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Malu Fernandez & the Overseas Filipinos Worldwide (OFW)

No, the title is not a typo... OFW stands for Overseas Filipinos Worldwide coined by cyber activist/advocates in an unprecedented campaign that culminated in the passing of the AVL (absentee voting law). The new emerging middle class that some unknown callousness errr columnist of Manila subStandard belittles in her delusional need for self validation that she is above this "lowly" class of Overseas Filipinos. Unlike this overfed trying hard Malu Fernandez whose definition of privilege and entitlement is shoving her kind errr food in her filthy glutton of a mouth, the OFWs are smashing the stereotype of "class segregation" in a nation run by a few ruling minority elites like a fiefdom. In this day and age ignorant people such as Malu Fernandez and her kind never cease to amaze me, what she did not realize is she has insulted not just Filipino migrant workers but the whole sector of Overseas Filipinos Worldwide who can identify with each other regardless of social standing.

Just when things are going great seeing bloggers from all walks of life starting what could have been the biggest exercise in strategic alliance as envisioned by Jose Ma. Montelibano the unthinkable happened...…. The fat lady is singing but the choir is not so this thing is far from over. We have yet to hear the editor and publisher of The Manila (sub)Standard and the People Asia Magazine for their complicity in this arrogant despicable prejudice against our OFWs. It appears that she has finally landed back to earth like an alcoholic whose short lived high is now grappling with hangover and finally realized that her moronic prejudicial mindset will bring down not just herserlf but her politician relatives as well. There are unconfirmed reports that she is the sister of Vicky Zubiri the mother of UNBEDOLABLE (unbelievable) tailender winner Miguel "Migz" Zubiri having himself seated comfortably in the senate may be the subject of scrutiny from the people.

The phenomenal reaction to this lard manufacturer in the person of a self proclaimed Diva named Malu Fernandez has unwittingly galvanized Filipino’s from all walks of life. She has angered quite a number of bloggers with her propensity to scratch the surface thinking everything is an itch just like her lard oozing pig like skin has people wanting her roasted in a stake like her distant relative.

Her insensitive lame attempt at humor generated so much animosity and rightly so with her larder errr larger than life goof up has made her the fatest errr biggest subject of contempt. Can we blame our people especially the OFWs from being offended? Are they over reacting? I dare say not because if we look at the hell hole some of our OFWs found themselves in just like “Melissa’s” in this article Filipina OFW being Kept as Sex Slave a post in reaction to Jon Mariano of OFW Living in Hong Kong taken from an ABS-CBN News. The sad part is this is not an isolated case according to Maita Gomez of Migrante quoted as saying that they have received numerous report on cases of sexual slavery/exploitation. E Akino of Kabayan Junction then followed it up with a post in reaction to the fate of “Melissa” titled Show The Power Of United Filipino, while Nina Bumanlag of Underside in her entry of The People We Export in her reaction to the plight of OFWS.

No one said that life is fair but sometimes something good amidst some disconcerting news do come out that makes us feel good. Take the case of Lanie Ejercito a nursing student from Cebu together with 15 others are victimized by peddlers of human misery otherwise known as recruiters fed to the sharks and perverted human traffickers. Through some scheming debt bondage scam forced their victims to a life of sexual slavery. Life is hard and for many young promising Filipinos the lure of earning the mighty dollar in a foreign soil is one opportunity they just can’t resist.

False pretense and the promise of an entertainment career in Malaysia, they were tricked into a country that has a low score or bad refutation in human trafficking. Once they have reached their destination are tricked and forced into debt bondage by mobsters operators of sex den in collusion with corrupt law enforcement agencies. Initially the mobsters demanded US $1,200 for Lanie's release that went skyrocket high to an unbelievable amount of US $60,000 once they have reached or about to "finalize" the "negotiation.

Unlike some of the hapless victims of this kind of sick scheme Lanie had an aunt who cares enough. Married to one of the finest gentleman a former marine named Troop Edwards of Portland, Oregon.

Troops Edwards of Portland, Oregon upon receiving a distress call from Lanie was given the marching order by his wife…… rescue Lanie and never return home without her. Together with long time buddy Jerry Howe former FBI agent who was with the Patty Hearst Rescue team set out to venture into the unknown. An improbable rescue mission and undaunted the duo came up with improvised plan despite the distance of 8,000 miles away from home never wavered with their determination.

First stop Cebu where Lanie’s family resides and luckily through coincidence the peddler of human misery a defiant woman recruiter named Rachel just got back from Malaysia. The video shows Rachel the peddler of human misery in a human trafficking scam through their bait and switch tactics forcing their recruits into prostitution in their despicable debt bondage scheme.

Seeking help in Penang, Malaysia a not so friendly territory especially Caucasians Troop Edwards and Jerry Howe was warned by Cebu Police to be extra careful. It would have been enough for the weak of heart to get discouraged at that point but the 2 men is not about to let anything stand in their way with their mission.

Kenny Kang the mobster predatory pimp operator of the sexual slavery den in Malaysia together with a gynecologist partner in “business” (I say crime is more apt) named Ng Kok Kwang is seen on this video. Career criminal indeed treating the police investigation as a minor inconvenience having “good” rapport with local jerks errr police that are either dumb or in cahoots taking the victim’s statement with the victimizer in the same room. Heck what are these moronic investigators thinking? Do they expect the victim to tell of her harrowing experience when the perpetrators is right beside her who nay have been dictating on the victim what to say?

All is well that ends well wherein Lanie and the rest of the victims were rescued through the gallant effort of this 2 fine older gentleman never having any illusions of grandeur even jokingly referred by MSNBC as the Walther Mathau and Jack Lemmon duo but the bottom line is they got the job done. Unfortunately there are more cases with a not so happy ending as Lanie's and her group, unlike them they have no one to turn to but the bureaucrats that are not exactly symphatetic or may even have the same Malu fernandez sentiments. In contrast what we see are seeing are sound bytes of Filipino Politicians puffing and huffing siginifying nothing but empty twisted PR media spin to make them appear like conquering heroes. Like foolish dogs chasing after their tail while some consulate people focused on working for a "settlement" and shielding the misery of the OFWs away from the press.

...................... and who was that who said that she did not find it amusing to see bloggers hitting the fat factory below the belt? I am sorry but enough of this delusional I am better than the rest of you therefore I am the privilege one who can judge these "lowly" bloggers. Excuse me but this time I am looking at the glass half full (I can't imagine myself saying that but I did, lol) wherein we see bloggers bonding together in solidarity voicing their opinions on this particular subject setting aside at least for the moment looking beyond the horizon away from their little own world known as the "I" world.

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