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No Clowns allowed in Pool?

Alex Pagulayan the 2004 World Pool Champion dropped from the Philippine National Team in the Asian 9 ball tournament for…………….. “clowning too much”. Say what now? Is it his “clowning” antics or is it something else? Well, if you ask Alex he say it was not about his being a comic or trying to be funny that did him in but vindictiveness on the part of the officials of the Billiards and Snooker Congress of the Philippines. What's wrong with being funny anyway, below is a you tube of Alex.... judge for yourself if his antics affects his skill.

According to Pagulayan it’s all about the money and his refusal to appear in a reality TV show “gratis et amore” is the real cause why he was dropped from the team. Not so, according to BSCP president Ernesto Fajardo as he told Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today that Pagulayan was replaced because he was “clowning around too much in the semi finals of the Singapore leg” of the tour. Hmmmmnnn that was odd even though Fajardo admitted that the sponsors of the tour, Guinness and the TV broadcaster ESPN Star Sports had not complained about Pagulayan’s antics. Pagulayan is a comic and it is in his character to which the fans really appreciated for the entertainment they get during his tournament plays.

Leave it to the jokers errr the BSCP officials to decide what’s best for the sport and it can go south just like that, tsk, tsk, tsk. It’s unfortunate that Pagulayan has to state that being a professional he needs to be compensated if they intend to use him in any TV production. Rightly so, unfortunately some numb nuts think otherwise and for that the fans are the actual losers here not Pagulayan as some joker may think otherwise.

The last lost of Pagulayan was an exciting match against Malaysia’s Ibrahim Amir 11-13 where both men played some great shots. Pagulayan was hoping to redeem himself and his inclusion will of course see a very motivated Pagulayan who may play one of his best, but not so according to some genius that runs the show for the Philippine pool. Money, money, money to someone's pocket where it should not go................ what are these fools thinking anyway? Yeah produce a reality show and get the professional players like Pagulayan for a song while they pocket the revenues just don't make sense. Pagulayan's refusal to be charitable to the show producers cost him to be dropped at the games but the biggest loser here are the fans themselves and another blackeye to the credibility of Philippine officials in how they handle said matters with shameless impunity and shallow ego trip to the international community.

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