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MV Princess of the Stars Tragedy & Guessing Game

Once again calamity strikes the Philippines in a devastating typhoon wrecking havoc and destruction on its path leaving hundreds dead and missing. LA Times p.3 by Bullit Marquez & European PressPhoto Agency

Anna de Brux of Manila Baywatch believes that this disaster could have been avoided in her update on the tragedy where she also cites Manolo Quezon:

Sulpicio Lines has probably set a world record as the most ill-fated steamship company in history. One sea tragedy is bad enough, two become highly suspicious but a third? One is bound to believe that there's been utter criminal neglect after a series of sea tragedies resulting in thousands of deaths are registered.

This is yet another sad event that plagues the nation and the loss of lives could have been avoided if only the authorities are doing their job accordingly and business enterprises operates safeguarding the well being and safety of their passengers. Bottom line is when corruption is endemic complying with rules and regulations that safeguard the safety of their passengers are compromised.

What is so frustrating in a nation with endemic corruption is that they play a deadly and disastrous guessing game but unlike the children’s truth and consequence the only ones suffering the consequence are the paying customers and their grieving relatives. Truth be told but in a nation where lying is prevalent digging for the truth is like digging your grave and those with enough resources wins the battle in muddling the issues.

It does not help that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is on a junket to the US with 59 Congressman led by House Speaker Prospero “Nogi Boy” Nograles, an expensive photo opportunity trip just to grab the credit as her legacy in the FilVets impending victory. Never mind that it was the Filipino American communities and their respective organizations that actually did all the work even before she grabbed the presidential seat as usual the con errr the show must go on. While it is true that the junket was planned before the tragedy happen but then again how they treat this will really show the kind of leaders the Philippines has.

Will we ever know the truth? Or are we going to be subjected once more to a guessing game in the ever elusive truth while the people continuously suffer the consequence of paying not just with their pockets but lives as well?

In the meantime Sulpicio Lines has uploaded the passenger manifest, updated list of survivors and crew list, send inquiries via email at sulpicio@sulpiciolines.com or call their Manila Hot line at (02) 242-4258, (02) 474-5205 (02) Cebu (032) 5162728 Mobile 09174228344, 09174228339

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