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Pedestrian Observer On Bloggers Radar

On July 22nd, 2007 Pedestrian Observer has been in the bloggers radar and for the 3rd time was mentioned in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs initiated by Jannete Toral of Digital Filipino courtesy of ederic. Pedestrian Observer was mentioned in the initial five emerging blog in ederic's list:

Today July 28, 2007 Pedestrian Observer through countless bloggers has voted this blogger consistently in the top 3rd for 2 weeks (week 65 runner up & no. 1 in week 66) earning a Filipino Blog of the week a HALL OF FAME award. The following are bloggers that I have the honor to be with on week 66:

July seems to be a good month for this blog that is in its 4th month just posted on the 15th of the same month an entry titled On Bloggers Recognition & Awards wherein the blog was cited in the Power to Smooze Award by Gabby of Project Afterlight and twice recognized in the Top 10 emerging blog by Les_tat of OFWLayf and E. Akino of Kabayan Junction.

Indeed it seems this blogger is on his way to make other people's lives miserable, hehehe watch out you corrupt trapos it seems that this Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer is here to stay. Just so I don't get carried away and for my ego that has a tendency to swell like some of my pathetic kayayabang errrr kababayan (countryman) I am glad that I have access to a very effective tool called ego pricker that can be found here.

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