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Leech errr Lintang Bedol Gets Jail Time and Fine!

Yahoo! Is this for real? Am I seeing things or is this an error……. I can’t believe what I am seeing but this report by Veronica Uy of Inquirer titled “Maguindanao poll exec gets 6 months in jail, P1,000 fine” should get us jumping with joy. Wow, that was quick in a nation known for turtle speed phase there it is, the Tongelec errr Comelec seems to get their act together.

Leech errr Lintang Bedol was sentenced for indirect contempt, hah and this is for openly daring the Comelec to come and get him showing off his arsenal in open contempt at his superiors.

Will he go to jail? Maybe not, his bail was set at P15K or he goes to jail if can’t post it by Tuesday according to the report.

Bedol bragged that he was giving himself another 10 years at the comelec but with the sentenced will he still stay with the comelec for another agonizing 10 years? Should the comelec also not dismiss him for insubordination? I have seen the video interview where he was so defiantly telling the reporter about his arsenal complete with a gun in his waist. What a gas this guy is.... but when he was at the hearing he was saying he only had 2 guns. Hopefully he gets what he deserves but knowing how justice grinds in the land of cheats I will have to control myself and not laugh at the guy just in case by any stroke of cheaters luck he may not serve any sentence once some powers that be decides they can't let their man down.

Well, it seems that when it comes to pricking the ego of his superiors they act swiftly…. If only they can do the same when it comes to investigating the anomalies in the electoral process itself then they may fish their credibility out of the toilet. How about it konsomisyoners errr commissioners when will we see the same vigor in the Koko Pimentel case?

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