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Men Raping Men

A dangerous grim scenario facing male Overseas Filipino Workers a continuation of The Dangers Men Face in Unlikely Situations.

How do we address this problem of men being assaulted by other men with the intent of rape? Rape among the same sex is what we hear inside of the prison cells but rape outside the confines of a cell? It appears that the victims and the aggressor are not gay seems to defy what is “normal” or unlikely players in this situation. The question that comes to mind is if this is an isolated incident or are the incident/s prevalent?

One Reynaldo Cortez was beheaded when he defended himself from such act of aggression with intent to rape when he foiled the sexual molestation and killed the Pakistani cab driver. The sad part is under the Sharia law where he was found guilty his fate lies on the decision of the victim’s family if they will pardon the “guilty” by accepting “blood money” (dumb, stupid, unfair and truly revolting law that belongs to the middle ages) or decapitate his head. That is just so inhumane and unfortunate that the relatives who are still grieving at their loss will likely decide not on the legal merits of the case but guided by their grief, loss, and most likely anger and humiliation on the cause of death of attempting to rape a man..

Gang Rape as Punishment

I am reminded of the experience of Mukhtarai Mai in remote hamlet of Meerwala who was sentenced by a higher caste clan of being subjected to gang rape. All this started when a woman from the said powerful clan was supposedly subjected by a younger male (more of a boy) brother of Mai who happens to belong to a lower caste clan of “indecent sexual acts”.

The brother Abdul Shakoor then a 12-year-old had been seen walking with a girl from the more influential Mastoi tribe; they demanded Mai's rape to avenge their "honor." Mai's family sat helplessly while she was dragged into a room, even as she screamed and pleaded for mercy. This would have been corruption of minor in most parts of the civilized world had there been an actual sexual act of any kind but those ignoramuses treated as “rape” walking beside their "precious" lady. Not only was Mai gang raped she was paraded naked in the village by these cruel sorry ass of a barbaric human being.

They also kidnapped Mai’s younger brother beaten, tortured, and RAPED all that for "inappropriately" walking beside a woman. Yes, you read it right he was raped by MEN of the powerful clan and unfortunately for Mai’s brother his attackers who call themselves men went scott free for their deviant sexual act.

If you have men that see nothing wrong with rape and even see rape as an instrument of punishment is it possible that this Pakistani man that tried to molest Cortez possess that same medieval tribal mindset? Why do they do that, is it because these countries do not have laws that are clear cut on what constitute rape and as such like animals will attack a likely victims that are in the lower totem pole of a highly prejudicial ignorant society with no clear concept on equality? Is it their ignorance and the hold of medieval tribal culture that belongs to the medieval past in this highly evolved globalization still clinging to their sickening past?

Why Men Rape

In “Why Men Rape” published by the New York Academy of Science, in January/February 200 Darwinian perspective was brought into the picture. A different perspective in looking at rape opposed to social scientist view that this kind of behavior is learned and can be unlearned. The Darwin theory of procreation in the survival of the fittest in relation to the species that mates the most assured their existence as a basis for understanding rape? Here is a quote from a section of the paper Why men Rape under the sub heading of, RAPE: NATURE VS. NATURE;

Why, then, have the editors of scholarly journals refused to publish papers that treat rape from a Darwinian perspective? Why have pickets and audience protesters caused public lectures on the evolutionary basis of rape to be canceled or terminated? Why have investigators working to discover the evolutionary causes of rape been denied positions at universities?

The reason is the deep schism between many social scientists and investigators such as ourselves who are proponents of what is variously called sociobiology or evolutionary psychology. Social scientists regard culture. everything from eating habits to language. as an entirely human invention, one that develops arbitrarily. According to that view, the desires of men and women are learned behaviors. Rape takes place only when men learn to rape, and it can be eradicated simply by substituting new lessons.

Sociobiologists, by contrast, emphasize that learned behavior, and indeed all culture, is the result of psychological adaptations that have evolved over long periods of time. Those adaptations, like all traits of individual human beings, have both genetic and environmental components. We fervently believe that, just as the leopard. s spots and the giraffe. s elongated neck are the result of aeons of past Darwinian selection, so also is rape.

That conclusion has profound and immediate practical consequences. The rape-prevention measures that are being taught to police officers, lawyers, parents, college students and potential rapists are based on the prevailing social-science view, and are therefore doomed to fail. The Darwinian theory of evolution by natural selection is the most powerful scientific theory that applies to living things. As long as efforts to prevent rape remain uninformed by that theory, they will continue to be handicapped by ideas about human nature that are fundamentally inadequate. We believe that only by acknowledging the evolutionary roots of rape can prevention tactics be devised that really work.
Is it the Darwinian hangover that probably causes men to rape…… but looking at men raping men, procreation was farthest from their mind? These perverted behaviors just don't make sense and surely scientist will have a huge problem doing a study in a subject that is taboo in that part of the world. To make matter worse in the course of looking for answers to fully grasp this despicable behavior I saw this unfathomable incident.

Some Unbelievable Perversion

The quote below is from a post titled “More than Just Sympathy” from Liquid Tension Site of Francis Oca;

Dito sa Saudi Arabia, kapag wala kang bigote ang tingin sa iyo ng mga Arabo ay para kang isang babae. Ngayon kung medyo mistisohin ka pa, maganda ang katawan, matabok ang puwit, at laging bagong paligo at mabango, asahan mong pagtritripan ka nila dahil sa kanilang paningin isa kang sexy star. (Here in the Saudi Arabia if you have no mustache they see you as a woman. If you have fair complexion, good shapely body with big butt newly showered and smelling good you are seen like a “sexy star” that can get them aroused.)

Si Ed ay cashier noong araw sa Al Kharj branch ng aming company. Tuwing umaga trabaho niya ang ideposito ang collections of the previous day sa down town. Dahil may kalayuan din ang aming office sa downtown kung saan naroroon ang mga banko, kinakailangan niyang bumiyahe sakay ng taxi. Isang umaga, Yemeni ang driver ng nasakyan niyang taxi pabalik sa opisina. Dahil seguro guwapo at malinis sa katawan si Ed, pinagtripan daw siya ng driver. Hindi naman siya ginalaw. Inilabas lang naman nong driver ang ari niya at nilarolaro habang nagdradrive. Takot na takot si Ed ng dumating sa opisina. Sabi namin na pasalamat siya at hindi siya dinala sa disyerto. May mga storya kasi na sa disyerto daw kadalasan dinadala ng mga rapist ang kanilang biktima. At doon na nila iiwan pagkatapos abusuhin. Mula noon hindi na bumibiyahe si Ed ng mag-isa. (Ed is a cashier in our company’s Al Khari branch. He is tasked to deposit collections of the previous day every morning in downtown. Since the bank is quite a distance from our office he has to take a cab. In one of his morning trips he happens to have a Yemeni to take him back to the office. Ed being well groomed had the scare of his life when the driver exposed his penis and proceeded to masturbate while driving. He was so scared knowing that men are brought to the desert to be raped and abandoned; luckily the pervert did not touch or tried to rape him. His harrowing experience had him traveling with a companion for his safety.)
Now how can we explain that? Are these repressed gay men having a problem grappling with their sexuality in a society that arrest and behead people whose sexual preference are of the same sex? If that is the case, how can we explain men gang raping a 12 year old boy as punishment by rich clan caste leaders? Do these “men” enjoy raping a 12 year old boy? What is odd is that the older women “victim” of “rape by walking inappropriately with a boy” even filed a rape case in a Pakistani court. While it was dismissed no one seemed to pay attention to Abdul (Mai’s younger brother) who is also a rape, torture and abduction victim here, is it normal for men to rape boys or men as long as it is sanctioned by powerful caste leaders?
Courage and Desperation

In Jean P. Sasson's book "Princess a true story of life behind the veil in Saudi Arabia", we are able to see a glimpse of perverted mindset in a society living in the past with too much money and idle time. This is a society trapped in time desperately hanging on to the tribal culture of the middle ages in the way they treat their women and the cruelty of men against their women. In it we see a society where men can decide to end the lives of their women that are seen as a possession whose purpose in life is to satisfy and give birth in the propagation of their clan.

There is one particular horrible story that was in the book and this is about the maid of the Princess named Marci a Filipina and her friend Madeline. Inspiring tale of courage and daring shown by Marci and Antoine one of the Princess Filipino driver who risked everything in locating a friend in distress. The risk and danger they took is almost good for a suspense movie script but this is one is real and dangerous. You had that yearning for a good ending but this is real life where the ending is not what one expects in a feel good movie.

They found Madeline alright in a dingy villa owned by a Yemeni who abused and used Madeline as one of her sex reliever to satisfy his dog like sex cravings. A family sex toy for the sons, trapped in a hell hole did her best to escape only to be returned by the villagers to her inhumane pervert “master”. Upon learning of her friend’s plight Marci was frantic did everything she could calling up the consulate only to be rebuffed with indifference and acceptance of helplessness. On her return to the Philippines she tried her best to present the problem of Madeline to their local politicians but no one lifted a finger. The sad part is her friend was not on speaking terms with her when her contract expired thinking she was abandoned by her friend. Why did they not complain to the police, the Princess inquired? Truly sickening when Marci replied that the police never listen to complains of Filipinos and a woman in a society where the words of a man is taken as absolute truth the chances of the victim thrown to jail is more likely to happen.

Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi it appears that they have “five runaway maids” (in one of the email from Curtis of streetwisephilippines3 a yahoo group) every week that the consulate has to convert their garage into make-shift dormitory to accommodate the swelling number of abused Filipinas. The best they can do or hope for is to get the employer to pay the woman's ticket home, never mind pressing charges or their salary. In a highly prejudicial society where woman are treated like commodities what more with “servants” and a woman at that has no chance of being heard in a court of law that is male superiority oriented.

Luckily for the professional OFWs as Curtis further stated has not been affected or victimized unlike those in the labor and domestic jobs, is it because they are easy targets in might is right society? What are we going to do about it? What is the government doing about it? How should we respond to all these barbaric treatment of our countrymen?

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