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More on PAL Experience

This rude encounter with PAL staffers by Mr. & Mrs. Aniceto is not going away with passing the buck response from the airline company. Rudy has left a message at the other entry tited "Philippine Airlines Abused Elderly Passengers?" to let us know of the developments regarding their ill treatmentfrom the hands of PAL staffers.
Below are the responses from yahoo groups some from expats and Filams sharing their "memorable" experience with the flag carrier. If you are inclined to let them know here is the data where they can be reached:

Customer Relations
1st Floor Philippine Airlines Center
Legazpi Street, Legaspi Village
Makati City 0750
Tel : (632) 816-4302/ 816-1358/817-2844/818-4582(632) 818-0111 loc 5223/5261/5321
Fax : (632) 894-3930
e-mail : wecare@pal.com.ph


yes my friend , that is very unfortunate and very out of character for pilipinos . philippine airlines is forced to make commercial decisions based on the ticket class . they failed to warn the elderly gentleman of the conditions of passage .

philippine airlines has had a hard time cutting the mustard in a deregulated market.

they are known as p a l = plane always late
they are known as p a l = palpak air lines ( not good )

( this is showing my age ) i can remember the days when they flew from australia in d c 9 aircraft . it was a drunks paradise as every body camped at the rear galley drinking beer, ha ha ha the plane flew at 2 0 degrees off parallel (horizon) they used to fly b a c 111 on the domestic routes , known as the flying tank.


Unfortunately, my one and only trip on PAL was similar to the one by Rodolfo. I had a 3 week vacation and had planned down to the hour. I left Florida on time and after going thru Atlanta arrived in L.A. Trudged up to the PAL counter for check in and was told they had no aircraft for the flight. The plane from Manila had not arrived and no reason was given. I was told the flight would be rescheduled for the following morning at 10 a.m. and to return then. I politely informed the counter person that since the delay was their fault, they owed me a hotel for the night. They became upset as evidently I was the first one to know I had this right. After about 45 minutes they told us we would be taken to a hotel and picked up the following morning. I then asked for meal money and they went into a tizzy. Eventually I was told to get it from the hotel. I was given $15.00 for dinner and $10.00 for breakfast. We were taken to a Holiday Inn Express in Hawthorne, CA. with no restaurant. The only places to eat were a McDonalds and a Jack in the Box, both a long walk. The next morning I was talking to some Filipinos who were on the flight and they were surprised that I had gotten that amount of money. They were given $10.00 for dinner and $5.00 for breakfast. I noticed then that the level of courtesy extended was lower for the Filipinos. The return flight was only an hour late leaving. Since then, I have flown Northwest or Cathay Pacific. I prefer Cathay as it is direct to Cebu from Hong Kong. PALhas consistently resisted any open skies agreement. They realize all too well that their customer service cannot compete with other airlines. Given any other choice, I will never use them again. They seem to think they are doing me a favor by allowing me to fly with them. This attitude is not conducive to repeat customers.

John W Harris

Therein lies the problem. You used a watch and a calendar and planned it "to the hour". Having not learned about "Pinoy time".

Relax, enjoy and remember, whatever or whoever you need to do or get done in the Philippines……... It will take a day.

UNLESS it is complicated. Then it may take a week.


Customer service has always sucked on PAL, I do fly them domestically (Manila to Legaspi) just because it is so hard to book a Cebu Pacific flight from within the US. Just an aside, never plan any trip down to the hour, what with delays on the increase, more lost luggage then ever before there are just too many things that can go wrong. Plus in PI you have to deal with Pinoy time.


Its unfortunate that PAL would torture 2 senior citizens in the manner described in the post. I have flown roundtrip from San Francisco to Bohol 3 times and I found the PAL service to be very good. The staff was courteous and helpful. There is a 12 hour wait in Manila on my return flight to the states and all 3 times I have been given a very nice suite at a quality hotel, either the Heritage or Century Park Hotel. They give me the choice of the room or meals. I am surprised to hear of their bad service, its the exact opposite of the service I have received.


When we allow abuse, we get it. The thing to do is - RAISE HELL!!!

Three incidents for me.

First incident - I just got a ticket booked on Sept. 10, 2001 from LAX to Manila. Then the next day when my agent was to mail the airline ticket, the day was 9/11. Before the ticket got sent, all planes were grounded for 3 days. My flight was Sept. 21.

Anyway, I went ahead flew to LAX to catch the PAL flight that was to leave at 10 p.m., Sept. 21. However, we were told that additional flights were scheduled to accomodate those who were pushed back since 9/11. We were to wait for a PAL plane from Honolulu that will follow the 10 p.m. (my) flight at 11 p.m. The plane didn't arrive. So, we waited at the McDonald's on the mezzanine. No news. It was 12.30 a.m. just spent a MD voucher for a late dinner.

I went down to the PAL counter - asking for the plane schedule. I was told our flight will be tomorrow (next day) at 10 a.m. I fumed. No offer of hotel for the rest of the night. The counter people were busy after I was told of the flight next day. I started off - like, "you mean we will sit here all night waiting for 10 a.m. flight tomorrow? blah, blah, do you realize I came halfway across America (from Arkansas) to get here to catch the 10 p.m. flight? blah-blah, blah with my hands on my hips wanting to wage an assault! The counter clerk disappeared quickly and came back. "Mrs. if you go out of the building, you will find a shuttle bus that will take you to the hotel for PAL passengers!! You need to hurry or you will not get one!"

So, I picked up my bag and ran out. I caught the shuttle bus starting to leave full of passengers. I got to the hotel. Had no change clothes so I called my daughter to bring me some change clothing. She can't because the airport is cordoned off one mile around. I took off my underclothing, washed and turned the hair dryer on all night. I slept naked under the bedsheets!!! Too bad, Tim was not with me! Hahahahaha!

Second incident - my sister was in Manila for a 2:30 p.m. PAL flight to Iloilo. She is an insulin-dependent diabetic and her schedule was already messing up her level of BS. The plane was rescheduled for 4:30 p.m. Then the announcement came - the plane will leave at 5:30 p.m. That did it. She was going hypo. She ate to ward it off. Went up to the counter and demanded to be flown out right away, any plane that leaves sooner for Iloilo. She raised her own hell. She came from London. She is a very exacting person, very British for promptness but very hostile Filipino for mess-ups! She went on and on telling them about her delayed flight and people waiting in Iloilo since 2 p.m. OK. They appeased her.

An announcement came that they board this plane. So, they all did. Inside the plane, there was no activity. They expected to leave - another hour, they were still at the tarmacs. So, she went after the first attendant alive on her warpath. Started off her rantings. Told them she was starving and they better leave now! There was no pilot, so she threatened to get off! Cellphones started working, flight crew calling all over. A pilot appeared at the door! She was still standing at the door ready to get down. The flight attendant sat her in the front row, offered to serve her something to eat. She complied and was still fuming with her British "bloody hells". She ate what they gave her. Few minutes, the engine started, and she returned to her seat. The passengers clapped and booed the crew. Everybody started talking while the plane taxied off the runway. The passengers thanked her for the guts!

Third incident - same flight for me, my husband and my g-daughter. Flight was delayed two hours. We waited. Then an announcement that the flight delay is another hour. When the next hour came, the flight attendants arrived at the counter. So, we all queued to board. No sign of boarding, so we all sat down again. The flight attendants sat there, sat there, and then started to tell stories, giggled and laughed and just as though nothing is going to take place next (board!!). I started getting the creeps - hungry, dizzy, and the worst can happen next. I stood up, went to the counter, and looked at the attendants still giggling, laughing and started off - HEY! ARE WE LEAVING OR NOT OR WHEN? DO YOU KNOW WE HAVE BEEN HERE SINCE 12 NOON AND WE HAVEN'T LEFT YET? IT IS ABOUT 5PM!! DO YOU EVEN HAVE A PLANE? I DON'T SEE ONE! DO YOU REALIZE THE PASSENGERS ARE HUNGRY? ME? DO YOU HAVE AN AMBULANCE TO TAKE ME OUT TO THE HOSPITAL IF I COLLAPSE HERE? DO YOU KNOW WE HAVE NOT EATEN YET? BLAH,BLAH, BLAH AND ALL OF YOU GIGGLING AS THOUGH WE ARE NOT PAYING TO GET ON THE FLIGHT THAT YOU HAVE POSTPONED SINCE 2:30 P.M.?

They were quiet, stopped the motions and started to pick up the phone, cellphones, calling. My husband pulled me over and offered to buy me something to eat. I refused. I told him, I want to go to the hospital right now!!!

Then the announcement - for passengers to get something to eat at this kiosk inside the lounge. So everybody went for that. But I had mine already bought. I sat down needing anger management right then. Burly personnel came to the counter and talked to the crew. Soon an announcement - to board in the next few minutes. We lined up again and SURE! WE BOARDED! The plane took off right away!

REGARDLESS WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS, GO FOR IT! Give them your hell! Don't let them abuse you - they are offering you service and you are paying for that service. Get it!

Happy flying! God bless.


Social Graces 101

This falls under the category of "Shit Happens." When going to a restaurant if the service is bad and you don't like the meal you selected, do you make a scene? If you do you are the one that looks like an ass. The proper thing to do is leave a reduced tip, later if asked give the place a bad recommendation then never go there again. If the service and product is as bad to others as your perception with time the establishment will loose customers then go under or they will fix the problem. If they stay in business with no change then perhaps you may have the wrong perception. This applies to all customer service type businesses, 99.9% of the time you have alternatives. It don't get easier than that.

John K

My, my...I am not suprised at all at all these stories of abuse, arrogance and plain ineptness of PAL personnel!

That they keep on repeating this display of indifference bordering on abuse especially of elderly passengers is obscene....

I had my own share of stories to tell of PAL personnel in LAX, after an announcement of a 3 hour delay in our flight, just shrugging their shoulders when queried for the reason for the delay.
Of course, I raised hell and told them off: " Hey, is it very difficult to tell us that the pilots died? or, the plane crashed? or whatever?!"

And, some of them meekly answered: " Ma'am, we really do not know the reason for the 3-hour delay..."

When later, I asked the purser for an explanation for why no one, as in, no one can tell me why our flight was delayed, she said: " Ma'am, sorry ho... Pero, yuon namang mga tao sa LAX ay hindi talaga taga PAL kung hindi mga contractuals lang..." Yikes!

Attention: My good friend and colleague Cesar...sa dinami dami ng mga reklamo na ito, gawa ka na nga ng website para naman mabasa ng mga taga PAL at magbago na sila ng estilo ng kanilang pamamalakad....ano ba yan!!!

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