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Catch "The Hurricane" the rising sensation

The Hurricane has struck the Filipino American Community; unlike the tropical storm that wrecks havoc in the pacific this one is widely anticipated by the Filipino American community. Her name is Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton described by one of the greatest boxing trainer Freddie Roach where she used to train with in their reunion as having a fast jab, a great right….. very strong quick right and excellent very powerful left hook…… and solid fundamentals.

She is the newest Filipina boxing sensation to arrive at the scene and at the Dela Hoya vs. Mayweather press conference in SF city hall, Oscar De La Hoya one of the greatest boxing idol had some solid advice for her. Oscar “the Golden Boy” Dela Hoya in his signature smile had this to say: “Ana they told me a long time ago to always protect my face….. I’d like for you to do the same!”

Less than three years of experience in the ring, the Alameda-based 25-year-old, who weighs 125 pounds, has won several boxing titles, including the San Francisco and California State Golden Gloves and the Diamond Belt—the first and probably the only Filipino female boxer to do so.

Don’t let Julaton’s slight frame fool you, her quick powerful moves have produced a 20-10 amateur record and helped her earn the No. 4 ranking among all female boxers in the United States. She has also represented the United States in the 2006 Pan-American Championships.

All this was through her hard work and early introduction to martial arts in which she has had training for 15 years holding a black belt in Taekwondo. She attributes her martial arts training background in her focus and technique in her punching power through skillful pivoting of her feet.

Julaton’s trainer Angelo Reyes believes that she is already capable of going pro. “She could easily have gone pro last year,” he says. “But she doesn’t want to be a sideshow.” She is an advocate of woman’s boxing and constantly speaks out against unfairness and lack of respect towards female boxers. That differentiates her from the rest and a rising idol unlike others who has a clear grasp of what and where she wants to go.

If you have Oscar dela Hoya and Freddie Roach rooting for you, top that with Manny Pacquiao her boxing idol that serves as her inspiration tells you she is one boxer to reckon with. She went to Southern California to gain some inspiration from the touted best pound for pound boxer our very own Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and enthusiastically get critiqued by one of the best trainer in the field Freddie Roach. Said encounter had her so enthused and excited that she can’t wait for the fight night. Well so are we, a Filipina in the middle of the ring facing an opponent in her “hurricane” jabs and hooks smashing the stereotype of the “delicate” Filipina along the way is a welcome sight for women’s equality.

Watch the fight, Julaton is scheduled to fight the world’s top-ranked amateur Ronica Jeffreys on May 5th, 2007 it will be an exciting day at the West-Wind Event Center as Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton fights for No. 1 Status!!

Directly after watching Dela hoya vs. Mayweather on PPV Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton (Hoo-La-Ten) California State Boxing Champ, SF Golden Gloves Champ, National Diamond Belt Champ, SF Championship Gold Medalist, Rank #4 in the U.S. will fight U.S.A.'s No. 1 Ranked Featherweight Ronica Jeffrey (N.Y. State Champ, N.Y. Golden Gloves Champ, U.S. World and Pan Am representative) in a 5 round bout to find out who is the BEST in the U.S.!! This fight is similar to the Pacquiao vs. Barrerra fight in terms of importance for Ana.

This is the Highest Ranking Female Fight ever in the Bay Area! This anticipated fight is Ana's biggest test. Ronica is a 3 time NY Golden Gloves Champion, 2006 Everlast National Champion, 2006 U.S. representative for the PanAm and the World games. Ronica Jeffrey is the current ranked #1 Featherweight in the U.S. she is considered to be one of the best female fighters the U.S. has produced. The fight will be at West Wind Event Center, 1551 University Ave. Berkeley, California. 94703 Call 510 841 1427/510 523 2001 for tickets or inquiry.

Photo courtesy: Daisy Rosas/Primer Round Magazine

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