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Chip Tsao satire sparking a controversy

Looks like the War at Home satire of Chip Tsao of HK Magazine has put him in the center of a raging controversy. We are posting the article in its entirety so you can see for yourself and be the judge:
The War At Home

March 27th, 2009

The Russians sank a Hong Kong freighter last month, killing the seven Chinese seamen on board. We can live with that—Lenin and Stalin were once the ideological mentors of all Chinese people. The Japanese planted a flag on Diàoyú Island. That’s no big problem—we Hong Kong Chinese love Japanese cartoons, Hello Kitty, and shopping in Shinjuku, let alone our round-the-clock obsession with karaoke.

But hold on—even the Filipinos? Manila has just claimed sovereignty over the scattered rocks in the South China Sea called the Spratly Islands, complete with a blatant threat from its congress to send gunboats to the South China Sea to defend the islands from China if necessary. This is beyond reproach. The reason: there are more than 130,000 Filipina maids working as $3,580-a-month cheap labor in Hong Kong. As a nation of servants, you don’t flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter.

As a patriotic Chinese man, the news has made my blood boil. I summoned Louisa, my domestic assistant who holds a degree in international politics from the University of Manila, hung a map on the wall, and gave her a harsh lecture. I sternly warned her that if she wants her wages increased next year, she had better tell every one of her compatriots in Statue Square on Sunday that the entirety of the Spratly Islands belongs to China.

Grimly, I told her that if war breaks out between the Philippines and China, I would have to end her employment and send her straight home, because I would not risk the crime of treason for sponsoring an enemy of the state by paying her to wash my toilet and clean my windows 16 hours a day. With that money, she would pay taxes to her government, and they would fund a navy to invade our motherland and deeply hurt my feelings.

Oh yes. The government of the Philippines would certainly be wrong if they think we Chinese are prepared to swallow their insult and sit back and lose a Falkland Islands War in the Far East. They may have Barack Obama and the hawkish American military behind them, but we have a hostage in each of our homes in the Mid-Levels or higher. Some of my friends told me they have already declared a state of emergency at home. Their maids have been made to shout “China, Madam/Sir” loudly whenever they hear the word “Spratly.” They say the indoctrination is working as wonderfully as when we used to shout, “Long live Chairman Mao!” at the sight of a portrait of our Great Leader during the Cultural Revolution. I’m not sure if that’s going a bit too far, at least for the time being.

Chip Tsao is a best-selling author and columnist. A former reporter for the BBC, his columns have also appeared in Apple Daily, Next Magazine and CUP Magazine, among others.
Now, now Mr. Tsao I hope you realize that you may have started a war of “attrition” which you may end up losing. First off, while Louisa moonlights as your international politics consultant (unpaid of course) you have to make sure that the food she serves you does not taste a little strange.

The word gets around really fast and in Hong Kong Filipinos are not just confined in the households but they are also found in restaurants and eateries serving you food, again you may wonder why your food taste funny.

Chip worries about the threat from the Philippine Congress but it is probably greater from within because gunboats may strain the pork barrel allocation of congress people and besides they are busy trying to figure out how to sneak in charter change. If ever the gunboats materialize it probably will come in the form of Kumpit (a small motorized fishing boat normally used by smugglers and Abu Sayaf kidnappers) after it goes through the red tape and bidding collusion and of course cuts straight to the pockets of several politicians and bureaucrats.

Consider this also, HK people are now so used to having their maids and nannies who are mostly highly educated and don’t be surprised when your children’s grades went downhill because of the controversy that you started. So you see Chip, you actually will have to be nice and urge your fellow HK Middle and upper class nationalist to give their domestic help salary increase or eat funny tasting food and children’s failing grades.

On another note it seems Chip Tsao has the uncanny ability to attract controversy that incites errr provokes not just Filipinos but western men or the Caucasians as well. To his credit his racial brand of sarcastic humor does not target any particular race but his own as well, which is more politically incorrect than anything else. Hong Kong is where you find people of diverse origin or race and yet there is no racial tension and thus he can get away with jokes that are deemed offensive by those who felt to be at the receiving end of a bad joke.

Proceed to this updated article
Chip Tsao & War at Home Satire, an Opportunity for Philippine Political Cheapies to Jump the Bandwagon or Chip Tsao Apologized, What Now?

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74 Speak Out:

EQ said...

My Fellow Pinoys In Hongkong:

Here's a broad arsenal of retributive tactics("Lintik lang ang walang ganti!") for your RUDE Chink Boss:

1)One thing that everyone's afraid of is someone spitting in their food.

2)Don't wash your hands after coming from the toilet and prepare his special noodle of the day.

3)Teach his kids "Intsik Beho Tulo Laway" nursery ryhme.

Merit said...

And to prove that the true heirs of Lapulapu would not take this national affront, from this Asian mongrel called CHEAP CHAO or CHIP TSAO, with indifference.

We must:

first)MOBILIZE all FILAMS in all 50 states of America to petition President B. Obama to order Ben Bernanke to lower THE value of the U.S.dollar, so that all American Treasury bills, notes and bonds bonds worth 518.7 Billion USD, owned by china from its trade with the U.S., would be devalued, thus curb, once and for all, the seeming untethered arrogance of this writer for telling the truth.

Second, re-enlist in the PNP, former Police Superintendent Cezar Mancao, of the infamous Dacer-Orbito-Lacson-Erap-Aquino (not Benigno but Ray Michael) case. get him convicted first upon his arrival at the end of the month and within 24 hours, obtain for him a Full Executive Pardon from GMA. Sanitized now and in the military again, send him to HK AS AN OFW, to conduct surveillance of CHIP TSAO for further operational use by the Philippine govt. Do not forget the caveat that Officer Mancao,in any event or for whatsoever reason, must desist from going to Indang, Cavite or any part of the province until this case is over. This is to keep him focused on the task at hand, absent of any interference from his conscience.

Third. Chip Tsao cannot bluff us! We know China would not dare invade the Philippines. Without firing a shot, they are already in control of the country by controlling our economy long ago through their surrogates.

Unknown said...

This is getting out of hand, I can see that some politicians are jumping head on into the controversy, perhaps to grab some free sound bytes while exploiting what appears to be a building sentiment against the writer.

Fer cryin' out loud it is a satire and farthest from the truth. I guess it is more easier to target the writer than address the issue of how not to be a servant nation because it requires hard work and genuine leadership to wean this nation away from the majority scalawags in Philippine politics.

Merit said...


It is your fault. You should have requested EQ to explain to these politicians the meaning of satire at the onset. But then again since great thoughts would only attract great minds, these frogs might find your explanation a little too heavy for their puny brains, since most of them are primed only on how to move for Phil. charter change.

Yet, you are still right. They would prefer to attack the person of Tsip Tsao than address the truth that we have become the number one international provider of CHIMAYS' with Ph.D. in Literature or Humanities. To tackle this issue, they already forsee that they would be constrained to tell the truth, a matter they are truly dirt-poor. Thus, the need to attack instead the person of Chip Tsao.

Dax said...

I think he should be called CHEAP TSAO instead. lolz

To you MERIT. You obviously hate yourself don't you? If you don't, then you won't be saying what you are saying.

The problem with CHIP TSAO is he is attacking a whole nation by branding them with something like a "NATION OF SERVANTS"

If you intelligent like CHEAP TSAO like you believe he is, then you must know that every country is a NATION OF SERVANTS????????

Everybody serves everyone.Moron!!

The problem with CHIP TSAO is he used a FILIPINA MAID as an EXAMPLE. Moron!!

Philippines is not full of MAID, You IDIOT!!

You obviously do not treat your own Kasambahay properly. The tone of your voice sounds like you hated your house help or something.

If I were in your shoes, I would stand-up and defend myself.Because it was an attack on your too, Mr Merit.
I would have said "Hey, hold on.I'm a fucking lawyer, and I am a filipino and your MAID Mr Cheap Tsao prepares the food your eat,take care of your kids, and Mr Cheap Tsao, many companies in HONGKONG are owned and managed by Filipinos like me.
Mr CHEAP TSAO, how would you feel if I call CHINESE producers of Poison foods, or cheap tainted products or home of cheap labor where Western companies put up their factories because the labor cost is 3 bucks/day compared to Philippines $5.50/day. That's what I would have said to him.

Mr MERIT, YOU just lost MERIT!!!

What CHEAP TSAO said might be true in some aspect but you don't deliver it in malicious manner. In fact there is no need to put it in his article.

Use your intelligence and help the country by giving justice to the oppressed. Why not give a FREE SERVICE and help litigate corruption cases in our country so we can fix our country's problem instead of lining up yourself with MORONIC CHEAP TSAO.

Visit nyo itong site na ito.


Thank you Mr CHEAP MERIT, Gustong maging Brother ni CHEAP TSAO.lol



Hoito said...

the article is no longer available on HK magazine online version...shame. seems that while Tsao urged people not to be too serious and sensitive, the editor takes this issue very seriously now.

Anonymous said...

I feel SORRY for his IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE! That STUPID GUY needs to be EDUCATED! It seems that he really knows Filipinos well, yes... most Filipinos in HK are DOMESTIC HELPER, but for your pet sake... DOMESTIC HELPER is NOBLE job! I'm CALLING all FILIPINOs in Hong Kong to BOYCOTT their jobs.. That IDIOT Chinese must learn his elementary lessons! He SHOULD APOLOGIZE to the Philippines. And for her maid, GIRL... you GO AWAY! You don't need a TRASHY-MINDED boss like him!

Anonymous said...

You better hide because the mide you hired may have families & friends nearby & knows where you live. I suggest putting some garbage on your food & spitting on it if I am your maid. Do you have any opening?

Anonymous said...

Tsip Tsao has bad mouth! they are the one invading our country,lets send all the chinese back to their garbage country!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he courted his maid and the maid busted him....


sometimes love takes out the hell in a man.......

chip chip chirp......

Anonymous said...

WANTED: chip tsao!!! you are so cheap! very unprofessional! go to school and study good moral values!

Lynne said...

Guys, don't teach our DH kababayans in HK to spit in their employers food. Lalo lang ntin pinalalala yung image ng DH kababayans ntin dun sa HK. E since may saltik nga sa ulo itong si Chip Tsao, paano kung lagyan niya mismo ng lason yung pagkain niya at isisi ang lahat sa maid niyang pinay? e di yabit pa yung maid..kawawa nman..Isipin naman ntin yung mga kababayan ntin dun sa HK na nagpapakapagod n nga binabalahura pa ng mga tsekwa..
Ang main problem dito ay yung government na nuknukan ng corrupt kaya walang maprovide na decent jobs sa ating mga kababayan..na khit nakagraduate ng malupit n course at gumaraduate sa malupit na unibersidad ay nageeskoba lng ng toilet ng mga lintik na intsik dahil walang magandang trabaho dito sa Pinas!
I don't blame him to write his opinion..ipinaglalaban niya ang knyang bansa..A true display of nationalism..E tayong mga Pilipino? Lalo na ang mismong mga namumuno sa Pilipinas? paano nila mapagtatanggol ang pilipinas kung sa kahit na saang sulok ng mundo, may mga pilipinong nagpapaalila?

Anonymous said...

Apparently, there's a truth in what he says..Hindi naman niya sasabihin iyun if he doesn't pay wages of his filipina helper.Sino ba ang titirahin niya malapit sa kanya para makaganti sa Pilipinas? Siyempre yung mga kababayan natin na alila ang tingin nila..
Our Government has a very huge participation why this chinese person said those words..They cannot provide decent jobs here..so these poor people even with a degree in International Politics and graduated in University of Manila had to scrub toilet and washed windows just to earn small amount of money..Because our Government is corrupt..
This is an eye opener for all of us..Just this stupid Mr. Tsao has shocked the whole country with its stupid writing....
And to Mr. Biazon, in due respect, but your reactions only signifies childlike behaviour..Para kang isang batang nakipag-away sa isa pang bata..
A scene from yo! momma!!
Tsao: Your momma is my nanny who washed my ass..
Biazon: your momma fed you milk with melamine!
Tsao: your momma scrubs our toilet with her bare hands!!
Biazon: yuor momma tried to abort you but sadly you just survived with half brain.
Tsao: your momma had to shout "China, Madam/Sir", whenever they hear the word, spratly..
Biazon: Your momma..ahhmm..well..(thinks..thinks)
Tsao: Hahaha!! whatever! you're such a loser!! L-)

Anonymous said...


This very CHEAP TSAW probably forgot that his nation was once colonized by UK for 500 years. therefore, his forefathers, and his family was once are slaves of UK for many years. Infact they are the modern slaves because they were just liberated just a few years back. Remember the "Hand over of HK to China"? The Philippines was liberated a very long time ago incase this Very Cheap Tsaw forgot. Don't forget you are the modern slaves of Asia, Mr. CHEAP TSAW and your family.

bobby said...

Well, this is clearly a racial discrimation. Kahit pa sabihin "Satire" lamang ang dating ng isinulat nya sa kanyang column.

Syempre, na hurt ang mga pinoy sa pangiinsultong ginawa nya at syempre natural lang na mag-react tayong mga pinoy.

Sino ba sya sa inaakala nya? feeling nya, higher being na siya?

Kung babasahin lamang nya ang history ng China town sa Binondo, malalaman nya na marami din Chinese ang naging slaves under the spanish regime.

Sana next time, magingat na siya sa mga sasabihin at isusulat nya para wala nang "word war" na mangyayari sa buong internet community.


Anonymous said...


This very CHEAP TSAW probably forgot that his nation was once colonized by UK for 500 years. therefore, his forefathers, and his family was once were slaves of UK for many years. Infact they are the modern slaves because they were just liberated just a few years back. Remember the "Hand over of HK to China"? We cannot remember you Mr. CHEAP TSAW you rebeled when you were colonized. Infact you even felt very happy when you were a SERVANT of Prince Charles and Associates just a few years back. Can anybody remember this CHEAP wrote against UK before? I know this CHEAP was even prouder to serve the Britons even kiss their ass, I mean foot. Don't forget you are the modern slave of Asia, Mr. CHEAP TSAW.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the statement that Mr. Tsip Chao was once a slave of United Kingdom. Infact his servant status was recognized by the United Nation. I heard he truly supported all the programs of the British Govt. He truly is a loyal servant. A ligitimate servant of UK. For Mr.Cheap Chao, long live UK!!!

knifebox said...

please take a look at this and consider what to write before actually writing it...


And try to look up the meaning of the phrase "political satire"

Anonymous said...

Sisimulan ko na diskriminasyon sa mga PESTENG INSEK na yan d2 sa PINAS!! Tama lang na pag-kikidnapin at kinikikilan ng mga NBI/PULIS mga insek na yan!! Spread the HATE BROTHERS/SISTERS!! If ever war broke out, i'l sign up for the AFP volutarily and shoot those land grabin MUTANTS!! i'd die happily killin a few!!

Anonymous said...

I dont blame you people for flaming Mr Chip Tsao on his article. I was furious when i first read his article and after further thinking I don't understand why it was even published. I'm sure the online magazine knew that the article would attract much attention. Was it intentional? Does he (Mr. Chip) really mean all this? I'd really love to return the favor and throw all the insults back to him but i don't think it will help me understand his article and the motivation behind it. I appreciate the article from "http://www.indolentindio.com/2009/03/joseph-dent-explains-the-joke/" but i guess only Mr. Chip could extinguish the fire that he created.

Yap said...

Dear fellows, I have a chinese blood but I say I'm proud to be a Filipino. Because I'm brave, they are not(they don't have balls) if they have any they wouldn't have close their website; I have dignity, they have none; We're educated and intelligent, they are not; They are just "ampaw" have no brain and proud of having SARS and Melanin in their foods.

Earvin said...

The main issue here is Mr. Tsao's column in the Hong Kong magazine. Why mention spitting on his food or blackmailing Honk Kong itself or even China itself?

It is really wrong that he called the Philippines such; it's an utter display of racial discrimination.

Yes, satire is a tool to encourage readership, but the words should be chosen carefully as well. Look what happened to his column -- he lambasted not only the Philippines but even the United States. If you were sane, you don't want to spark a controversy thanks to your witty style of ad hominem.

Nationalism? I really admire Mr. Tsao for his sense of nationality, but he indeed expresses it in a grotesque manner. You don't show your patriotism by name-calling other nations you deem unworthy. Maybe he also forgot from his history lessons that Chinese from the South and Filipinos also shared commonalities way back in the late 19th century.

As a close, I would just like to tell Mr. Tsao that he wouldn't want to be "tsao" by writing such articles. It really surprises me that someone who writes like himself is a professional writer when he disregards etiquette and write as if everyone thinks like himself.

Anonymous said...

Philippines is indeed a Nation of Servants. It is a Nation of Highly Educated Servants who wish to share to the rest of the world its dynamic (God-given) expertise and knowledge. Though we are proud to have shared this to all, we are also upset that some people (counting Mr. Chip Tsao as one of them) whom we've shared our blessings with have allowed their brains to shrink and became so ignorant. Mr. Tsao, a simple Thank You would do. No need to insult us, Filipinos, to show how insecure you are of us!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chip Tsao

you're so "chip" (cheap) you ignorant prick. Even if we are a land of servant at least we try to do a decent job of helping others. FIY Hong Kong and the chinese are Land of FAKERS and Frauds you know. You people make fake bags, fake shoes, etc. so don't be ignorant.

Anonymous said...

For HK Magazine; I admire the way you have quickly washed your hands over the column of Mr. Tsao. You may or may not share the views of your satire columnist, however with an obvious fact that you have allowed it to published, doesn't excuse you from taking responsibility over the things published in your medium.

I guess HK Magazine didn't see this coming. They may have laughed about this matter the first time it came out. But now, just like Mr. Tsao, they're eggs are shaking to death.

Next time, you might want to double check who you're attacking / dealing with. Philippines may not be as rich as Hong Kong (financially & economically), but we do have brilliant minds that can give the staff and writers of HK Magazine an efficient lecture on Responsible Journalism and Mass Media Ethics!

anonymous said...

May I say before I start that I am enraged at the article Chip Tsao wrote, stretching the borders of 'political satire' to include that garbage. Let me continue by saying that after reading the comments posted by this entry's readers, I have to shrink back in SHAME at the closed-mindedness and utter nonsense of the previous comments: Slaves of the UK, no balls (where did that even come from?), and Cheap Chao? Before even blasting searing comments at a person, look at a mirror, please. You don't want him to attack our nation and its people, so why do you do so with his?

Anonymous said...

when i first read the article i was shock and got angry because i think it was very racist but when i read the comments of other readers naku mas lalo lang aq naiinis,,, yah i know that nasaktan tayong lahat because of the article yet leaving another racist remarks against china doesnt resolve anything... words like "spit in your boss food" "poison your boss"... anu b un? mas lalo lang bumababa ung standard nang service natin eh....

well im not a pro-Chinese nor do i anti-Filipino its just pangit nah nga ung cnabi satin then ung mga comments na pinpost nio does not help either and worsen the scenario...

and one thing... malay natin ang real score behind sa pag post ng article na un is this >>>> http://www.indolentindio.com/2009/03/joseph-dent-explains-the-joke/

just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

The sign of an intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason.

Unknown said...

Our gratitude to all those who visited and left a comment on this blog.

People get angry because human beings have feelings....... that is a given.

POGB if you have noticed at the onset when you write your comments is a firm believer of freedom of expression. The personal attack on one of our contributor (Merit) is uncalled for and I am afraid that we are directing our anger at the wrong target.

What is pathetic here are the politicians exploiting these anger that distracts people to the root cause of our sad economic condition and leading the people like a Pied Piper in negativity. Instead of leading the people in providing the infrastructure towards nation building they fan the flames of anger and after all the outrage dissipate we are still in the same situation we are in.

Mark of Chicago said...

I don't know whats wrong with this guy!Filipino people is smarter than you.. and we are not a servant! we are just a family people that will do anything for our family. so whats your point to insult my fellow filipino! Just stay there in hongkong asshole. And for me your apology is not accepted. i wanna beat your ass. and chop you in a tiny pieces!

goodgirlblog@gmail.com said...

fernando poe jr is against chip tsao

goodgirlblog said...

FPJ is against Chip Tsao


Merit said...


At first, I felt like giving DAX a full dose of his own medicine with all his idiotic rantings and asinine comments (as in asinus ass) but on a second thought, I decided not to.

I know DAX is a vicitm no less of our dysfunctional society. Like a mongrel(asong askal), who hates the shadow of his tail, he runs after it in anger and upon catching the tail, he bites it off! This is very obvious from his commentaries. He spent more words in Ad Hominems and what I ought to do and yet so silent on what he ought to do so that this thing would not recur anymore.

All in all, he used more than 340 words in his diatribe but used only 22 words to express his virulent and righteous anger against this national affront, when he wrote:

" The problem with CHIP TSAO is he is attacking a whole nation by branding them with something like a "NATION OF SERVANTS."

Cool it!I am not the enemy here, DAX.

In a way, I could understand DAX anger but necessarily his juvenile assertions. In anger, many of us " would see the trees but miss the forest" in the article of Tsip Chao.

How the outside world look upon us rests upon how we, both people and our leaders, treat everyone at home.

The real enemy is our DISCONNECTION with one another and what kind of reputation it produced for us. It is that disconnection that breeds apathy in many of us and that augers well to the widening division of our people with one another in our society.

Divided, we could not muster a united front against the abuses of our national leaders. Divided, we remain dependent on the powerful and not with each other. By such dependence, we remain slaves of our own selfish interests.

And the sad part in all these things is that the real culprits, those who benefit from the continuing division of our people ,are riding high on the growing national sentiment of hurt as CHAMPIONS in golden armor of FILIPINO PRIDE on this satire of CHAO , hoping that nobody would discover that the reasons why we are where we are now also lie at their doorsteps!

Anonymous said...

Hello, fellow bloggers! If you must write the editor of HK Magazine which has published the cheap Chip Tsao article, please do so:


You can also go to the BBC Complaints page to inform the BBC (as I did just now) that this callous man likes to elevate his writer-celebrity status as a 'former BBC correspondent). The BBC would not want to be associated with such a person. The last thing I want for this man is to be given writer-celebrity status the way Salman Rushdie got for publishing _The Satanic Verses_.

Finally, we can all stop going to the HK Magazine website or reading HK Magazine. Stop diverting internet traffic into the site. Support other local arts and events magazines instead.

Ad if you're with a company that advertises with HK Magazine, reconsider doing so.

That's all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just pull out all Filipino workers from Hong Kong immediately and stop going to Hong Kong Disneyland. Yes, we will add 130,000 people into our jobless ranks but we will stand up proud and high to the world!

Anonymous said...

Yes - let the Indonesians, Indians and Bangladeshis fill in the 130,000 slots to be vacated by Filipino workers.

Let's also stop promoting Hong Kong as a tourist destination - let's just go to the USA.

Mama Melyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

papansin lang yang si cheap tsao... ala cguro traffic... whehee...

Rhyan said...

Chip Tsao is really offending. However, its really a pity to see most of our kababayans become domestic helpers. One of our national heroes said, "The Filipinos are worth fighting for." I believe that labor exportation is not the hope of our economy, it lies in the hands of our own entrepreneurs.. Calling all full-blooded Filipino entrepreneurs, let's make our country better so we will not send our talented and skilled workers. Because we can be the best at whatever we do.

Cat said...

Every race has their own positive and negative traits. Being a servants is a humble call that only secure people can do.

However, I guess this Tsip Chao is quite limited in his knowledge on how to express his "boiled blood" over the Spartly Islands.

First, he takes his emotions against his Filipino maid...why take it on somebody that is not involve on the issue of Spratly Islands.

Second, he seemed to be limited to his territory. He has not met Filipinos in the different parts of the world that's why his opinion of our race is so limited. Filipinos have excelled in a lot fields in different parts of the world. Our fellow countrymen has surfaced in service abroad not only as maids, which is a very noble job in the first place as without them their employers will be constrained from working. Filipinos both in and outside of the country has a caliber of a servant to as high as a leader in the field of IT, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biomedical, oil & gas, hospitality management and marine. I just hope this guy checks his facts first before he belittles us.

Third, being a nationalistic Chinese and to defend what he felt belongs to his nation is a dignified act. However, to insult an entire nation is not. Out of maturity, when you fight for something stick to the issue. Making unnecessary provocative opinion against an entire race is not excusable and so definitely needs a public apologee irregardless if its a satire or not.

Cat said...

Every race has their own positive and negative traits. Being a servants is a humble call that only secure people can do.

However, I guess this Tsip Chao is quite limited in his knowledge on how to express his "boiled blood" over the Spartly Islands.

First, he takes his emotions against his Filipino maid...why take it on somebody that is not involve on the issue of Spratly Islands.

Second, he seemed to be limited to his territory. He has not met Filipinos in the different parts of the world that's why his opinion of our race is so limited. Filipinos have excelled in a lot fields in different parts of the world. Our fellow countrymen has surfaced in service abroad not only as maids, which is a very noble job in the first place as without them their employers will be constrained from working. Filipinos both in and outside of the country has a caliber of a servant to as high as a leader in the field of IT, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biomedical, oil & gas, hospitality management and marine. I just hope this guy checks his facts first before he belittles us.

Third, being a nationalistic Chinese and to defend what he felt belongs to his nation is a dignified act. However, to insult an entire nation is not. Out of maturity, when you fight for something stick to the issue. Making unnecessary provocative opinion against an entire race is not excusable and so definitely needs a public apologee irregardless if its a satire or not.

Anonymous said...

kapal naman ng mukha nitong intsik beho na to. Magtoothbrush ka nga ng mabuti at kung anu-ano ang lumalabas sa bibig mo. Ooops, I forgot di nga pala uso sa mga Intsik ang toothbrush at ligo. Grabe ang pangit ng ugali nitong Cheap Chao na to, mabaho ka na nga sa labas, bulok pa ang pagkatao mo. Shame on me becoz may halo akong Intsik. Amoy putok ka na, bad breath ka pa! Pweh!

Anonymous said...

I hope that stupid writer rot in hell!!!

Anonymous said...

history 101, in the spanish era, cno ba ang mga alipin ng mga mayayamang pinoy noon? cno ba ang mga taga tanggal lang ng luga at tutuli ng mga mayayamang pinoy noon? di ba mga intsik???

So, mr CHEAP, learn your history firat before writing stupid things about filipinos,... you fool!!!

Anonymous said...


Weren't you glad there are still people willing to clean your houses, serve you food and look after your kids all day?

Instead of insulting them, you must be thankful because they still render service despite the emotional and physical abuse they receive from you..

After speaking unnecessary words, apology would be given. Where is PROFESSIONALISM there? How pathetic..

One day, i vow, all of you will regret!

-15 y/o teen from PHILIPPINES

Anonymous said...

Chip Tsao had the nerve to a insult as Filipinos as being the nation of servants.FYI, Chinese people has been slaves for centuries in all parts of the world. They were the railroad migrant workers in the US who were denied citizenship back then and were under UK for so many years.
Law of karma, if you hurt others then you hurt yourself too.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that this Chip is of the inferior race until mixed with Filipino blood, we all know that. Now what he needs is a Pinoy servant, to butt fuck him. He will love to hate us more. Sick, pasty creature, we use to fire cannons at their ghettos.

Anonymous said...

Kind of glad this is happening...racism does not include the chinese. So let the games begin.

Anonymous said...

And here we are. Let's not forget that Mr Tsao has a wikipedia article. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Kit

His biographical data is in there. He should be very careful. Pinoys are not techno-dumb.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Please read and follow the simple guidelines before posting, promoting violence is not tolerated in this blog.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aww, that hurts Mr.Chip Tsao, but don't know you that some Chinese women here at Dubai are working as prostitutes but they are paid cheaply than Filipina & Russians! Whoever you GOD is, stop cursing another nation like that or you will be look like a dragon that bury his head on the earth. You spit too much fire and it's not funny anymore.

Trolfa said...

I actually found his column a bit funny and our reaction to it even funnier.

We get insulted and indignant over being called a nation of servants, but you know what? There's truth to it.

It's apparently okay for us to put each other down but when a foreigner does it, all hell breaks lose.

I hate foreigners bad mouthing my fellow Filipinos as much as the next guy, but what are we really doing so that we no longer have to ship out our people to become toilet bowl cleaners and workers in warzones in the middle east?

How can you have respect when most of our people who are working in almost every place in the world because of desperation?

How can you have respect on the international stage when you can't even get respect in your own homeland?

I don't want to rattle off how we put each other down and how some of us accept insults with a smile so long as there's some kind of recompense for it.

By the way, two senators have joined the band wagon party of indignation. Senator Migz Zubiri (suspected poll fraudster) and Chiz Escudero (latent Marcosian poster boy).

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

to you cheap tsao,
maybe you are not a Roman Catholic like most Filipinos are, Jesus Christ before He became great was once a "SERVANT" too, to be great leaders one must learn to serve.

I think you never learned this,,, and in fact people like you are nothing but waste garbage malingering at the top of the Earth... so get lost!!!

You don't know who you're messing with.. CHINESE IDIOT!!!

3 Stars & a Sun.. long live!!!


Anonymous said...

To Paul,

I understand your point and indeed totoo. but this scenario is like when you fight with a sibling---at the end of the day you still accept each other because by virtue of your blood connected pa rin kayo. but if somebody attacks your brother i think you would defend him...ganun lang ang sentiments naming nasaktan. di perfect ang phils pero di rin tau dapat ini-insulto.

Anonymous said...

To tsip chao perhaps serving is quite degrading, but does a well educated writer also knows that service itself to humanity is fullfiling? Does he even know that one of the most known person in the world is a servant of man? Somehow I wouild rather be a servant who knows the value of respect and understand the essence of equality than to be well educated man at that and yet never really understood one of the most basic word that binds man to civilization. Never ever think Mr. writer that your race is superior to the other because your own race has it not too good attributes and history as well. I would really want to tell your assistant as you call her to teach you RESPECT AND WHAT DOES IT EMPHASIZE but somehow I feel it would be just a waste of time. Respect begets respect, you earn it, and from the way you have acted, I don't see that you have laerned what you should have learned first to be a writer.

Anonymous said...

Chip Tsao.. may i remind you that during the British regime, chinese people were also servants! at least we are proud to be called NATION. Hong Kong is not even a nation. Its just a mere territory of China.
So before writing something like that D**k head, think twice ok??

Anonymous said...

I get it. The article satire or not is demeaning to Filipinos (DH or not).

BUT, hurling back racial slurs against the Chinese (and Hongkong) people, that makes us Pinoys better than the ignorant writer?? WTF?

ViNz said...

It is obvious that Filipino’s had touched a nerve of Mr Chip's masochistic ego. Dude, really? Mr. Tsao, If there are no Filipina maids, you think you can do all the household chores? That's the main reason why you hire people in the first place. Your China is losing its ground (talk about the melamine scandal, cheap products lame in quality, lead content in your low-class products, and desertification hell because of overgrazing). You don't mess with Filipinos because given the quality work we have compared to other nation, it's beyond comparison. Compare your nurses to our nurses? teachers, doctors, engineers, singers, lawyers, seamen, etc. It's not slavery dude, it’s the demand for Filipino workers that is increasing everyday (You even hire us for English...haha). Think again you masochistic Chinese dork (such a disgrace to your race)

jayson said...

Good Riddance Chip Tsao! You told that your maid was graduated in University of the Philippines,what about you which university you are graduated from? Shame on you Chip Tsao!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chip Tsao made that article for publicity maybe because he is going down. Now Chip, If your reading this - I'm Filipino of Chinese descent and there's a heck a lot more Filipino-Chinese residing in the Philippines. Please be mindful of words. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

The racial slur against the Filipinos is bad enough... what makes my blood boil is the attention we are giving to this ignoramus (in every sense) HK writer.
I have read somewhere that this ignoramus claimed he was misunderstood, that we are not reading between the lines (this is actually a reason given by most writers who does not know exactly what they are writing). Well, i have tried to read the ignoramus' article over and over, may comment is that both style of writing and content is cheap and uneducated, just a product of a twisted mind.
So instead of giving him more publicity (which might be the true reason for this shameful act), why don't we just boycott anything that has to do with him?
I believe that nature has its own way of things. Who knows he figures in an accident driving his car? Or run over by train in the subway? Or poisoned in the restaurant (Chinese movies are full of them). Or he will just drop dead for just being a bad person. Bad Karma.

mami_noodles said...

Yes, Chip Tsao is a moron for making that article and he deserves the wrath of all sensible and patriotic Filipinos.

However, we should not be lured into the trap of being racists ourselves. That is the source of too many "ethnic cleansings" and genocides throughout history.

Let us be outraged, but be outraged reasonably.


mamie noodles,

You are an air of sobriety amid the national rage against the slanderous article of CHAO.

Kapareho mo, nasaktan din ako sa sinabi nitong si Chip Chip Chao.

Pero parang as if ayokong matigil ang galit ng taong bayan kay Chip Chip Chao.

Sa totoo lang, dahil tatakbo akong TONGRESSMAN sa Pinas, nakiki-ride ako sa isyo para magkaroon ako ng POLITICAL MILEAGE sa public view.

So what kung IDIOTIC ang aking proposal to address the issue on CHIP CHIP CHAO, like that of Senatong ISKODERO, who wants to get a lawyer to sue( or is it sew?)CHIP CHIP CHAO sa HK or that of Senator Joan of Arc Cayetano, with that knee jerk-reaction on her perceived travails of Loisa!BTW, may senate staff ba si senator Joan of Arc?

Ang important marinig ako ng mga tao na KAKAMPI ako ng ating working class.

At doon sa mga bloggers, na nagmamarunong at gusto akong magsalita DIN laban sa punot-dulong dahilan kung bakit maraming mga PINAY na napipilitang magtrabaho sa labas ng bansa, eh bakit pa?

That issue is supposed to be addressed by our national leaders. Not me, because I am not yet elected to the PHILIPPINE TONGRESS. Sa 2010 pa ang election, if ever! It is simply too immature for me, I mean, premature for me get into that issue now. And also, eh kung makulitlit pa ng taong bayan kung ano ang aking nagawa na tungkol dito? Di nabuking pa na wala?

Sabi nga ni Mao Tse Tung- " Do not wake up sleeping dogs. Baka gawa pulutan yan!"

ULOL (Uncontrollably LOL)

Lu Tong Mancau
Philosopher in Residence,
Pedestrian Observer.

yoming said...

dapat palitan niya pangalan niya as "CHEAP Chow" hehehe

Unknown said...

Pssssst, Hoy! Lu Tong Mancao stop asking about the staff of Joan of Arc, they might get in trouble for the PR disaster because there is this likelihood that she may point the blame on them for the bogus heroine projection. You know how it is in the Republic of Scapegoats, where politicians (your future kuligs este colleagues once you get your executed errr executive clemency)can't go wrong so it is always someone else fault.

stelvio said...

How many of those banging their drums have actually read chip tsao's article as a whole? I can only agree with Conrado De Quiros observation that filipinos (like me) ought to be ashamed of themselves not only as a "Nation of Servants", but also a "Nation of Illiterates". How many of you even know what the word "Satire" means?

Joker said...

Maybe we are in denial thus we get angry instead of recognizing the problem and attack the joker instead of why we become the subjects of bad jokes.

Anonymous said...

Chip Tsao surely feels insecure because of the Filipinos' achievements. So he made a comment to attack the Philippines. sigh. t_t

marckaljonp said...

why does CHEAP tsao have to involve his own nation in his stupidity?

Lesson learned:
Wag kalabanin ang mga pinoy na palaban. =)

marckaljonp said...

why does CHEAP tsao have to involve his own nation in his stupidity?

Lesson learned:
Wag kalabanin ang mga pinoy na palaban. =)

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