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Is it Incompetence or Outright Thievery?

So it seems the man of the hour that can save Pampanga from the thieving vultures was indeed true. “Amang” Gov. Panlilio collected P11.6 Million in quarry taxes in a span of 10 days compared to the past administratong errrr administration’s P29.1 Million for the whole of 2006. Is this a case of incompetence or outright thievery, well your guess is as good as mine.

Yikes now what in the name of kotong errr kind of collection are they doing….. Jueteng style where those who pay have a chance to win? 365 days equals P29.1 Million against 10 days of Gov. Panlilio at P11.6 Million, heck no wonder father and son cannot be reached and supposedly are in the US. Calling on federal authorities maybe some investigation is in order because the USA is never a safe haven for criminals or never will harbor criminals if it turns out that a crime was committed in the quarry tax collection.

In 10 days Gov. Panlilio collected 39.86% of what Junior Lapid collected in 365 days so is this incompetence or there’s thieving going on? It seems if the report is accurate the P29.1 Million is the highest peak since father and sonamagun errr son junior's collection range from P10 to 30 Million per year. Now how disgusting is that?

Let’s hope that Vice Governor Joseller Guaio, keeps a close watch on alleged quarry irregularities, and hopefully continue pursuing the graft case against the younger Lapid and provincial treasurer Vergel Yabut as he promised. Here’s a quote from the article by Tonnete Orejas of Inquirer:

"Guiao noted a "discrepancy" of P337 million between the collections of the Natural Resources Development Corp. from 1999 to 2001 and the elder Lapid's administration from 2002 to 2004.

In the case he filed at the Office of the Ombudsman in March, Guiao said between P600 million and P1 billion might have been lost to graft from 2004 to the first two months of 2007 under the younger Lapid's administration.

Private sector leaders have formed a quarry watchdog last week to help foil irregularities in the collection of quarry taxes."

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