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Update on Dr. Noel Chua's Case


Dr. Noel Chua is finally going to have his day in court. Numerous Filipino-Americans as well as organizations across the United States are supporting Dr. Chua in his quest for justice. Dr. Eligio (Ely) Q. Abellera of Fairburn, Georgia has initiated a fund drive to raise money for the defense of Dr. Chua. I encourage all Filipino-Americans to support Dr. Chua with their generosity. No amount is too small or too large. I hope that this appeal from Dr. Abellera would be heeded from our community.


All the best,

Perry Diaz

P.S. For your reference, I am reprinting my original article on Dr. Chua's case. (article can be found here)

I wrote this as a volunteer member of the Georgia Advocacy for Justice, a group primarily formed to drum up support and help advocate justice for Dr. Noel Chua. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. Actually, I became aware of this injustice only after I received your original article, Dr. Noel Chua, A Victim of Southern Justice through e-Balita. That was when I began to be active in the campaign. I dont know Dr. Chua myself but I firmly believe he is innocent of the charges against him. My contact with him is through telephone and emails only. The addressees you see in the original posting are our local e-newsletters here in Atlanta.

Thank you again.

Eligio (Ely) Q. Abellera, M.D. (retired)
Fairburn, Georgia
30213 770/461-2860

A TEST OF OUR UNITY ---- an APPEAL There was a time when most of our e-newsletter postings were centered on UNITY. In fact, I remember my own contribution then with a piece I wrote entitled “Filam As I See It“ but I did not feel appropriate to post until much later. It has been more than two years since, yet there seems to be that strange feeling that somehow everything is not alright. --- that unity in its full meaning hasn’t been achieved; that complete healing has not taken place. Yes, we had the unifying “Pista ng Pilipinas“ in Atlantic Station and more recently the “Pagdiriwang“ in Duluth. There were a host of other noble undertakings including the monthly Filipino mass and other church activities, Couples for Christ-Gawad Kalinga endeavors, dance ministry, seminars for enhancement of various skills, golf outings and other sports activities, fund raising functions to host dignitaries or benefit the different foundations and charities.

Somehow though, there appears to be still that aura of discord, a certain degree of disconnect or suspicion if you may. Understandably or not, some folks seem to be not quite at ease with each other.

What is the point? The point is, with this seeming discomfort, we now have a catalyst to bring all of us together. Call it a crisis, but there’s no politics, no projects, and no hidden agenda. It is an opportunity to show who really we are, an opportunity to band together, set aside personal issues and get behind a mission and clamor for justice --- justice for Dr. Noel Chua, a victim of justice denied. After the tireless effort of Willy Blanco in bringing his case to the forefront, we now have a direction to go.

The issue is Dr.Chua, a well loved and respected Filipino American physician in Camden County is withering in jail for well over ten long months now, falsely accused of felony murder in connection with the accidental drug overdose death of a patient, a friend, an employee and a housemate.

He is also accused of 17 counts in connection with narcotic drug prescriptions (RICO). He was questionably denied bail. His assets were frozen and whether it is legal or not, such assets are being slowly eroded by a court appointed receiver. Dr. Chua is being pandered a plea bargain deal by the prosecuting DA, the provisions of which are deemed absolutely unacceptable by Dr. Chua. He claims that he had made peace with God and vowed to fight than succumb to pressure of admitting such false accusations. His words, “I’d rather rot in jail“ a testimonial to his strong feeling of innocence. The current defense team strongly argues that Dr. Chua is indeed innocent of such malfeasant charges. His optimism runs amok that he will win --- that the prosecution has no valid case. He just needs support from the community, our community. Having walked through the case with the defense, we share such optimism. Dr. Chua may well be all the other things he is perceived to be but he is NOT a drug pusher and NEITHER is he a MURDERER. And here our dear friends is where our unity is being put to a test. Let us prove that this is not just a word coming out of our lips .Is our community truly united? Are we truly together?

We need $25,000 more in addition to the $140, 000 already raised locally by supporters within the Camden county area. Let’s face it, the local supporters had gone far more than expected and are already overburdened. Some of them probably don’t mind to contribute more in interest of justice but we also need our community here to make a stand. For now, we are committed to share the burden of raising $15,000. Please join our crusade for justice. Write your check to Dr.Chua Legal Defense Fund c/o Filam. (Filipino American Association of Greater Atlanta). It must be made clear that the association itself is just being used as a vehicle/custodian for ease of accounting. Not a single cent goes to its coffer. We also realize that any donation of this kind does not qualify under the 501(c) rule; hence, we are appealing out of the goodness and charity of everyone’s heart. We hope that with your generous help, in the end justice will reign supreme. Remember, it could easily be you or me who could be a victim of such injustice so let us rally and prove that we Filipino Americans are no pushovers in our quest for justice. To further quote Dr. Chua, “HIS GRACE and Righteousness knows no bounds“.

Let us help prove that too.. MAY WE COUNT ON YOU? Our time is so limited. Trial is set for either Sept 10 or 17. Ask your friends to help! Please send your checks to either one of the following:

Pam Peterman, (Filam Treasurer) 3619 3619
Powder Springs, Ga. 30127,
Tel# 770/633-8520

Toni Daya,
Fund Raising Coordinator
1050 Wilde Run Court, Roswell, Ga. 30075

Check Drop off Outlets:
Fame Cargo, Check Drop off
Outlets D, 30340, Mabuhay Store,
4645 Jonesboro Rd. Forest Park, Ga. 30297

4002 Highway 78, suite 400
Snellville, Ga.30039-3977
tel.# 736-1800



The article above is from Perry Diaz, Balita-USA Editor

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