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Update 7/12/07

Keep it coming... let your voices be heard, below is from a STATEMENT OF SENATOR MAR ROXAS;

“There is an attempt to pin on two other senators (Ping and Loren) and myself the blame for a fragmented opposition in the Senate. Yet, whoever wins the senate presidency by courting the administration senators is clearly the real purveyor of division within the opposition ranks.”

“Whatever the outcome of the SP race, the LP senators except for Sen. Pangilinan will remain within the minority bloc. The people’s mandate in the last election is clear: an independent, fiscalizing Senate under the leadership and control of the opposition. I follow that mandate.”

Update 7/9/07 2:30 pm

Feeling betrayed and scammed bloggers and online netizens are starting to pour out their frustration over these shameless turncoats of convenience at the expense of once again relegating the interest of the voters over their personal vested interest. Emma Orozco has reported at Fil-Am Forum an unmoderated San Francisco based yahoo group also populated by netizens the world over that the senators in question email has been disabled.

Time to make these senators honest and true to their loyalties which is …… the people who gave them the mandate or was it the unbedolable (unbelievable) math wizards that gave them the numbers thus they have no qualms abandoning those that supported them?

Let us spread out the message and continue on or forever get played by the trapos in their game of musical chairs that is not rooted on party principles, philosophy and ideology as pointed out by Fidel Umaga. A political system that lacks accountability owing to the absence of primaries or party conventions at the least as Bruce of Iloilo pointed out. Ninjathet of Life: Half Empty – Half Full has poured her disappointed but was glad they showed their true colors early in the game. This has proven once again that the trapos cannot be trusted to uphold the peoples interest.

To effectively send your message to these senators I have rearrange the email address to make it easier to cut and paste…… so what are we waiting for, let’s send them an email showing our disgust and disappointment.

mb_villar@yahoo.com, benigno_aquino_iii@yahoo.com, minorityoffice@gmail.com, allancayetano@yahoo.com, ping_lacson_gov@yahoo.com, jpe825@yahoo.com, rbrobles@yahoo.com, senjinggoyestrada@senate.gov.ph, pongbiazon@yahoo.com, aqp@senate.gov.ph, aqp@pldtdsl.net, mar@marroxas.com, mam@senate.gov.ph


This is a very good development, Pedestrian Observer welcomes this sentiment and has been featured here by Movement for a Free Philippines officers Gil Ramos, Ph. d. in his "Traydor!" article and "We Ought not To Forget!" by Fidel Umaga of pointing out the newly elected senators namely Villar, Escudero, Cayetano, & Pangilinan in realigning themselves with the administration.

Enteng Romano of The Black and White Movement has been circulating emails urging people to send a clear message to the opposition senators not to let the administration of the cheating errr seating president take control of the senate presidency.

The voters have given these senators a clear mandate out of repugnance and rejection of the policies of this administration with a questionable tenure. The letter below of Enteng Romano should serve as he stated as a starting point in your letter to protect our mandate. Email and fax these senators and let them know we are watching.........

Dear GO Senators-elect,

We are alarmed at the way the fight for the Senate presidency is developing. The 14th Congress has not yet opened, and already we are seeing the people's mandate for an opposition-dominated Senate being squandered.

We view with grave concern that because of a factious opposition bloc, it is ultimately the administration bloc who will determine the outcome of the senate presidency. And the next senate president is inevitably allied, if not beholden, to the administration.

We, therefore, urge the opposition senators - if not the whole bloc, then at least those who won under the GO ticket, to hold a caucus and decide exclusively among yourselves who the next senate president will be. We call on each and every one of you to rise above personal ambitions and loyalties for the higher interest of the people who have pinned their hopes and aspirations upon you in the last election.

The worst thing that could happen is for the opposition to win with an overwhelming mandate the majority of the 12 seats contested, only to end up as the minority in the 14th Congress.

We were one with you when you fought the good fight and celebrated a well-deserved victory. We pray that you will not fail us on this very important issue.

Senator Fax Number email address

Manny Villar
Fax: 551-2923 / 5526876
email: mb_villar@yahoo.com

Noynoy Aquino
email: benigno_aquino_iii@yahoo.com

Chiz Escudero
Fax: 8346590
email: minorityoffice@gmail.com

Allan Cayetano
Fax: 5526692
email: allancayetano@yahoo.com

Ping Lacson
email: ping_lacson_gov@yahoo.com

Loren Legarda
Fax: 5526889
email: jpe825@yahoo.com

Sonny Trillanes
Fax: 8348974
email: rbrobles@yahoo.com

Jinggoy Estrada

Pong Biazon

Nene Pimentel
Fax: 5526713 / 5526731
email: aqp@senate.gov.ph
email: aqp@pldtdsl.net

Mar Roxas

Jamby Madrigal

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