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Harry Potter and the Harry Putragis (SOBs)

I thought I have seen it all, but as they say you learn new things everyday. What in the name of political crap are these Japanese Conservative Fooliticians peddling now? This is like telling as that Harry Potter's wizardry and magic are for real.... what a crap of Harry Putragis!

Fer cryin out loud they even had the gall to ask for APOLOGY on the so-called “wrong information” by the US Congress regarding the 200,000 “comfort women”. Now if this is not a group of cuckoo nesters I don’t know what is. Heck who are these Japanese fooliticians trying to fool? They are claiming that there were no sex slaves during their war of atrocities during WWII in their greed to dominate Asia with their “Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” BS that 200,000 sex slaves mostly from the Philippines, China, and Korea were supposedly willing prostitutes in their army brothels is the worse lie and self denial I have seen.

Now if that is not adding insult to irreparable injury, I don’t know what is. How callous and insensitive for these cuckoo nesters to even suggest such unthinkable labeling of their forced sex slaves as willing participants who even “saved” money is pure hog wash. Yeah, your money back then was worthless piece of paper not even worthy of an ass wipe, so what savings are these fools blabbering about?

Liza Maza of Gabriela has stated it succinctly that these are yet another form of violence against the women victims of sexual slavery during World War II. There are a few of these women surviving today, these travesty is unacceptable we need to send them a clear message that we are not going to take this abuse and further insult sitting down. Let me quote Inquirer in what these Japanese politician cuckoo nesters are saying;

In their letter to be distributed to US members of Congress, the Japanese conservatives said they felt "anger and sadness because the resolution is based on wrong information."

"No sex slaves existed for Japanese military," they said. "There were only business organizations and prostitutes to make money
from soldiers."

"This is the indisputable historical fact," they added, urging US Congress members to reinvestigate and retract last month's resolution.

Here is the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan where all the Japanese embassies and consulates are located, send them your protest and demand an apology for their callous denial of the atrocities to women they have inflicted in WWII.

This article from By Gi-Wook Shin, director of Stanford University's Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center and professor of sociology at Chinese in Vancouver site has very valid point;

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's drawing of distinctions about the degree of coercion used to bring Korean, Chinese, and even Japanese women to these brothels is an unfortunate response to the proposed resolution. There are certainly areas of ambiguity in the historical record about this and other Japanese war crimes. But the direct involvement of the Japanese authorities, including the military, in the forcible recruitment of comfort women has been well documented, including by Japanese scholars.

Furthermore, the issue is not the degree of criminality but rather the willingness to take clear moral responsibility for a past that continues to cloud the present. Faced with the international criticism of his remarks, Mr. Abe became more "apologetic" recently, but he still has not clearly confronted the issue. It is vital that the Japanese take seriously the pain that still burdens Chinese, Koreans, and other victims of past Japanese aggression.

The reckoning with the past, however, is not simply a matter of passing judgment on Japan's misdeeds. The United States, too, bears responsibility for the failure to fully account for and confront Japanese war crimes. The US is not an outsider to the problems of history arising out of the wars in Asia, and America must confront its role in mishandling Japanese war-crime issues after 1945.

It is not the loser that writes the history and until the Japanese politicians recognize the war atrocities they committed and cease from denying this historical fact they are just prolonging the misery of those they have abused. Give the survivors and those left behind by the victims a closure and peace of mind than continually abusing them with more insults heaped upon them by these delusional Japanese politicians denials.

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