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Ninoy Aquino's Martyrdom

As Filipinos commemorate the assassination of a martyred Ninoy Aquino this 21st of August Narvasa would like us to “move on“ with a statement plastered in an Inquirer headline by Juliet Labog-Javellana: We should close book on Ninoy Aquino’s murder. No this is not a good way to commemorate Ninoy Aquino's martyrdom, whose death galvanized the people that toppled the conjugal dictatorship in a peaceful uprising of people in its quest for freedom.

Andres Narvasa is the former Supreme Court Justice and a member of the Agrava Fact Finding Commission tasked by then dictator errrr cheating President (like the present one) Marcos to investigate the assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino. “They have suffered enough” Narvasa was quoted referring to the convicted soldiers responsible for the cold blooded murder of Ninoy Aquino. This closure he said should be made even if the mastermind of the murder remained unknown. The soldiers have been in jail for 10 years and he felt it was enough punishment, I am sorry Justice Narvasa but people committing lesser crime than these soldiers have been in jail longer. This is not about vengeance but justice. Pardon for these criminal soldiers sends a wrong signal to the murderous men in uniform that one gets away with murder much less with someone with Ninoy Aquino’s stature what happens to small time activist being gunned down and kidnapped with impunity?

As if to make matters worse we see Enrile joining the chorus in this inquirer article by Veronica Uy; Enrile seeks clemency for soldiers in Aquino slay.

While Enrile pointed out the obvious that the case should not be closed if there are new evidence and procedure for doing so, which is how this should be treated. Unfortunately having jumped into the side of the cheating errr seating president he wanted the executive department to exercise its power of clemency regarding the 14 convicted soldiers. I should say that these convicts will definitely take that as a manna from “heaven”. Looking at the executive department’s record on clemency as in the pedophile rapist Jalosjos……. You know exactly what happened there and leaving it in their hands would mean end of story and the masterminds and all those high up in the totem pole are laughing with contempt on the gullibility of the people.

How sad that with their failure to uncover the mastermind of the cold blooded murder some people would rather have a "closure". It just shows the weakness of the people at the helm and if they can't render justice to a hero what are the chances that mortals like you and me should we suffer or get victimized especially with those men in uniform?

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