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Vindication according to Abalos

These are just some of the latest Kontra Daya’s Running Account reports on the electoral fraud: N. Ecija folks forced to vote for Palparan party-list, Electoral fraud heats up in Bulacan, Irregularities in Bataan, Moro group calls for quick COMELEC action on failure of elections in Mindanao towns and so many more…… and as usual “WE HAVE BEEN VINDICATED” says Abalos. What nerve and how appalling can they get stressing “vindication” and by whom may I ask? Reports coming from different sources all the way to major liepapers errr newspapers to radio and television broadcast sounds like a tsunami of fraud wrecking havoc along its path and Abalos say, "WE ARE VINDICATED”.

Foreign observers horrified at witnessing blatant vote buying with impunity, Abalos says “we have been VINDICATED”, whaaaaaat? Am I in the comedy club or something, sounds like a stand up comic act to me but this one is not one of those scripts that are exaggerated aimed at poking fun on imagined events or happenings? This one is real and actually happening and no one is supposed to laugh or get entertained or are we?

Now what’s up with these people so eager to absolve and fish out their credibility out of the toilet early in the game truly makes you wonder why they issue such crap. It is as if they are more concerned in covering their tracks than doing their duty as overseer of a clean, orderly, honest and credible election.

How about the Lady friend of “disappointed” with “dirty politics” Garci who keeps on harping on “unity” as in unite with me cheaters all and let the will of the backdoor operators prevail is really one for the books. Duh, hellooooo in case you haven’t noticed when it comes to assuring people of a clean and honest electoral process you have nada to speak of until, people see the scandal of 2004 resolved. Does she think people are so dumb to believe her when she calls for people to “respect” the outcome when really the count has just begun?

This is just so incredulous while Fr. Dizon worries about prematurely giving comelec a pat in the back Abalos went ahead and did it on themselves with his we have been vindicated. Ayayayay, que barbaridad maybe what they need is a smack at the back of their head or maybe a slap them silly (mag-asawang sampal) thingy to get them back to their senses.

While there maybe a lot of hiccups in these election things are looking good in some areas such as the imminent defeat of Garci who also wants to “vindicate” his name, what a gas. Is he really serious that the reason he wanted to run was for “vindication”? Thank goodness he is losing and conceding, had he won it would have been a big blow and the biggest insult one can reap on the people of Bukidnon. Harvey Keh must be unpacking his suitcase by now seeing that people he despise that he thinks has “no right” to run for elective position are getting beaten like a pulp unexpectedly surely is a welcome surprise.

Fr. Ed Panlilio seems to be on his way to a successful run too against political opponent of the tralala land tinsel town illegal quarrying kind and the anak ng Jueteng (illegal numbers game) political “kingmakers” of the Gloria questionable tenure era tells us there is still hope.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg though we have not and cannot conclusively say that there is massive fraud and irregularities in this election until we get all the facts. In the same manner that Abalos should not give us delusional comic act when he is not even a stand up comic to begin with that they were vindicated.

Now what’s up with his attempt to stop the network from showing electoral results tally? Again, after seeing how they mishandled the other instant “Peter” Cayetano that is sooooo obviously planted to mess up Alan Peter Cayetano, the questionable “non-disclosure” of party list nominees he now talks of “undue trending” and will cite those networks for contempt? Are these people really serious? What the heck do they think they can pull another fast one on us? I really would like to smack errr pat them in the back for “sticking” to the rules but how come they seem to be selective on other blatant electoral violations? Whatever happened to Raul Gonzales anyway, oh yeah he was already vindicated by their spokesman so they will just pick on the networks. Or how about those fixers, why are they so eerily quiet not a pipsqueak heard on what to do with that allegations? Oh well, that is just how elections are in the land of cheats like that index finger smeared and marked, symbolizing the nation’s leaders propensity to cheat but their fingers are pointed at the people.


Photo courtesy of Impious at Longsilog

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