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Official statement of the Movement of the Free Philippines

The deployment of the military in civilian areas of metro manila should stop immediately.

This development should not be tolerated any minute longer by civilian authorities.

By any language or spin as you may call it this is de facto military rule in metro manila.

We demand that this deployment be ended immediately.

The urban areas of metro manila has not become a battleground to warrant such a deployment of the army as is being done now.

Civil organizations and local governments should immediately enjoin the Supreme Court to declare such military deployment as violative of the spirit of the constitution which enshrines the supremacy of civilian authority over the military and to stop the chief executive from deploying elements of the army in purely civilian areas.

The Movement for a Free Philippines will exert all effort both within the Philippines and Internationally to peacefully end this insult to this sacred Constutional provision.

Our call is simple.

To the Military leadership we tell you - if you think you control the chief executive who in her impotence could not order you to go back to the barracks... then do so on your own while you have not yet tried the patience of the nation to its limits.

Go back to the barracks or risk the provocation of a civil war!

for the MFP

Gil R. Ramos
Executive Director
Movement for a Free Philippines

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