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Ang Kapatiran in the Trapoland 07 Election

We are barely 5 days away till election time and Ang Kapatiran the party I am rooting for are barely making a dent in the field of numbing mindless hollow PR battle over the madaya errr media. Rightly so how do you expect to gain any media mileage where millions of legitimate and illegitimate sources get you a rosy picture that really sends nothing but hollow perceptive or rather deceptive praise releases of the ATM write ups.

Indeed I feel the frustration of Martin in this entry where lengthy write-ups for Ang Kapatiran are killed by editors of 2 major liepapers tells you what kind of journalistic ethics they practice or if ever they even are aware that such a thing exist:

Seems like the harder we try, the less we get noticed. When you are after 43.8 million voters, there is just no way you can make serious inroads without mass media. And these guys know it. 2 staff reporters from 2 different major newspapers admitted to me that their stories about Ang Kapatiran, written after lengthy interviews were killed by their editors. Explains why during the last 3 months, front page fodder would consist of the most inane thoughts and activities of the well-funded candidates. Big media will not give us idealistic greenhorns even a small opening. They are squarely on the side of business as usual.

How true, “business as usual” and this is the 3 year cycle where they make a killing including some unscrupulous ATM journalist, their editors, and publisher owners sharing the “bounty”. Heck and these is the very same people who complain and whine at our pathetic socio-economic-political situation but not see their role in digging the hole in our nation continually sinking in the quagmire of wretchedness. Surrender indeed is no option and despite all the obstacles, I see a strong resolve seen on genuine people’s leader:

I take all these obstacles as character-building exercises. Nobody can ever accuse us of getting a free pass.

Their chances seems dim at this point but I am not losing hope because I believe that there are people out there who sees the “light” and will reject this personality type contest through the ballot. I see outpouring of support that not only stops at making their choices but going out on their own initiative campaigning in their own way for a party that will change the way we conduct our politics. This is a party of the people longing for sanity in our political institution and no amount of Jueteng, stolen government meager resources or vested interest funds will drown them out to oblivion. They have started that inner fire in the hearts of men that will form an army of citizens who will not take it sitting down anymore and confront the very evils of trapoistic hell in retaking our nation back. Not with slogans, rallies, marches or grandstanding as seen in most trapos out to create an "impression" with their hollow posturing but with platform and party ideology where candidates and members alike subject themselves into.

Here is a part 1 and part 2 article sent to me by Chee Garcia on a column by Jarius Bondoc regarding a former staff of some senatong. Now after reading that article you tell me if it makes sense to vote for any of the trapos out there who are spending hundreds of millions if not billion to get a coveted pork barrel seat in the senate. You are either a hopeless dimwit if you still believe that this election dominated by trapos is all about good governance. Greedy bastards I should say that call themselves leaders accountable only to themselves or their conscience that seems to have gone down the toilet together with comelec's credibility.

Enough of the circus, if you believe in changing for the better look no further Ang kapatiran is clearly a political party that will change the conduct of politics. Big vested interest, legitimate and illegitimate funding of the trapos will not bring any meaningful change even in your dreams or nightmare it will not happen. Ang Kapatiran offers us the alternative and they are committed to their party and the people. They are funded by regular people desiring change for a better Philippines and thus they are beholden to no big vested interest but the very people who truly believes that this nation deserves genuine servants of the people. Here is their platform:

Spiritual Dimension

Moral Dimension

Social Dimension - Peace and Order

Social Dimension - Good Governance

Social Dimension - Economic Development

Social Dimension - Political Culture Foreign Policy

If you desire change and want the electoral conduct that is more of a circus to cease and real issues affecting the nation prevail now and in the future a vote for Ang Kapatiran is definitely the first baby step towards that goal. A vote for the trapos is definitely jumping in the political quicksand of hopelessness that will forever relegate us at the bottom of the muck while our Asian neighbors reap the benefits of economic prosperity in the new global reality.

Martin Bautista, Jess Paredes, Adrian Sison and of course Fr. Ed Panlilio needs us, they have stepped up the plate are you coming or going the trapo way?


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