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Major Global Filipino Groups Unite

Global Filipino Nation (GFN) and Filipino United Network (FUN)-USA formalized an organizational unity that augurs positively for the future voice and influence of overseas Filipinos, their families and their onshore allies. Victor S. Barrios, GFN Convenor, and Philip S. Chua, MD, FUN-USA, made this joint announcement following the recent GFN conference in Makati on “Building the Global Filipino Nation for Good Governance”.

At its own initiative, FUN-USA joined GFN as a member organization and FUN-USA officers and members likewise joined as individual members. FUN-USA will initially focus its efforts as GFN lead organization in promoting overseas voter registration and dual citizenship.

Barrios stated that: “We salute FUN-USA as an outstanding global Filipino organization whose leaders are imbued with a strong mission of moving the Philippines into the community of progressive nations”. Noting the commonality of basic elements, Barrios added: “There is a striking convergence in the goals of GFN and FUN-USA, focused, in the final analysis, on furthering good governance in the country.”

“The directional and activity linkages between the two organizations, especially in the promotion of good governance, bring out the strong element of unity that is emerging within the global Filipino community”, Chua emphasized. “We want everyone to rally behind GFN,” Chua asserted, “which I feel would be the great nucleus and leader for this movement.”

FUN-USA is a benevolent humanitarian organization and an advocacy group, composed of Filipino leaders overseas from various professions, including, among others, medicine and allied healthcare, law, business, engineering, architecture, arts and sciences, and socio-civic groups. The only requirement for membership is for all decent Filipinos, and non-Filipinos, who wish to join our crusade, to possess love of country (ours and theirs), the belief in the principle of justice, honesty and transparency in governance, and have the commitment to the fight against graft and corruption in government, to liberate the poorest of the poor who are drowning in the gutter of injustice and pervasive poverty.

The main goal of FUN-USA is to provide leadership, inspiration, and assistance from overseas to aid in the rebuilding and transformation of the Philippines and our people, by supporting programs that are essential and vital in nation building. The ultimate objective is to make poverty history and restore the pride and dignity of the Philippines and its citizens as a nation and as a people. Among others, FUN-USA innovated an initiative labeled as “A Dollar Moral Crusade Against Graft and Corruption,” which has captured the imagination of Filipinos around the world. (Website: FilipinoUNITEDnetwork.com Please direct all queries to scalpelpen@gmail.com)

GFN is an association of global Filipinos, their onshore families and Filipinos living in the Philippines with a global mindset – all focused on good governance in the Philippines. In particular, the goal of GFN is good governance in the Homeland, anchored on grassroots economic empowerment and resolution of issues relating to migrant workers and their families, and with the raised consciousness of a nation ready to march as one.

The GFN May Mega Conference in Makati produced concrete economic, social and political action programs or logical frameworks (logframes). These logframes were the result of many months up to a few years of stakeholder preparations before the actual conference. There are a total of 10 modules/interventions for which there are corresponding logframes. The logframes focus, among others, on the goal to be achieved, the quantifiable and time bound measurement of progress, the outcomes expected, the activities needed to bring about the outcomes, and the resources needed to carry out the activities.

GFN's convenors include all sectors of society, including business, academe, media, think tanks, professionals, urban grassroots, farmers, labor, NGOs, and others. Excluded are: traditional parties and traditional politicians; military rebels; and CCP-NPA. While GFN encourages and supports marginalized groups to coalesce to strengthen their voice in governance, GFN is non-partisan, i.e., it does not support or oppose any official/person or political party. (Website: globalfilipinonation.com Please direct all queries to

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