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Annoying Malu Fernandez & equally annoyed Blogs

Yes, I agree that some bloggers including this Political Jaywalker went on ad hominem attack on La Diva Kolokay and even resorted to fat ass jokes. I apologize to my readers for this behavior but never will I apologize to the self-proclaimed “Diva”.

Unlike other bloggers who wants to “separate” themselves in an attempt to be “different” and feeling superior above everyone else this blogger maintains that it is not in his place to “judge” others for their reactions deemed violent by others especially Babes Romualdez publisher of People Asia Magazine. The type of reaction coming from the elite just like the fooliticians of her class not having a clue what accountability and responsibility means would readily point a finger at the victims themselves for their “violent” or even “mob” like reactions.

Say if you will, but this ad hominem attacks that we see heaped on the annoying thinking elite above “lowly” mortals insult on the OFWs has become personal especially when this very sector are subjected to unimaginable abuses and exploitation. Not only are a big portion of the sector abused and exploited in their place of employment they are also exploited in the Philippines as well and too add insult to injury by a relatively unknown representing the voice of the elite Malu Fernandez, what exactly do we expect? Do we expect people who sacrificed separation from their love ones, alone and lonely to feed their family for lack of opportunities back home due to mismanagement and corruption of the elites while subjected to dangerous and exploitative conditions to react differently when faced with insult from a braggart belonging to the few ruling minority elites? Do we expect people to react meekly when we see the situation of a Filipina OFW being Kept as Sex Slave or see this Modern Day Heroes or Commodities in Human Trafficking of Slaves?

Why do some people treat their own people in this manner when instead of attacking the culprit attacks the victims instead. Like running dogs to their perceived feudal overlords will judge and castigate and worse gives us lowly mortals a sermon as if we have not had enough when we go to church. Here they are in their holier than thou judgmental stance like a crab trying to get on top of the heap. Don’t you just hate it when some moron points out what they perceived as Filipino “bad traits” like being too “loud” wherever Filipinos congregate outside of the Philippines with some nut even pointing out the long line of boxes in LAX? Well blow me down and slap me silly what do these numb nuts want? Illegalized Balikbayan boxes? Ban or vanish Filipinos from talking in their native languages outside of the Philippines? Some numb nut even resent simply by just seeing Filipinos congregating or wanting to stay away where Filipinos are seen as if they have by a stroke of miracle turned Caucasian with their daily use of the billion dollar industry skin whitening cream. These people can really learn a lot just by Listening to one of the songs of a Filipina Jazz Singer, about the exotic beauty of a Filipino inside out.

I will now refrain (shucks, no fair this is no fun at all) from doing fat jokes, except for this one from jetleng (last one promise... plus I just can't resist citing this one too, lol) but it does not mean that this Malu Fernandez is getting away that easy……… I say give Malu Fernandez a hard time wherever she goes and let her face the wrath and scorn of the exploited sector. BOYCOTT Manila SubStandard and People Asia Magazine starting 3rd of September until they learn to respect the Overseas Filipinos with dignity and equality.

Malu Fernandez is back as seen on this Manila SubSATANdard article Unseen biatches errrr evil........ are we moving on or should we bring it on? I say let's bring it on.....

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