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Fr. Ed "Among Ed" Panlilio's Blog Launched

'Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom. Of course the task will not be easy. But not to do this would be a crime against humanity, against which I ask all humanity now to rise up'…… Nelson Mandela in a speech at Trafalgar Square.

Indeed, there is hope amidst the gloom and hopelessness, desolation even, at the present mal-governance under the present regime of one with a questionable Gracified presidency. When most of the citizens have given up joining the ranks of the swelling apathetic multitudes we see the birth of new politics against all odds in the most unlikely place. In a place where citizens are seen lining up for alms outside a mansion built with Jueteng money and local officials who can’t account for the missing billions of pesos in quarrying revenues whose most “prominent citizen” leads the nation with highly questionable tenure who would expect that this place has the potential of being the center of reformation and new politics. A place where responsible citizenship and governance that is accountable and transparent is slowly gaining ground against the backdrop of corrupt feudal patronage politics where integrity and honesty are bought and sold like cheap bargain commodities.

There is no doubt that with the emergence of Fr. Ed “Among Ed” Panlilio in the realm of politics in the Jueteng Capital of the Philippines a new hope was rekindled and people even outside of Pampanga are rallying behind him. A true revolutionary, Among Ed has captured the imagination of the people who wants change for the better not through the barrel of the gun unlike the trapos but through principled governance that is transparent, responsible and accountable. A moral reformation that the nation badly needs to take back governance away from the clutches of corrupt politicians of the patronage and personality type serving their own legitimate and illegitimate vested interest at the expense of marginalizing a huge segment of society to poverty. In their corrupt governance people are left with limited option that drives out 10% of the population to seek greener pastures to strange foreign lands for lack of opportunity in a devastated nation brought about by mal-governance and corruption.

Among Ed cannot change Pampanga by his lonesome and as a genuine leader a man of god even he sees the potential of partnering with the blogging community has started his own blog a testament to his willingness to reach out and serve as an inspiration and blogging as a venue to bridge the gap with the elders and the youth.

BK or Bloggers' Kapihan a group of excellent bloggers with youthful exuberance and idealism answered the call that marked the beginning of a partnership with Among Ed’s thrust to feel the pulse of the nation and in this instance the youth. They have graced the launching of Among Ed’s blog together with youth leaders in Pampanga marking the first virtual conversation held in the Capitol the seat of governance in Pampanga. Here is a quote from Among Ed’s blog:

One sector that has its voice muffled for so long has been that of the youth. Their exuberance, idealism and even their angst are wasted on the wayside, as adults struggle to shape the future with what they perceive to be the wisdom of the ages. They forget that they, too, were once a little less older, with far more capacity to imagine.

The amonged.org blogsite allows for that imagination to come through and be expressed in a new form. It also allows for a healthy dialogue with the elders, with which I confess to belong. In a movie that was filmed long before you were born, a protagonist remarked, “what we have here is a failure to communicate.” Indeed, when everyone talks at the same time, there is no moment left to listen. Putting our thoughts, opinions, perceptions and perspectives in a written form allows for more time to reflect on what each of us really wants to say, and allows further for a more sober and contemplated response.

I am excited to hear your voice, most specifically your take on how governance and politics should proceed in this country. I am equally excited to hear the reactions of other people on your positions. We are thankful that the internet has allowed this to happen, enabling us to listen, as it were, to what other people have to say, notably those from other countries who have their own templates of experience, and from whom we can also learn so much.

I am glad to have endorsed Mong Palatino’s group Bloggers Kapihan to the supporters of Among Ed and my gratitude to Santina Guerrero for making all this possible who tirelessly worked without much fanfare unlike others I have encountered in the past coordinated this event so efficiently, thank you Nina. It just shows that Among Ed is surrounded by well meaning people whose dedication to serving the people comes first. In case you are wondering who Nina or Santina Guerrero is, she is one of the authors of LUID KA! a coffee book table highlighting the birth of new politics in Pampanga that serves as an inspiration to all of us longing to see good governance.

A visit to Bloggers’ Kapihan is what you need to do to learn more about this wonderful group of bloggers whose crew are composed of the following:

Or you can Visit Mong Palatino’s Kapangpangan-ness entry at Mo’Time, Bikoy’s Launch of Jun Lozada’s & Ed Panlilio’s blogs, WrongBee’s amonged.org is now online!, Ederic’s Blogger na rin si Among Ed, and Shari Cruz of Misteryosa’s Bloggers’ Kapihan: A Trip to Pampanga which I find entertaining and thorough complete with pictures which can also be found here, here and here.

Things are looking good and there is no doubt that with the entry of Among Ed and also of Jun Lozada that they will inspire and spread the good word that there is hope when people come together and take a common stand against the ills that plague our society, particularly graft and corruption and patronage politics. Unfortunately, it seems some people and some bloggers in particular do not see it this way as Angela Stuart-Santiago pointed out in her blog entry Battle of the Blogs. But then again this is the essence of freedom to express oneself and I am not about to judge detractors as they are entitled to what they think is "right," but one thing is certain Among Ed and Jun Lozada's entry into the blogging community is a welcome addition in this new venue in our quest for good governance.

Since I started the entry with a quotation from Nelson Mandela, it will be good to end this with another apt quote from this great man:

For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

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