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BBC’s Harry & Paul Comedy Show seen as Racist and Infuriates Filipinos

Tonyo Cruz posted an entry titled “British comedy ‘Harry and Paul’ show dishes out racist skit vs. Filipinos.” Is it racist? Risa Hontiveros a Representative of the Akbayan Party List says it is and wanted to press charges on the show producer and the BBC station as reported by Lira Dalangin-Fernandez of Inquirer:
"It was revolting. It was a disgusting and insensitive and racist attempt to satirize a scene of exploitation," Hontiveros said.

She added that the show "trivializes an act of abuse commonly experienced by Filipina workers abroad."

"This has to be corrected, otherwise, it would become easy for other media outfits to use Filipina workers abroad as an object of sexual ridicule. …The media should be a partner against human trafficking and not an unwitting promoter of abuse because of insensitive and racist portrayals of women in trafficking," she said.
Is it an overreaction? Looking at the past Desperate Housewife episode where Filipinos in the medical profession were up in arms in indignation maybe some caution is in order. But then again this is about a Filipina Domestic Helper that is the subject of ridicule and I see no scandal forthcoming like the nursing exam cheating scandal that blew in the face of the indignant Filipino medical practitioners.

A sober approach comes from Indolent Indio:
British comedian Rowan Atkinson has opined that one should be able to make fun of anything: religion, gays, people with disabilites, because the opposite would be the loss of free speech. The Indolent Indio agrees on principle, but having a right does not guarantee that one will exercise it well.
It was supposed to be ridiculous and that is what it seems the show was all about. Is it in poor taste? Probably and Bill Blahs’ post BBC: Harry & Paul's 'Mating a Northerner with a Filipina Maid' believes it is in poor taste further stating that people who thinks it is funny should have their head examined.

Ambo of Pinoy Ambisyoso is asking if Domestic Helpers need an apology, but he thinks it was more of feeling lahing api (exploited race) or victim mentality that is blown out of proportion. He further states that Filipinos seems to be naturally overly sensitive and emotional yet has no qualms taunting others in a heartbeat.

The question that comes to mind is if the incident was serious enough to warrant a petition demanding an apology or a complaint filed in court? I believe there are legitimate and serious problem that demands more attention than fight a silly comedy show that is basically a make believe as in not real unless one is deluding oneself that this is real.

There are very real issues of racism and exploitation that Filipinos are clearly victimized but to raise a howl over a comedy show is really being oversensitive. If people who believe they care where, if I may ask is the outpouring of indignation, investigation, effort to locate and save “Melissa” a Filipina Domestic helper in the Middle East who was reportedly exploited as a sex slave, video taped by her tormentors while being sexually violated? Where is the indignation on the exploitation and victimization of women in poverty stricken provinces lured and forced into prostitution dens with the help of corrupt Philippine authorities? How about Marichu Baoanan who was allegedly victimized by UN Ambassador to the UN Lauro Baja and his family whose case is going nowhere when Baja invoked his diplomatic immunity? There are more issues that are very real and yet once the media lose interest mostly without any resolution the vocal defenders of the "exploited downtrodden" Filipinos seems to disappear too like a person afflicted with attention deficit disorder.

I dare say that this is more of misdirected anger out of frustration of not being able to make a difference in the nations' continued slide at the bottom of economic standings amidst a more prosperous neighbors in the region. People would rather pour their frustrations on make-believe world rather than confront bitter realities of a failed leadership that looks after their own skin thus the exodus out of the country. Leaders who would rather launch a make-believe war of all things on what is shown on the idiot box simply because it makes for good sound bytes.........

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