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Manny Pacquiao-Oscar De La Hoya Fight Is ON....

Looks like most of the kinks in the deal has been ironed out after the on and off negotiation almost fell apart for a mega-fight that will rake in moohlah for both fighters scheduled for Dec. 6.

The negotiation broke down when Oscar De La Hoya’s camp insisted on a 70/30 split and Manny Pacquiao rejecting the split. At
two-thirds/one-third split of the revenue with De La Hoya getting the biggest chunk, it will be the biggest purse to come Pacquioa’s way at around US$20 million or more.Pacquiao-De La Hoya Pacland promo version
While it is a welterweight non-title bout, Manny Pacquiao is taking a bigger risk against a fighter that is taller at 5’ 10” ½ against Pacquiao at 5”5” and giving away 7” in reach against a jabber.

On the other hand Pacquiao is at his prime at 29 years physically and highly improved boxing skills as seen in the one sided rout of lightweight defending champion David Diaz.

Pacquiao is definitely more comfortable at 136-140 lbs. the only Filipino boxer to have won in five lower division will be fighting a De La Hoya at 35 years who is more comfortable around 154 lbs. will have to go down to 147 lbs. Are we going to see a weaker De La Hoya just like Morales? That will favor Pacquiao if that is the case but maybe not as De La Hoya has also won multiple titles too and has shown his versatility in different weight classes.

Another encouraging write-up is by
Jeff Schimmel of Bleacher Report whose contention if he is right on target with his argument that De La Hoya is just more of hype concocted by the media, then Pacquiao may indeed be the Mexican’s worst nightmare.

Mike of
Pinoy Sports Writer has a favorable forecast too in favor of Manny Pacquioa citing the specific pros and cons and if they are right Pacquiao will just solidify his stardom in world boxing.

Bookmakers in Nevada has finally come out with the odds favoring De La Hoya 2 to I and while there are upsets, who will win the fight will of course be determined on the night of the actual fight. The odds on the betting board will probably be listed at about minus 185 (risk $1.85 to win $1), with the price on Pacquiao about plus 165 (risk $1 to net $1.65). While it appears that the odds favor De La Hoya this is considered an even match and not a one sided fight in favor of De la Hoya.

I think Manny Pacquiao has an even chance of winning that is if we take into consideration Jeff Schimmel’s contention and this LA times article:

De La Hoya is 2-2 in the welterweight division, losing to Felix Trinidad and Shane Mosley, and defeating Gatti and Derrell Coley.

"You can actually lose a fight on the scales," Schaefer said. "To make 147 would be a big concession on Oscar's part."

If De La Hoya comes out like an emaciated warrior Pacquiao has a chance, on the other hand this is a huge 2 step up in weight class for Manny so it still may go in either direction…..

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Note: The image above is not the official poster but an artwork by lotur at Pacland Forum

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