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The Maguindanao election result, an un bedolable Story

Update 7/2/07 9:41 am

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Police Director Joel Goltiao said Bedol would be brought to a hotel near the Comelec central office, with 10 to 14 police guards, because he would not be needed by the Commission on Elections until Tuesday morning. When ask why he was billeted in a hotel instead of jail Goltiao replied he was not a CRIMINAL. HUH? And who will foot the bill for all the expenses incurred in this circus for this "non-criminal", the taxpayers ? If this is the way this Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao officials treats their suspects maybe giving them autonomy is a bad idea after all.

Fidel Umaga
Movement for Free Philippines

Before all these brouhaha started, a news report came out that under the command votes from Maguindanao, the TU senatorial candidates had a clean sweep over the candidates of Go during the last election. The original COCs from Maguindanao reflected the so called command votes showing that Singson, the senatorial candidate from Ilocos Sur was number one and that none of the GO senatorial candidates won. These COCs were in the custody of lintang Bedol, the Comelec local high priest of Maguindanao. Note that if the Comelec would give credence to these COCs, many a winning Go candidates would fall specially the last four or three of them. Naturally, since the public is not that idiotic anymore, there was a massive public outcry that grew almost daily since the news came to light.

For obvious reasons, a couple of TU candidates lost heart in the pending electoral exercise and decided to quit the ongoing senatorial race despite the clear promise of the so called command votes. Since it would be a no brainier for other candidates of TU to dream of winning, they opted to remain silent. It was a wise decision and for that history would benignly remember them. What is left is the fact that the no. 12 senatorial post would remain contested by Migs Zubiri of TU and KoKo Pimentel of GO.

If the Maguindanao command votes would be considered regular by the Comelec, Migs Zubiri would overcome the edge of KoKo Pimentel and he would come out winner. Otherwise, the Comelec would disregard the Maguindanao command votes as having been irregular and declared KoKo Pimentel as the winner for the last senatorial position in contest. Pimentel brought the matter to the SC and enjoined the Comelec to declare him the winner.

In the meantime, Lintang Bedol, the Comelec local high priest, predictably expressed his righteous indignation to the aspersion cast on the validity of the Maguindanao Command Votes. Then he went AWOL . When he reappeared later, he claimed the original COC was taken without his consent from his office. When insinuated for infidelity in the custody of documents, he dared the Comelec to sue him, during a press interview where he brazenly showed a .45 caliber pistol hanging from his waist. The Comelec secured a warrant for his arrest several days later. Despite the almost 200k armed men of the AFP,not to mention the CAFGU in the nearby areas, Lintang Bedol is still scott free!

While this drama unfolds, a more sinister one comes into play. Despite the pending action of Pimentel before the SC, Abalos, the chief Sanhedrin of Comelec, allowed the secondary evidence for the missing COC to be canvassed. What is truly questionable at this proceeding is the fact that under this secondary evidence consisting of copies of the missing COCs, when everything was tallied, it is not Singson who would turn out be the topnotcher but Migs Zubiri! The canvassing proceeded as if nothing so questionable has arisen and Migs Zubiri has whittled down the margin of KoKo Pimentel to 4,000 before the canvassing stop because Abalos got sick(?).

Sabi nga ng matatanda, LINTANG NA BUHAY TO! THIS IS TRULY AN UNBEDOLABLE (unbelievable) STORY!

With the way things are unfolding, baka MADIS-GARCI ang pagka-senador ni KOKO PIMENTEL(Pimentel maybe at risk of being dislodge). Sayang si Migs Zubiri, maginoo pa man din ang dating(What a shame for Zubiri perceived as a gentleman), but his possible victory is simply tainted TOTALLY with an indubitable air of irregularity. If he would insist on his victory, it will be the end of the national political career of this young legislator. It seems someone is accursed in this whole story of the Maguindanao election result.

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