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On Divisiveness and the Overseas Filipinos

Pedestrian Observer's Ego PrickerThe article Sons and Daughters by Jose Ma. Montelibano in his Inquirer column Glimpses is almost accurate to a tee, good read for Overseas Filipinos. It has some minor points that he may have missed. I don’t blame him though for the slight inaccuracy since he wants to send a message to these fools’ errrr people that one of these days we may find the unattainable dream of “unity”.

Overall I believe he did a good job in his take on divisiveness but I will have to disagree with some minor points, after all we are in a democratic society and only through open discourse will we have a clear grasp of our reality. Here is a quote from the article which hopefully we can decipher for the benefit of our people and those aspiring to make a difference:

Filipino-Americans, though, and Filipino-Canadians to a lesser degree, will have the most say among overseas Filipinos. They are the richest, and they are American citizens to boot -- meaning they can make Uncle Sam listen to them if they find the secret of strategic alliances. It is unfortunate that the virus of divisiveness that afflicts the Filipino psyche here has found its way to America as well. That virus is the single biggest impediment for a collective forward movement, by Filipinos residing in the motherland and Filipinos residing in North America.

First off that VIRUS causing divisiveness in case people have not noticed is known as EGO, symptoms of which are longing for self-recognition (their mama & papa never gave them any), tribal or animal territorialism instinct, ignorance (emotional outburst and feeling of self-importance confusing their advocacy’s goal for personal glorification as just some of it’s characteristics) and of course hypocrisy.

One only has to look at the yahoo groups and you can have a glimpse (to borrow Montelibano’s article title) of what I am talking about. A great portion of the discussion are oftentimes telling their life story telling a lie that oftentimes readers and the writer themselves gets confused if the issue being raised is all about them or the advocacy they are promoting.

Why then have we not found the “secret” to strategic alliance? Well, for one there is no secret to strategic alliance so don’t waste your precious time trying to search for it like the so-called Marcos bullions buried somewhere that may turn out to be in peoples’ minds. The key to strategic alliance that will open up the door to a strong advocacy towards a better Philippines lies with one single needle. Say what now? What in the name of cheating president am I babbling about you might say to yourself gasping in exasperation and disbelief. How in the name of increbedolity (incredulity) will a lame needle and pins now help us…………………….. simple my dear cheated electorates….. prick those bulging egos and let the air out.

All these can be done once we bring those knights in shining armor back to earth and down their white carabaos of their ego laden mind will we then see the problem clear of the cobwebs and solutions that has been there for the taking all along. Will the Filipino-Americans and Filipino-Canadians deflate their ego or stay like the Filipino Canadian joke of kana dito kana doon kana diyan (hit here, hit there, hit everywhere) going nowhere but probably inflate their egos larger than it is. Speak Out and be heard…… berate this Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer for his blasphemous babbling errr I meant say your piece.

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