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Chip Tsao Apologized, What Now?

There it is as Chip Tsao put it was not meant to insult or humiliate the female or the people in the community (Filipinos) and as such it was a self mockery and satire unfortunately English is a world language that can be interpreted in different ways by different people. Here is a transcription of Chip Tsao’s apology as heard on RTHK by yours truly:
I have meant no harm whatsoever and it was never my intention to ahhhh..... to ahhh..... to insult or.....or....or ....or humiliate to the female community or the people. I think if you read the column as a whole piece it was a bit of ahhhh it was a bit of.....self mockery and satire against the arrogance ahhhh ..... of the Hong Kong employers........ and there've been a lot of cases like that... and to treat the column as more or less...... as a.....as a bit of a mini-drama it would be better understood.... and ahhh people know this....people know this. English is a global language..... ahhhh.... it is open to different interpretation by different people in the world. If some people has interpreted to the.... my column in that way I think....ahhhhh... I very much regret it and ahhh.... I ..... I.... wish to apologize to them and wish to re-emphasize that it was not my intention.
GMA's MRAPs Stimulus Package kunoIt was a self-mockery unfortunately for Chip Tsao he has unwittingly earned the ire of the Filipinos which I believe would not have blown out of proportion if our politicians and the madaya errr media combined not added fuel to the fire. This is really getting so familiar like the ghost of the past that keeps on haunting us, where in the world will you find media practitioners supposedly in the pursuit of “truth” treat mockery and satire as if it is factual?

Heck, it was like a circus of freaks frantically searching and leaving no stones unturned in search of Chip Tsao’s imaginary maid named “Louisa” supposedly a holder of “International Relations degree” should have given them a hint that she is not real and she only exist in Tsao's imaginary satirical mind. I have to give these sleuths credit for their Don Kamote errrr Quixote like zeal in actually locating “Louisa,” but I say hold your carabao errr horses lest you fall in your gibberish excitement. Yeah, they found her alright except the poor woman is not even Chip Tsao’s maid (he has 2 Indonesians in his household) but with Chip Tsao’s father for 14 long years. She has no clue why all of a sudden she is the center of attention by the whole nation with the likes of Joan of Arc Senator Pia Cayetano trying to save a damsel in distress errr maid from her downtrodden situation so she can work for another employer as a…… maid. Wait a minute here….. say what….. saving one from being a maid so she can be a maid for another employer? So now, because they were angry and piqued like a typical onion skinned immature individuals at the “Nation of Servants” label they will now took it upon themselves to decide where “Louisa” should be working but will that change anything? Uhhhh, Ms. Joan of Arc don’t you think being an honorable senator you should be very careful in not allowing yourself to get drugged errrr dragged into a make believe world as in a PR nightmare gone haywire, where you become one of the cartoon characters in the process, lol.

Make no mistake about it but if you think La Gloria Arroyo the Super Maid advocate is all quiet in this ridiculous raging controversy she is not. She is taking the same pounding of the chest posturing when Malacañang ordered the Department of Foreign Affairs for a diplomatic protest.

This is as pathetic as it can get, now we have aside from those mentioned in our previous post there are more politicians joining the out of tune chorus like Money errrr Manny Villar scrambling for the elusive free sound bytes warning people of “”recessionary racism.” Then we have Kiko Pangilinan singing out of tune like a chuwariwap boy not realizing he was lost landing himself in a classical concert. Oh please, enough already. How about Congressman Roilo Golez not content with Chip Tsao’s apology challenging him to a one round boxing match? Excuse me Mr. Golez you used to box and I think that is not being fair, besides just because Chip Tsao is from Hong Kong he is not a Bruce Lee, a Jackie Chan or a martial arts expert. of some sort. Then we have Marcelino Libanan the immigration commissioner black listing Chip Tsao is just so childish. Hello, it is not like the guy is planning or have plans to go to the Philippines so what makes you think he wants to visit the Philippines?

Don’t get me wrong but while Chip Tsao’s “War at Home” article really stings, this should open our eyes to the fact that while it hurts should be dealt with in a mature appropriate manner. Obviously we have not learned from our past folly and misplaced pride that we become subject of comedians like Jay Leno. What makes it excruciatingly painful is the hypocrisy of a deluded President in her Napoleonic complex projecting her gallant alliance with then president Bush in the war of error errr terror. Posturing ala Napoleon as if she was sending the whole Philippine army when it was so puny that Leno joked about them fitting in one Humvee setting the world record as the fastest retreat in the annals of military warfare. There was a big indignation back then when it should have opened our eyes that we are not in a position to act like a conquering nation because we are risking the lives of Overseas Filipinos scattered the world over that are easy target for terrorist. In the same manner that Chip Tsao’s satire while it tends to mock us should open our eyes that we are not exactly in a very strong position when it comes to international dispute and as such diplomatic skills and tack is our best option and not shallow posturing.

There is no doubt that our media practitioners are skilled like the typical Paparazzo in tracking down their subjects, I can only wish they have the same zeal and bravado in perhaps tracking down those politically abducted like Jonas Burgos and other forgotten human rights victims, or the 2 UP coeds Karen Empeño and Sherlyn Cadapan humiliated, tortured, raped and in servitude captivity by of all people the military supposedly the protector of the Filipino people. Where are the saviors if I may ask who are so quick with their knee jerk reaction on imaginary Louisa instead of looking for the real Louisa. In case Pia Cayetano is still in the mood to be a “heroine” I say save the real Louisa in Iloilo. She is Maria Luisa Posa-Dominado and Nilo Arado feared abducted by military scalawags and still missing at a time when her children need and longed for her the most in the formative stage of their lives. Are you up to it Ms. Joan of Arc Pia Cayetano or just like any trapo politician has mastered the art of posturing and sound byte grabbing?

Now that Chip Tsao apologized I dare ask our politicians, what now? Or is this just one of those promise like the one contained in the truck as shown in the image above..........

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