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Harry & Paul BBC Comedy Show takes a Farcical Detour

It seems the Philippine government is really taking this “seriously” according to Times Online Alberto Romulo the Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary summoned the British Ambassador to explain why the BBC had broadcast a comedy skit involving Harry Enfield, in which a Filipina housemaid was cajoled into having sex with a British suburbanite. Just how serious are they treating this matter? Serious enough for the Philippine embassy in London to send letters to BBC, the Secretary of State for Women and the Press Complaints Commission, to protest “this slur on our domestic workers” in Britain according to Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Esteban Cornejos. Here is a quote from Times Online:
The BBC has made no comment but the British Embassy in Manila distanced itself from the broadcaster by saying the organisation has editorial independence and the views expressed and portrayed by the network “are completely independent” from the Government.

It said Filipinos in Britain “are an important part of British society, making invaluable contributions to our scientific and service sectors, and enriching UK culture”.

The plight of millions of Filipinos working overseas is a sensitive issue for the Philippines, whose economy is aided by millions of pounds sent home by expatriates.
This is big and while I am tempted to join the bandwagon of protest what holds me back is when I see the likes of SiRAUL O. GOONzales stating he will sign the petition. Gonzales the one that never cease to amaze people for continually embarrassing himself in public that the Developmentally Unfit Movement Brigade better known as DUMB has given Gonzales their most coveted award for this statement:
You just want to magnify this kind of story. You want to make Mr. Beltran feel big, like a giant, when he is a pygmy.
Well blow me down and slap me silly the petition was about racism and this nut case wants to affix his dishonorable errrr “honorable” name on this issue. There goes the petitioners’ credibility down the toilet. But then again this is an outburst against satire and absurdity. Of course people will react according to their level of “sensitivity” but on the other hand it can also become a farce in itself when you see the likes of ignorant Philippine officials coordinating the protest movement in Britain. With the likes of siRaulO Gonzales leading the pack, the Harry & Paul BBC Comedy Show takes a Farcical Detour coming to a complete circle into a circus side freak show. The comment section of the Times Online article has some very interesting reactions:
I thought it was very funny but also thought it poked fun at the Northerner and not the maid.

I guess humour is not universal.

Joe, Edinburgh, Scotland

I'd like an apology from Harry and Paul as well. Not because I found it offensive, just because it's not funny...

Sophie, Birmingham
Calm down, calm down! Is an apt Times Online article response to the brouhaha stating what should have been the appropriate response:
"Oi! Enfield!! No!!!" or perhaps "now I do not believe you wanted to do that." Either way, one of Britiain's top comedians has got himself involved in a diplomatic incident in Manila today after Filipino officials failed to see the funny side of a sketch that mocked domestic workers living in Britain.
BBC News article Philippines angry at Enfield show has this statement from the producers:
Harry and Paul is a post-watershed comedy sketch series and as such tackles many situations in a comedic way," said the spokesman, from production company Tiger Aspect.

"Set in this context, the sketch in question is so far beyond the realms of reality as to be absurd - and in no way is intended to demean or upset any viewer.
See, this is devoid of reality that is even absurd so if one is seething with anger or feeling lonesome like me against the world it is really silly and to react in such fashion sanctioned by the Philippine government no less definitely goes beyond absurdity. Connie Veneracion is asking some questions below:
Okay, from what I’ve read, the joke is tasteless. No wonder I’ve never heard of the show before — I don’t watch trashy shows. But violation of the maid’s human rights? Isn’t the maid in question a CHARACTER played by an actress? How can there be human rights violation when the subject is a fictional character? In fact, if the actress who portrayed the maid is, in fact, a Filipina, shouldn’t she be a target of the rage too? She willingly played the part, after all, including that specific scene so there’s a reasonable assumption there that she didn’t feel there was anything objectionable about it.
This is really a comical if not not farcical detour to absurdity and I blame the Philippine left movement in not being clear on who really are the lahing api (exploited) mindset, now we see those in the corridor of political and economic power acting and mimicking as if they "belong" to the real exploited class. Loren Legarda a presidential aspirant had this to say in a privilege spit errr speech, to quote:
There was the desperate attack by the Desperate Housewives on our medical practitioners abroad. And now this BBC's rear of mockery. We must condemn these assaults with resounding assertion of our dignity lest this become commonplace. Our inability to defend the honor of the Filipinos, particularly those exiled abroad as overseas Filipino workers will only strengthen this pattern, this trend and may even give the impression to the world that these insults are true. Overseas Filipino workers are dispersed and constitute a minority in almost all parts of the world. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Filipinos and Filipinas are being physically, sexually, and psychologically assaulted in their places of employment abroad. Filipinos abroad are vulnerable. We must act to protect their dignity. I have proposed Senate Resolution No. 708 expressing the sense of the Senate condemning in strongest terms the demeaning portrayal of Filipina migrant workers in the BBC comedy program which has tarnished the image of Filipinos abroad.

I point to the issue of comity and solidarity which a great country such as the United Kingdom owes to the Filipino nation. It is not too much to ask for respect. We would be remiss in our duties not just as senators, but as Filipinos in whose veins flows the blood of greatness, a race who historically showed the world its worth.

Just because you think that way and easily influenced by silly absurd comedy show it does not follow that the rest of mankind has the same "level" of ignorance errr sensibilities. Just look at how disgraceful, shameless, and silly when we see Dennis Alcoreza that councilor from Manila booted out as the operator of the abattoir marching out on the street as if they belong to the great unwashed and destitute of Evita Peron crying for Argentina errr I meant like a militant activist when they actually belong to the ruling elite is just ridiculous. Oh by the way respect is earned, you cannot demand respect from others especially the whole wide world when they see that you are "militantly" fighting a fictional character.

This response from cornholiogogs speaks loudly:

Are you going to let these guys define your self image? As long as Wowowwee and Eat Bulaga still attract sponsors and very willing studio audiences, I don't want to hear any Filipinos complain about how some external country portrays us badly. We can manage by ourselves in our own soil in that department, thank you very much.
I say amen brother……….. amen. I don't think I have the right nor am I in a position to prevent others from getting their feelings hurt or those who want to voice out their indignation but really, what makes us different then from that Saudi Islamic Cleric who Issued a Fatwa against Mickey Mouse? While the Saudi Cleric issues a death sentence which we don't (thank gawd or Allah) there is that similarity in that we are fighting a common enemy............. a make believe character. The Cleric wanting to kill a cartoon character and the lahing api (exploited) wanting an apology for "racial sexist exploitation" on a fictional character. Really? Now what do you call the producers and creators of those scantily clad Filipinas trying hard to be sexy gyrating on the Philippine idiot box as seen on the likes of that stampede prone Wowowowee or Eat Bulaga?

For whatever its worth the controversy that it generates is actually helping Harry & Paul in their comeback, thanks and no thanks to the Philippine diplomatic officials and politicians who shamelessly ride the tide of victim mentality sentiment that only validates the intended absurdity of the show at the expense of oversensitive people getting into the mix.

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