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What's Up with Nogi Boy?

Ok maybe the question should not have been what's Up with Nogi Boy after he allegedly was seen running in his birthday suit as in bucked naked in a 5 star hotel lobby. If it is true it probably is not up errrr ok hehehe (really really evil laugh) I know what you are thinking but that is not exactly what I mean but why is the radio announcer Alexander Adonis still sitting in jail who reported this incident? What's up with Nogi Boy? According to Sunstar, which I quote:

Nograles, a known ally of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, was allegedly told to run naked at gunpoint in a Manila hotel lobby by the enraged husband of his alleged paramour, Jeanette Lomanta. Like Nograles, Lomanta also filed libel case against Adonis and several other journalists.

Now what's up with Nogi Boy? Did he or did he not run naked in a Manila hotel lobby? Why is Jeanette Lomanta the alleged paramour also suing radio announcer Alexander Adonis for libel? To think that a person of this stature holding such powerful influential position as speaker of the house has the wherewithal and ability to steer the nation to greatness. So why respond in this sleazy manner? If the allegations were true, he has no one to blame but himself for putting himself in a very compromising position.

Prospero "Nogi Boy" Nograles the newly installed speaker of the house replacing long time speaker a fixture even Jose de Venecia father of NBN-ZTE botched dealer turned witness as it appears is the new poster boy of press freedom. He should be especially for introducing a bill proposing the abolition of the penalty of imprisonment for libel but increasing the fines for the offense. Now why is Alexander Adonis still sitting in jail despite a court order to post bail and paying for the bail for his release? For someone who is supposedly a press freedom advocate by introducing a bill eliminating jail time, why in the name of Hollywood streaking and the nudist colony is the man languishing in jail? The question really is why sue for libel in the first place? The poor radio announcer was just doing his job. What's up with Nogi Boy?

Have they no shame? Superintendent Benjo Tesoro, the warden of the Davao Prison and Penal Farm located in Sto. Tomas in Davao del Norte refused to release Alexander Adonis giving the petitioners National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) and the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, along with the primary petitioners’ lawyers Harry Roque and Rommel Bagares also serving as counsel of Adonis the runaround. What’s up with that Nogi Boy? Is it not that Nogi Boy is supposed to be the poster boy of press freedom? Why the maze of going through the red tape channels of going through the Bureau of Corrections, headed by director Oscar Calderon, the injustice department of SiRAULo GOONzales just to release an accused that already posted bail is just preposterous.

What’s up with that Nogi Boy? This is a clear violation of the rule of law but then again this administration and their cohorts seems to have no qualms planting evidence on the pretext of ridding society of drug dealers even announcing it in a press conference shows the kind of people running hopefully not in their birthday suits too, the affairs of the country. Well, Adonis case has been elevated to the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights by NUJP and CMFR, and the group Reporters without Borders are also involved and concerned with this gross violation of human rights aimed at stifling and harassment of practitioners of a free media. SEAPA (Southeast Asian Press Alliance) also condemns the continued detention of Philippine broadcaster Alexander Adonis, to quote:

A coalition of free press advocacy groups from the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, SEAPA sees Adonis’ continued stay in prison as an affront to, and indicative of, a flawed justice system that too often leaves the rights of the Philippine press vulnerable to powerful interests.

I can understand although I don’t agree with Singapore’s law on “insulting a public official” that carries a $5,000 fine and one year imprisonment because it is a dictatorship and the Philippines is not a dictatorial regime or is it? Not yet anyway, but at the rate these lawmakers and the law enforcement agency acting like hooligan bullies all it needs is a formal declaration of martial law to make it official.

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