32.8% of total voters)

The respective Provincial Election Supervisors (PES), Assistant Regional Election Directors (AREDs), and Regional Election Directors (REDs)in these provinces and regions were allegedly ordered to see to it that TU candidates Defensor, Zubiri and Pichay should rank in the first three slots in their respective areas.

In this regard, the following PES are warned that we and our people will watch their every move until the final count is in.

A. Ilocos Sur - Atty. Joel J. Gines

B. Pampanga - Atty. Temie Lambino

C. Camarines Norte - Atty. Said Ali P. Maganduga

D. Cebu - Atty. Lionel Marco Castellano

E. Bohol - Atty. Veronico Petalcorin

F. Leyte - Atty. Andrew Bido

G. Eastern Samar - Atty. Juan Bautista Beato

H. Davao del Sur - Atty. Remlane Tambuang

I. Lanao del Norte - Atty. Joseph H. Cuevas Banzon

J. Lanao del Sur - Atty. Nasib D. Yasin

K. Maguindanao - Atty. Lintang Bedol

L. Sharif Kabunsuan - Atty. Kasan P. Usi

In the same manner, the following AR Eelection Directors are warned that we and our people will watch their every move until the final count is in.

A. Region XI - Atty. Ray F. Sumalipao

B. CARAGA - Atty. Francisco Pobe

Likewise, the following R Election Directors are warned that we and our people will watch their every move until the final count is in.

A. Region VI - Atty. Renato A. Magbutay

B. Region XI - Atty Remlane M. Tambuang

C. CARAGA - Atty. Cirilo E. Nala, Jr.

D. ARMM - Atty. Ray F. Sumalipao

2. We also have reports that certain local government and Comelec officials whom we will not name here, were offered HUGE CASH INCENTIVES who are able to deliver 12-0 in favor of TU, and an ADDED BONUS is promised if GO candidate Alan Peter Cayetano gets ZERO VOTE.

3. We also have reports of verbal instructions from no less than the Office of the AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Hermogenes Esperon to all military commanders to ensure a TU 12-0 slate in their respective areas of responsibility especially in military camps where the canvassing of votes will be conducted.

  1. We also have reports coming from Tarlac, Samar, Davao Oriental, Misamis Oriental, and Makati that during the absentee voting in the AFP between May 4 to 6, 2007, Army personnel were instructed to vote straight TU as per verbal order of CGPA. While voting, the soldiers were guarded by their officers and senior NCOs to ensure that they vote as ordered. In one area, the ballots which were placed in sealed envelops were collected and placed in a mere sack, not ballot box. The soldiers were directed to put their thumb marks and affix their signatures on blank sheets of paper which were collected by HPA personnel administering the absentee voting. In all areas, there were no overseeing COMELEC officials or representatives around, only direct commanders, AFP officers and NCOs.
Organizations belonging to BANTAY BOTO:

Bagong Katipunan (BK / Magdalo)

Federation of Retired Commissioned and Enlisted Personnel (FORCES)

Grand Order of the Unified Guardians (GOUNIG)

Para sa Bayan (PsB)

Philippine Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. (PGBI)

Soldiers and Police for Peace and Progress (SPP)

Young Enlisted Soldiers with Active and Retired Military-Police for Solidarity



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