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Hold Departure Order "Lifted" on GABNet 3

A bit of good news amidst the unsettling events that occurred on the hold departure order against the GABNet 3. Dr. Annalisa Enrile, assistant clinical professor at the University of Southern California’s School of Social Work and national chair of Gabriela (GABNet) USA who was originally barred from boarding her return flight to Los Angeles last Aug. 5 is now (based on newspaper accounts but reports trickling in says otherwise according to Arkibong Bayan) “lifted“ or “de-listed“.

Enrile, a US citizen, came to the Philippines for the 10th bi-annual Women’s International Solidarity Affair held in Manila last week. The conference covered issues such as sex trafficking and other international human rights violations that drew attendees from around the globe.

Meanwhile the other 2 GABNet leaders Judith Mirkinson and writer-novelist Ninotchka Rosca was “not even on the watch list” as originally reported, who were with Enrile at the same women’s conference. Hopefully, they can now “safely” return to the USA without the hassle of going through a nightmarish bureaucratic red tape for a “clearance“.

Enrile chaperoned a delegation of USC Masters students who attended the conference and visited local non-governmental organizations. If the intention of the geniuses at the bureau of immigration and the “intelligence” community was to assist Enrile at giving her students hands on instruction on human rights violation, intimidation, harassment, and disregard for due process, I believe they did a very good job.

Amazing how things change in the land of cheats when all of a sudden these lie errr law enforcement people the Bureau of ingrates errr Immigration in this case realizing the implication of their brazen incompetence like a kid whose hand was caught in a cookie jar pretend as if nothing just happened.

This incident and brazen impunity of ignoramuses task to interpret Philippine laws only serve to anger the women’s sector and should cause a major concern on anyone intending to travel to the Philippines. This is not exactly a travel destination and one must think twice and hard before proceeding to a country where anyone can be subjected to harassments, intimidation and legal issues that is more of a hassle. Unless you are in the mood to go through with the same bad experience as Enrile or just plain masochist here is what you can expect as reported by

After being told that she could not proceed to board her flight, Enrile said she was “sent and shuffled from one department to another."

At the Immigration, she was told to get clearance from the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID).

On Aug. 6 at the BID, Enrile was told to file an Affidavit of Denial.

On Aug. 7, the BID told Enrile to get clearance from the Department of Justice (DoJ). At the DoJ, she was told to get another clearance from the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA). But at the NICA, she was directed to return to the BID.

On Aug. 8 at the BID, Enrile was redirected to the DoJ.

Enrile then sought the assistance of the Chief of American Citizens Service (CACS) at the U.S. Embassy who committed to help her.

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