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Social Cost of Migration for Women OFW

The Cyber Istambay celebrates (trying hard to earn “pogi” points) with Women from all walks of life in celebration of International Women’s Day. A day that reminds us to honor the role of women in our lives and society appreciating their contribution, without them our existence in these world would be meaningless and dreadful.

Yes, Virginia so they say you have come a long way you have earned your way in asserting your equality with bastards errrr men like us but don’t push it too far now……… equal but not superior hehehe.

As I was mulling how to celebrate women’s day I chance upon an article at Philippine Inquirer on the social cost of migration and the growing social problem of incest. The title of the article Incest on the rise with feminization of overseas labor by Veronica UY is really very disturbing. Heck this is very serious and disturbing what kind of a F@#$%^&******ng animal would do such a thing but a sick perverted drug addict scum of the earth who should be locked up and throw away the key for good measure. I was about to explode and get my cyber bolo to erase these pervert on the face of the earth when I noticed something does not look right, and here is why:
Loida Bernabe, program officer of Kanlungan's direct support and development program, acknowledged receiving only one call for help on an incest case but added she believes the problem is more common than believed.
ONE CASE, heck how did one case become a social problem...... bottom line sensationalized tabloid type news sells. She "BELIEVES" that the problem is more common daw, and on what basis may I ask?

Whoa, hold your carabaos ladies what in the name of sensationalismo is wrong with this anyway?

Ok as I read on there was Lady Senator Pia Cayetano, representing the Philippine Senate at the 51st Session of the Commission of Status of Women calling the public's attention to “an emerging problem in labor-exporting countries like the Philippines.

I am not in denial we know that the separation of families due to migration cause some dire social consequence and it is true that older daughters of women OFW are made to take on the roles left by their mothers. Such responsibility at a young age will surely create some problems and the poor girl losing her childhood innocence at an early age is truly sad. Yes, it is a problem and the government whose priority is to export our citizens to slave themselves for the mighty dollar has consequence and rightly so this government should implement measures to respond to these nagging problems. Ms. Cayetano further stated that 70% of OFWs deployed are women, well..................... enough said we do have a problem.

What's troubling is once again in the newspaper article reporting on assumption that these young girls acts as “substitute spouse” without presenting any data is at best irresponsible and insensitive. If I may ask, did the Senator have any data to back up this assumption on Incest or was these again our propensity to demean our fellow kababayan in an ignorant manner of generalization? It happened to Maria therefore it is happening to everyone, what a way to celebrate International women’s day.

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