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Blame Game & Jonas Burgos

NPA won't deny or confirm Jonas tag as rebel screams the inquirer headline, well who cares anyway if Jonas Burgos was an NPA or not. The fact is he was abducted and in all probability no matter how the military tries to divert the blame on other parties are failing miserably to convince everyone except themselves. The military brash errrrr brass to bring the issue of NPA membership on a victim just does not make sense at all. Does it mean that if one is a member of an illegal organization he/she then deserves what fates awaits them from pea brained men in uniform or out of uniform acting as the police, judge, and executioner without a shred of evidence presented in the court of law?

Army chief Lt. Gen. Romeo Tolentino’s allegation that kidnapped agriculturist Jonas Burgos was a member of the New People’s Army has not merited any reply from the 38-year-old communist army. Tall yarn and it just keep on spinning when the plate number used in the abduction was traced back to their Bulacan headquarters shamelessly points to the left as the culprit is just not going to cut it.

Below is the artist rendition of the suspects on Jonas Burgos Abduction, do they look like NPA operatives?

abduction suspects

A report by Joel Guinto at Deadline All the Time had quoted Editha Burgos (Jonas mother) accusing Army Chief Lieutenant General Romeo Tolentino of cooking up a "scenatio" with his latest pronouncement that her son was a communist guerilla. She was quoted as saying:

“This is the third time [Tolentino has linked Jonas to the communist underground]. They are laying the grounds for another scenario,” Ms. Burgos told reporters.

“They have not provided documents [to back up Tolentino’s allegation],” she added.

Ms. Burgos said Tolentino’s statement “reinforced” her suspicion that the Army’s 56th Infantry Battalion based in Bulacan province was behind her son’s abduction.

“He [Tolentino] has just given a clear motive…Whatever my son is, that is irrelevant,” she said.

“They should stop doing this. Up to now, Jonas has not been surfaced,” she said.

Will the military just do their job of coming up with hard evidence instead of throwing unsubstantiated claims and counter claims that only shows their incompetency.

These are all hogwash and they should just clean their mouth with it as whatever they are trying to convey stinks to high heavens. All these based on email by a certain Joey Marquez branding the Missing Jonas Burgos as an NPA Commander does and will not justify the abduction. He was not armed nor was he a combatant assuming he was indeed with the NPA so are they saying that if he was he deserves what he got?

Fools galore and no one is buying these criminal incompetency of the military that has nothing good to say or any action that makes one proud...... they should bow their head in shame but this is the Philippines where everything is a lie and sadly they get so wrapped up in it that they themselves believe their own hogwash.

As Father Rolando de Leon the chairman of Alyansa ng Mamamayan para sa Pantaong Karapatan the matter of whether Burgos was an NPA rebel or not was "less of a concern to him".

He further added that, “The more important questions now are ‘who abducted him?’ ‘why was he abducted?’ and ‘is abduction according to the rule of law in our country?’ Presuming he was an NPA, he still has the right to have a day in court, not abducted or killed,” the priest said of the son of press freedom icon Jose “Joe” Burgos, I couldn't agree more.

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