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DIVA or Di Na BALE (Never Mind)

Schumey of Philippine Experience had a very interesting post titled Swine Mentality regarding a Manila Standard Today columnist Malu Fernandez. A self proclaimed “DIVA” (or was it DI NA BALE LOL) that “some” people according to those that posted a comment on Schumey’s blog that they are “funny” and “politically correct?” was really insensitive and obnoxious if I may say so. Do we prevent her from doing so, of course not because if indeed the Philippines considers itself a democratic society then anyone has the right to free expression no matter how obnoxious or insensitive it is.

I kind of find it so funny just reading the title of nomadic thoughts blog which is titled MAHADERANG MATAPOBRE SA OFWS that really says it all on the negative reaction this DI Na BALE (never mind) errrr “DIVA” self proclaimed at that on her desperate attempt on rumor errr humor that’s really so pathetic and witless. Anyway if you are in the mood to go give her a piece of your mind nomadic thoughts found this Yehey site where you can post a comment, that is if she (Malu the DIVA) even reads it.

Maruism had The Devil Wears Jo Malone and posted some not so “nice” comments from her cyber friends and her “PORKY LADY” description to match nomadic’s blog entry and other not so printable description.

Here are some other blogs such as Bitter, Spiteful Snob (UPDATED!!) by jae and The abominable snob-woman by Ailee all of these bloggers getting quite a number of angry reaction and email has been going the rounds regarding the “DIVA”.

Do I hate this self proclaimed “DIVA” for such ignorance and pathetic labeling of people according to social strata? No, on the other hand I felt sorry for her, she definitely need some help (medical perhaps?), bottom line is she was raised in such manner and no amount of sensitivity class will change her and there is nothing we can do about that now. After all no one has the right to dictate on what one writes or say even if you vehemently disagree with that person, I am sure bloggers like this political Jaywalker would not want to be censored or told what and what not to write.

Anyway here is a quote from the article, judge for yourself:

"However I forgot that the hub was in Dubai and the majority of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) were stationed there. The duty-free shop was overrun with Filipino workers selling cell phones and perfume. Meanwhile, I wanted to slash my wrists at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them."

Hmmmmn, I am not surprised at this kind of mentality and personally I did encounter her kind who thinks that being seen with the Filipinos is a dreaded and abhorrent place to be. Is it denial syndrome, Confucius errr confused or wanting to be a different race (I’m sure they prefer to be white) that they seem to forget that no matter what they do they can never change into some other race? And then there’s more:

"While I was on the plane (where the seats were too small I had bruises on my legs), my only consolation was the entertainment on the small flat screen in front of me. But it was busted, so I heaved a sigh, popped my sleeping pills and dozed off to the sounds of gum chewing and endless yelling of "HOY! Kumusta ka na? At taga saan ka? Domestic helper ka rin ba?" I thought I had died and God had sent me to my very own private hell."

And this:

"On my way back, I had to bravely take the economy flight once more. This time I had already resigned myself to being trapped like a sardine in a sardine can with all these OFWs smelling of AXE and Charlie cologne while my Jo Malone evaporated into thin air."

Unfortunately as I have mentioned in my comments at schumeys blog that no amount of drowning yourself in the most expensive perfume or cologne will keep you smelling good if your body chemistry does not match what you splash in your body.

This response by Malu Fernandez just got her deeper into the hole she dug herself in with this one:

"Just recently, I wrote a funny article in my magazine column and my friends thought it was hilarious. It was humorous and quite tongue-in-cheek, or at least I thought so, until the magazine got a few e-mails from people who didn’t get the meaning of my acerbic wit. The bottom line was just that I had offended the reader’s socioeconomic background. If any of these people actually read anything thicker then a magazine they would find it very funny. Most people don’t get the fact that they need bitches like me to shake up their world, otherwise their lives would be boring and mediocre. I obviously write for the a certain target audience and if what I write offends you, just stop reading.

Although it may sound elitist to you the fact is this country is built on the foundation of haves, have-nots and wannabes. One group will never get the culture of the other. Although I could mention that it is easier to understand someone who has a lower socioeconomic background that would entail a whole other page and frankly I don’t want to be someone to bridge the gap between socioeconomic classes. I leave that to the politicians in my family who believe they can actually help. Now I seriously ask you, am I being a diva or are people around me just lacking in common sense? Perhaps it’s a little of both!"

You be the judge, but there is one thing I can say I truly agree with this Di Na BALE errr “DIVA”……. yes a big YES at that ……… I stopped reading your article before I even started but no, I am not offended because people with this mindset needs serious professional help.

The entire column, is HERE and HERE. And THIS is her reply to the emails her paper got, and if you want more bloggers reaction click on this technorat icon or her name.
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