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The Filipina OFW being Kept as Sex Slave, an RX

Pedestrian Observer started blogging more than a year ago and one that I find ironic or rather sad is the post on Social Cost of Migration for Women OFW intended as a timely article in celebration of International women’s day.

Lady Senator Pia Cayetano, representing the Philippine Senate at the 51st Session of the Commission of Status of Women calling the public's attention to “an emerging problem in labor-exporting countries like the Philippines,” further stated that 70% of OFWs deployed are women. There is the dire consequence that Filipino families faced when that basic unit is broken affecting the children the most and the women OFWs vulnerabilities and the risk they face in a strange far away foreign land.

One only has to look at the statistic on human trafficking to realize the enormity of the problem with one particular story on “Melissa” kept as a sexual slave that
truly is revolting. People who happen to read the post were so angry and who would not be? On a positive note, knowing that some maniacs are out there victimizing our woman as if they are mere commodities to do as they please only shows that we still care for our people.I usually do my blog rounds making it a point to visit POGBs highly recommended sites and I came across a post titled Women’s secret weapon at Musings of a Filipino Lesbian authored by Joy-Joy. Alas, this is probably one of the best I have found and in terms of protecting our women this device does not require one to learn how to box like my idol Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton or any other self defense martial arts.

Anita Ingmarsdotter of Sweden gave new meaning to the term necessity is the mother of invention and criminal sexual assaults is not confined to third world countries even the most advance nation in the west have to grapple with this problem although of different intensity and circumstance.
In an interview of Anita Ingmarsdotter by Leif Lindell wherein she was asked how she came to the idea, she narrated the following:
It started when I was 14-15 years old and came to understand that there was something called rape. The first time the idea of possibly preventing it came to my mind was when I was reading a book about an Indian girl. She was young, perhaps 18 years old. When she was out alone gathering herbs, she was taken unawares by a man whom she already knew to have evil intents. He had tried to rape her or someone else. She then crouched down and sanded her vagina. The man saw it and for this reason did not rape her. It struck me that this was the first time I ever considered the fact that women could protect themselves.

Since then, I have for many years read about raping and I have friends who have been subject to it. There is one who was badly molested. Over the years I have felt frustration that this problem just goes on year out and year in. It seems as if the perpetrators generally do not get the proper punishment. What actually triggered my idea of a protective device was the group rape in Rissne outside of Stockholm.
Now, if someone can smuggle this device to “Melissa,” her harrowing experience will end and the freak maniac should be languishing in jail where he may be subjected to a karmic experience of being at the receiving end. The criminal justice system deals with perverts in the most odd of ways and if the rapist gets to survive the ordeal he should feel lucky to be crowned prison queen.

Imagine if this device is readily available and had the Congolese women had this device I am sure this marauding maniacs would think twice using rape as a weapon in subjugating their enemies.

Yeah, and the wonderful thing about this is that it will be easier to convict the perverts because of the physical evidence, and all the lawyer has to say is you have been pricked, drop your pants pronto….. I rest my case your honor. For sure this is way better than the Chastity Belt in East Java,..if you don't believe it just watch the movie and I am sure you will be a "convert"....... Now if only there is a device for men that will be great but a real challenge because it appears that in other parts of the world other than the prison men are raping men too.

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