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WW2 Comfort Women Victims of Abuse to this day!

The recent response of some group of Japanese conservative politicians in response to US Congress has to this day in the twilight of their years has reaped upon the WW2 comfort women more abuse and insult. Not content with the harrowing experience they have subjected these women they have labeled them as prostitutes is the most despicable ignorance I have encountered. Could it be that to this day there are a great many sectors in their society that sees women as a commodity? Or was it total ignorance owing to their denial and as such has not owned up to their barbaric past that its citizenry has no clue on the cruelty and atrocities their soldiers committed in the name of the emperor.

One response that I got from an expat may explain why up to this day we hear of such unacceptable and moronic response from these group of cuckoo nesters:

All nations have their darker sides and better sides if we care to look.

Problem is when government bodies decide to control the state to the point of excluding the honesty of its own regime and people who wish to trust are blindingly led, you might recognize some domestic parallels in that suggestion. Japan suffers that in its education system.

About 15 years ago I visited the Kranji war memorial in Singapore. SomeJapanese tourist were there and were puzzled by the graves showing crosses but clearly no one there. I explained that the doctors, nurses and patients were bayoneted by the Japanese Imperial army even whilst in surgery and the bodies dismembered so not possible to put together.

Only one understood enough English to give a full translation. the scene was very quickly short of cameras and smiles and lots of head hanging followed by two of the girls crying. They are not educated as to what happened, its not their fault. as they are more widely traveled they see the reality and do understand.

I told them not to be ashamed for what happened in the past just make sure it does not happen again!!

What do we say about not visiting the sins of our fathers on our children, etcJust some thoughts, no rights or wrongs.


The responses below points out the “supply and demand” problem that I believe are very valid and people in the government especially those promoting export of its citizens should see to it that they don’t become part of the problem. Corruption indeed plays a major role on why some of our “entertainers” find themselves victims of the sexual trade run by local and foreign pimps. The peddlers of human misery only sees money in their pockets and corruption in government agencies tasked to oversee this sector exacerbates the problem even more. What about us, do we just turn a blind eye to this present day problem?

Not only has the Japanese government not owned up to and apologized for these acts during WWII, they are currently allowing the practice to continue in Japan presently! How many young Filipinas have been granted "entertainment visas" to Japan, only to find themselves upon arrival forced into prostitution in the nightclubs of Tokyo and Osaka? I contend that the Japanese government, by granting these so-called "entertainment visas," is working hand-in-hand with Japanese criminals / nightclub owners and in fact are co-conspirators in kidnapping Filipinas and forcing them to satisfy the sexual desires of wealthy Japanese businessmen!

If one were to travel to the south, in cities like Tagum and Davao, one would discover that many of these Japanese criminals are actively and currently "recruiting" young, poor Filipinas TODAY!!!! This practice needs to STOP and the Philippine government needs to step in and put and end to this practice! Arrest these bastards and deport their asses!!!!

Finally, why does the Philippine government continue to issue these"entertainment visas" to these, most often, unsuspecting young ladies????? Government officials are acutely aware of what is going on!


The biggest problem does however nor rest with Japan, its rests here with the Philippines. I see far more evidence of localized human trafficking for 'comfort women services' or 'entertainers' than I see being recruited for overseas deployment. These girls are bought and sold by Pinays, mainly Chinese Pinoys/pinays who specialize in underage girls for the local market.

I turn away so many every week from these sources who think that my bar will accommodate their requirements. I am assailed almost daily by Pinoys wanting 'young girls', not for export but for instant sexual gratification, virgins being bought and paid for at a premium!. Needless to say they are invited to go elsewhere.

Sad to say that elsewhere is readily available!! People can jump up anddown about the Japanese situation, they should however understand that the international trade is small by comparison to the local and domestictrafficking that takes place.

The human trafficking of these vulnerable people is supported by authorities who just do not care as long as they get their cut. The Japanese recruiters identified in Davao and Tagum as well as other places are only able to operate as the authorities have been bought off. Rules for overseas recruitment are stringent, yet so easily circumvented.

I found it laughable the the US government reduced the Philippines rating on the human trafficking watch list. The idiots who made that decision, clearly do not know their subject or worse could not care, they just go through the motions. A scratch at the surface of this sick practice will show that trafficking is wide spread and flourishing, the rewards go through to the top of society. For this reason do not expect any changes soon.

For those who view this as being punishable in the after life, you may beright. What is more relevant is the punishment and suffering these innocents are receiving during this life. The perpetrators could not and do not care about consequences, be it here and today or some time in the future, or future life.

Cyber should focus on cleaning up the Philippines back yard before blaming the foreigner, the usual and predictable Pinoy act of ensuring that they are blameless and that the only reason the Philippines ever has a problem is because of foreigners. No, this does not excuse the Japanese damnable position or the practice of recruiters elsewhere. Find a bar anywhere in Asia that is not nearly staffed 100% by Pinays recruited as 'entertainers'

The problem like charity begins at home


True, I should not just blame other nation for our miseries a deeper look from within is needed to fully grasp the enormity of our problem as a nation. In some ways I agree that pointing the blame on others without looking from within are at times convenient and tends to divert our focus in our trek towards a better Philippines. On the other hand we should also have a well balanced outlook lest it creates an attitude of blaming the victim instead of the perpetrator. The problem of the WW2 Comfort Women are definitely not of our own making but the barbarity of an occupying army, the present day problem is a culmination of denial and neglect in a mindset that sees women as commodities. How about you what do you think?

If you are a US Citizen, you may want to know if your Congressperson is supporting House Resolution 121. If they are not sign the petition , send your representative an email and attach the URL link.

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