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Chip Tsao & War at Home Satire, an Opportunity for Philippine Political Cheapies to Jump the Bandwagon

Lu Tong Mancao errrr Macau our resident Pilosopong Tasyo (philosopher) is really frustrated and somewhat angry nowadays over the outrage generated by Chip Tsao’s satire. He claims to be a regular at NBP Resort Bar who also just got out of the pen like pedophile child rapist former tongress errr congress representative Romeo Jalosjos through the grace of pardon. Just like his alleged mentor he is waiting for the perfect political time to negotiate errr plead for executed ooops executive clemency so he can also run for office. He thinks the window of opportunity just opened up for him and flew from the cuckoos nest errr to Hong Kong to pirate Louisa as International Political Consultant for the cabinet member who he thinks is helping him get the executive clemency. I told Lu Tong Macau that he is wasting his time as Louisa is not a real person but he insist she was because why he ask is Senator Pia Cayetano pulling all the strings to find her a new employer.

Lu Tong Macau insist that if Louisa was not real what was all the big fuzz about and of course he says Chip Tsao the writer being a “nationalist” will not put down and ridicule his fellow middle and upper class nationalist countrymen. It seems it will take more than an explanation like a smack behind the head to get Lu Tong Macau to get what satire is all about and just because he states he is a nationalist it does not necessarily mean he is a die hard xenophobe thus he targets others as well. If it was a satire he further argues that is not exactly accurate or factual why are the madaya errr media treating this raging controversy as if it was an official line coming from the Hong Kong government?
Cleansing the Source of Philippine Political WisdomFrantic like a poker fiend (not friend) that he is who exclaims in pain “aeiii yahhhh” every time he gets busted with his poorly timed bluff after finally getting it that it was satire now he is wondering why Philippine politicians are so quick to react at “saving” an imaginary over qualified (more qualified than bar flunker Merceditas Gutierrez or any other patronage appointed characters in the Philippine government) maid named Louisa when the “poor” imaginary Filipina only exist in Chip Tsao’s satirical mind.

A smack behind his head somehow worked and now Lu Tong Macau was beyond himself laughing his socks off upon reading an article at ABS-CBN saying Pia Cayetano instead of addressing the issue squarely is adding more fuel to the fire:
Cayetano added that should Tsao make good on his "whimsical threat" to fire her Filipino househelp over the Spratlys dispute, she said she is confident that other employers in Hong Kong, including foreign expatriates and fellow Filipinos, would be more than willing to take her in.

"I'll personally appeal on my Filipino and foreigner friends based in Hong Kong to hire her. I'm sure there are many more enlightened minds out there willing to take her in. Filipino domestic helpers are very much in demand in Hong Kong precisely because of their efficiency and positive ethic at work," she was quoted as saying.

"We should be proud that millions of OFWs are able to serve the world, whether as managers, laborers, caregivers or medical professionals. There's nothing to be ashamed of as long as we're earning an honest living without having to step on the dignity of others," she added.
Aeiiii yahhhhhh shouts Lu Tong Macau as if he is in a torture chamber, how gracious and valiant of your Senator in fighting for the “sake” of an imaginary Louisa. Like the queen of patronage that most politicians are it is just so painfully excruciating how the allure of free sound bytes riding and exploiting popular sentiments makes her really stand out. Well good luck says my poker faced fiend on that one and maybe she can find Louisa in her imaginary mind because the poor exploited Filipina only exist in Chip Tsao’s imagination.

As if this is not turning into a circus freak side show already in their desperation to exploit and lead the pack like Senate Majority Floor Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri introducing a resolution strongly condemning the "demeaning" Hong Kong magazine article that called the Philippines a "nation of servants" has been filed at the Senate. What's up with that anyway, when they could have used this to rally people towards responsible channeling of the outrage in addressing the problem that forced our people to find greener pastures in foreign lands?

Indeed, there is nothing to be ashamed of because there is dignity in labor but what people ought to be ashamed of is when shameless politicians tries to jump in the bandwagon with pathetic response worthy of a Banana Republic. If Louisa really exists then the politicians are really missing the point, a highly qualified person unable to find suitable job in their country settling for menial job and she says she will pull all the strings she can muster for her to land another domestic help job. Say what! It is sad that presented with an imaginary satirical problem they are failing miserably at not seeing the obvious or are they hopelessly blind? We have a high literacy rate in that part of the globe and yet we cannot provide decent job for them and she would rather perpetuate the sorry plight of our compatriots rather than figure out how to utilize that wasted talent towards nation building.

Then there is Congressman Ruffy Biazon posting a ridiculous and pathetic personal attack at the new found convenient villain like an immature juvenile brat when they have better things to do as in they have a gargantuan task ahead of them.

Malacañang is joining the chorus and has asked the Department of Foreign Affairs to demand an apology, coming from a woman with experience from her own Garci tape scandal on how to apologize without incriminating herself; I wonder what kind of apology is acceptable. Then we have different characters in the senate like Senator Francis Escudero wanting to hire a lawyer in Hong Kong to sue Chip Tsao for damages (translation libel, probably thinking HK has the same ridiculous libel laws) singing the same out of tune take on the imaginary problem but then again this is the Philippines so we expect them to follow the flow and take over in bringing the people down the cliff of frustration.

It is just amazing how our politicians are able to weasel themselves at responsibility finding easy targets to distract the people while projecting themselves as the savior of the downtrodden except this one is imaginary. Which reminds me of one senator at Facebook where I tried to bring up the issue of OFWs in dire situation in facing criminal charges they are remotely responsible. To my dismay and while I don’t think it was actually the Senator who is at Facebook but one of her assistants responding to me to send them a letter so they can act on it. Gee, and here we are making use and taking advantage of technology and they want to receive the information via snail mail. Perhaps, it is better to have an imaginary downtrodden person for instant response than actual downright exploitation suffered by OFWs and undocumented migrant children since all it takes is mere posturing and no action required that will test their leadership.

To console Lu Tong Macau I decided to ease his awkward anxiety over a cup of taho or tofu pudding also called dòufǔhuā not wanting to get him inebriated lest he decides to leave our poker table losing our biggest chip no not Chip Tsao stack contributor with his poor bluffs.

Chip Tsao, Lu Tong Macau concedes is being unfair when he stereotypes people and calling the Philippines a nation of servants but on the other hand he says that satire is all about exaggeration to the point of being ridiculous. Of course with 130,000 Filipino maids in a very small territory it is not exactly the right thing to say when not all Hong Kong people are mature enough to see things intelligently. So when some people react indignantly at the writer treating satire as if it was factual then it backfires and only validates the unintended stereotype.

Lu Tong Macau cannot understand the outrage and so I quoted Confucius since he thinks he descended from Confusion errr Confucius to somewhat soften the blow at the reaction he is witnessing:

If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it's OK. But you've got to shoot for something. A lot of people don't even shoot.
Yeah, yeah ahhh as he nodded in feigned agreement due to the nervous tension that is making him paranoid afraid that a lynch mob is about to get him mistaking him for Chip Tsao since he has that uncanny resemblance to the new Philippine villain of the day. The schmuck that Lu Tong Macau is, he retorted with a quote as if he was Albert Einstein with this one:
He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.
Whatever Einstein as I curtly dismiss him off although he seems to have a point knowing how our politicians are quick to exploit controversies . To ease his troubled mind I told him the good news that HK Magazine just issued an apology and this should somehow ease the tension.

Well, it seems that Lu Tong Macau has regained his composure but of course he has to point out the circus errr our dysfunctional politics and the source of Philippine political wisdom to see how I react……….
at that point I decided to head to this post Chip Tsao satire sparking a controversy and see how our angry netizen are coping with the controversy. Proceed to Chip Tsao Apologized, What Now?

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