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Blogging to END ABUSE

Blog Catalog is on to something big again and I support this bridging of the cyber world towards the real world making each one conscientious regarding our surroundings.

Blog Catalog for those who are not aware is a social networking site for bloggers and come 27th of September 2007 as a blogger you can join this initiative and a challenge to be socially relevant by posting an entry AGAINST ABUSE. You decide which abuse you want stop, Darfur Genocide, Migrant Abuse, Elder Abuse, Animal Abuse or whatever form of abuse you want to end. Be heard and join this challenge, meanwhile you can start blogging on this topic to build a momentum and hopefully reached a critical mass that may eventually make this world a better place to live.

Tony of site pro plus posted an entry at blogcatalog titled You Can Be a Part of Blogging History and looking at the response this will be a huge event.

NINE of CellRater Blog came up with logo design to unite bloggers against abuse, there are a couple to choose from that can be found here and must be link to this entry
BlogCatalog Challenges You To Blog Against Abuse.

Bloggers Unite

Bloggers Unite

Il Fannullone also created some logo and buttons that can be found here, there are now quite a number to choose from:

Bloggers against abuse

Bloggers against abuse

In the meantime here is what you can do as suggested by site pro plus:

* Spread the word among all the bloggers you know. Perhaps even give them a link to this Discussion.

* If you are a graphic's designer, perhaps you can come up with some small badges announcing the event, that we can then place on our blogs. To share the badge, place it on this thread.

* List any organizations, on this thread, who are involved in putting an end to abuse.

What do you get?

You will receive a link to your Blog Post from the Blogcatalog blog when we list everyone who participated.

You get to use your blog for an important cause.

You get to create blogging history.

If you are not yet a member of BlogCatalog you may want to join now.... you are also welcome to join my neighborhood by clicking here for Pedestrian Observer or Cyber Istambay.

3 Speak Out:

fidel_umaga said...

Why Not? That is also one of the seminal ideas behind Cyber Estambay, is'nt it?

Evil thrives in silence and in darkness. So, the more we bring these abuses in the open, there arises the possibility that others who are not knowing may know and take the fight as his own, too!

I also observe that there is a symbiotic relationship between the bloggers act of taking a stand against what is wrong with his own unconscious liberation. As he tries to free others through his writings, he will discover that he is actually liberating himself from his own erroneous idiosyncracies.

To do that, he must truly be objective and unselfish in his efforts. Objective in the sense that he must premised his position on facts, use logic and reason. Unselfish in the sense that his purpose must be to declare what is true and not simply to puff air or just to beat his breast. Otherwise, he might fall into a state of self-delusion and become part of the evil that he intends to purge in the first place.

And equally important, many of our right now people feel so hopelessly inutile with the wrong that is raging around them. By joining the Blog Against Abuse, one finds a way to release his pent-up emotions and gave him another alternative to address the issues before him in a less sanguine manner. This is what your site has been useful for also.

Ray said...

Hey, thanks for the link and the exposure of the horrible crime of elder abuse. I practically lost both of my parents to this horrible crime and appreciate you sharing my pain.
Happy to be part of your community.

Perry said...

Great banners!

I posted as well.

Subject: Child Abuse.

Personal Blog: http://cubeville.wordpress.com/

Professional Blog: http://blog.freecolorprinters.com/

Thanks for the heads up!


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