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Planting Evidence for a Drug Free Philippines

Manuel Buencamino of Uniffors is asking What was he thinking? referring to Dionisio Santiago chief of PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) in a press conference held in Tacloban City. I say he probably accidentally inhaled some of those drugs they confiscated thus his praise errr press release will probably land on that TV show Dumbest Criminals. What is so ironic is it is not the common dumb criminals who will be featured but the law enforcement people in their dumb criminal activity proudly broadcasted to the media their perverted and indeed moronic criminal activities to arrest criminals. Say what?

I don’t know if I will laugh or cry out of desperation at the stupidity of those people given a badge and a gun thinking it was an absolute license to do anything illegal in the pursuit of justice is just so pathetic and really, really dumb as it gets. See for yourself if this guy Dionisio Santiago qualifies to be featured on the Dumbest Criminals TV show below:

We sometimes do this although this is against the rule of law. Definitely we only apply this matter to some cases, like a subject who is publicly known to be peddling drugs but always escapes arrest. This is when we enter the picture.

But PDEA operatives make sure that they (known drug traffickers) won’t know that we put planted evidence. We are doing this because we want to neutralize big personalities engaged in the illegal drug trade which destroys the future of the youth.

This is a remedy that we sometimes undertake so that we can put to rest some people. Kesa naman patayin natin e di plantingan na lang natin para mabilanggo. Alam niyo to kill a cat there are so many ways, pero hindi naming gagawing very obvious ang planting. (Rather than killing them let’s just plant evidence so they go to jail. You know to kill a cat there are so many ways, but we won’t make very obvious the planting.)

Now that kind of revelation is jaw dropping and amazing, only in the land of cheats where impunity takes on such shallow display of arrogance and ignorance all rolled into one and this Dioniso Santiago thinks he is doing a good deed.

Geez, the criminal drug dealers should be thankful for such “kind hearted” chief of PDEA sparing the life of the criminals. Well, actually they should not just thank him they should rejoice even as Manuel Buencamino puts it he has just rendered his agency inutile. All illegal drug related cases is now in question and will now be thrown out by the court for clear and gross violations in the criminal procedure on the manner of arrest in "gathering" or rather "planting" of evidence.

Anna de Brux of Manila Baywatch is flabbergasted at this article that she can't help exclaim:

Question is not “What is he thinking?” (Because I have no doubt the man doesn’t even have a monkey’s brain) but “WTF?”

Sorry Anna, I have to change your “Whadda F@#%^!” with WTF just so it is not as obvious, but I do second that, hahaha. Indeed, it is not what he is thinking because it appears and so obvious that the guy does not have the ability to think, what a pea brain indeed.

Indeed as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but in this case I am not so sure if it was good intention or this idiot is just so inept and too lazy to follow the procedural police work resorting to criminal planting of evidence instead.

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