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More on WW2 Comfort Women

In a NY Times article tilted Japanese Researchers Rebut Premier’s Denials on Sex Slavery By MARTIN FACKLER and CHOE SANG-HUN Published: April 18, 2007 a group of Japanese researches publicly challenge PM Shinzo Abe’s denial’s of military coercion of WW2 comfort women.

“It is clear that the comfort women system was a system of sexual slavery,” said a group member, Hirofumi Hayashi, a history professor at Kanto Gakuin University. “However, the movement to openly deny this has grown stronger in the government and elsewhere.”

The group's report was based partly on the interrogations of Japanese soldiers submitted in the war crimes tribunal that ended in 1948 as part of the evidence of war crime atrocities. While the documents are dated in it are evidences that proves the Japanese armies forced abductions of young women and child for sexual slavery.

It is sad that to this day these conservative Japanese politicians refuse or are purely in denial of the past atrocities their barbaric army has committed upon defenseless women. How can they then move on if they continuously do not exert any effort at correcting their past mistakes? Is this the very reason why our women are literally pimped by a desperate government for the dollar remittances with a ready and willing client for they have not learned the lessons of the past?

In this youtube video are graphic horrific atrocities comitted by Japanese war criminals titled “Issue of the Nanking Massacre & Comfort Women - JPN Gov” (warning contents are too violently graphic)

Comfort Woman Interview

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