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Ces Drillon Negotiators tagged as the Principal Suspects!

The Ces Drillon abduction saga is almost back into full circle so muddled and so confusing just like our political system where you can’t differentiate between the real “heroes” from the villain. It appears that the lead negotiator Sulu Mayor Alvarez Isnaji and his son Haider acting as runner who were supposed to be the savior of the victims Ces Drillon, her crew member Jimmy Encarnacion and Angelo Valderama together with their local guide well respected peace advocate and MSU Prof. Octavio Dinampo are now the principal suspects in the kidnapping case.

Dominique Cimafranca calls this a Moro-Moro (stage play) and I could not help agreeing especially when Raul Gonzales opens his mouth, you know something is amiss. Somehow it is really difficult to take the official pronouncement as truly credible when the image of Acsa Ramirez (state witness paraded as the principal suspect by the president no less) seems to haunt us like a bad dream. On one hand Gonzales is saying that Alvarez Isnaji’s stature in Sulu is as high as Misuari (MNLF Chieftain) himself so it follows that he is the most qualified negotiator. But he is not an official government negotiator, (does that mean one has to have a license or something, hehehe because under such circumstance it is the rebels that calls the shot?) and then follows it up with the coming ARRM election where Isnaji is running for Governor. In effect what Gonzales is saying is that kidnapping is just another way to “raise campaign funds” and the donors are the victims willing to cough up millions for their release.

Here is a quote from Job Tabada’s article A few journalists would Dare, that gives us a glimpse on the complexity of the problem in Mindanao:

“A big joke,” says an avid reader (name withheld upon request) who claims to be familiar with the troubles in Muslim Mindanao. He says bandits claiming to be Muslim separatist rebels have flourished, and that the military has its own scheme to trap “genuine foes.” If the reports are true, these plain criminals, he says, can be — and might have already been — used by warlords for political crimes: assassinations, electoral fraud, and fundraising.

Kidnap-for-ransom groups, the reader says, prey on
Mindanao’s rich families and most cases have not been known to the public. The whereabouts of victims who failed to settle their “accounts” are not revealed since their abduction, and they’re presumed by kin to be three feet below, he says.

I have no clue if this Gonzales is suffering from a senior moment or what? After saying that Isnaji is a very influential person in the area with a large following thus the bandits chose him as the negotiator while at the same time saying it was circumstantial evidence, which the accused (Isnaji) should explain. Ayayayay, why exactly will Isnaji explain why he was chosen just don’t make sense, is it not the ones who chose him who should explain why, instead of the chosen one?

A quote from the Inq7:

PNP chief Avelino Razon Jr. said the Isnajis were charged with four counts of kidnapping-for-ransom before the Department of Justice along with 14 Abu Sayyaf bandits identified by Drilon and her crew Angelo Valderama and Jimmy Encarnacion.

An "Atty. Jose Lorena/Nasser Inawat" was included in the charge sheet. He was spotted getting off a SeaAir plane at the Zamboanga City airport carrying two duffel bags. This was a day before Drilon, Encarnacion and professor Octavio Dinampo were released before midnight Tuesday in Sitio Danasi, Lower Sinumaan, Talipao, Sulu late Thursday.

Of course the portrait posing duo of Sulayman Patta alias Abu Harris and Walid alias Tuan Wals, who each have a P500,000 bounty are also charged with kidnapping.

For whatever its worth it will be the people in Sulu that stands to lose from all this and hopefully planned and on-going developments in the area is not hampered if not stopped because of security and peace and order concerns. The situation gets aggravated when people like this guy with a doctored degree errr doctorate in History at FilAm Forum Yahoo group utters ignorant rants that hopefully does not represent the mindset of Philippine journalist:

Woe unto you Ces Drilon. Only yesterday you were an anti-police and vocal assaulter against those on the side of government in the Peninsula siege.

But until yesterday you invoked police assistance and support to regain your freedom.

I pronounce you guilty of plunder against journalistic discretion, committed with worse blunder in the exercise of our profession.


Plunder? Maybe he meant blunder but if it is plunder I am surprised at how he throws out plunder so loosely while at the same time not have a problem with Gloria Arroyo’s squandering habits and even showers his idol praises fit for a Queen kong errr delusional royalty. On the other hand maybe he just gets his “big words” so mixed up in another response to POGB’s which he re-titled “A most gentlemanly reaction to Frank Grego's Ces Drillon indiscretion:”

Yes, Jules, I hope she realy does - tell "all" the story. Former kidnapped victim Arlyn de la Cruz Collantes of ABC 5 told "ALL" when she said "lahat na puedeng gawin, nagawa nila sa akin".

Susan Enriquez of GMA 7 likewiswe told "all" when she narrated that she was told by her kidnapper - "Magkakaanak ka rito..."

I join you in presssing the "indiscretionist" indiscrete Ces Drilon to tell all.

Frank Grego

Gentlemanly? What is he smoking anyway that he seems to confuse his perverted voyeuristic urge even in the most revolting criminal situation like a mad dog salivating and yet think it is "gentlemanly" is just soooooo sick. It makes me wonder if people with this kind of mindset are confronted with this kind of criminality first hand, will they salivate and scold their fellow journalist for breaking the “journalist code” while being raped instead of reporting or doing something to stop the medieval sexual aggression of criminal lowlifes?

This person actually worries me because he is addressing himself in the third person in issuing his praise errr press releases at FilAm Forum, well for one those afflicted with schizophrenia have different personalities so hopefully he is ok. Ces Drillon admitted her mistake and this guy makes me wonder if his mama treated him right when he was growing up or gives him a mouthful when he has “accidents” thus the tendency to blame the victim instead of directing his frustration to the perpetrators. What if they are the one's in the same situation where terrorist morons whose tiny brains fell of their index finger at any moment has the power to decide their fate? They will probably be singing a different tune? But then again since they have been so used to the perversion and aberration as normal who knows, maybe they will even embrace it with open arms like doggies begging for bones.

If only these so-called journalist following a "very strict journalistic code" can elevate this in terms of confronting ATM Journalism head on then they may be able to play a vital role in holding public officials accountable towards good governance. But then again just like any shallow braggart whose mindset is so perverted by the culture of corruption it is safer for them to bully and pounce on the victim rather than confront criminal perpetrators that can hit back at them.........

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