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Sharon Tate Killer asking for Mercy

In 1969 at the height of hippie culture a murderous cold blooded cult led by Charles Manson killed actress Sharon Tate who was 8 ½ months pregnant with film Director Roman Polanski. Susan Atkins together with her sociopath groupies of the Manson Cult descended on Cielo Drive in Los Angeles, California where Sharon Tate lives.

Crazed sociopaths out on a rampage straight from the depths of hell without mercy or remorse brutally murdered Sharon Tate while begging for mercy to spare her for her baby’s sake. The rampage at Sharon Tate’s residence included four others who were stabbed and shot to death, namely: Sebring, 35; Voytek Frykowski, 32, a friend of Polanski, who was out of the country; Abigail Folger, 25, a coffee heiress; and Steven Parent, 18, a friend of the caretaker.

Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor who successfully sought the death penalty for Atkins heinous crimes had this to say:

"She told me out of her own mouth that Sharon Tate begged for her life, 'Please let me live, so I can have my baby,' " Bugliosi recalled. "And she said, 'I don't have mercy for you. . . . You're going to die.' And now, she wants mercy?"

40 years after the murderous spree Susan Atkins is diagnosed with terminal cancer of the brain expected to live only a few months is now asking for a compassionate release. Atkins leg has been amputated but the relatives of the victims is having a hard time due to the circumstance and manner of the heinous crimes, to quote an LA Times article:

By most accounts, Atkins, a former topless dancer who used to sing in her church choir, was one of Manson's fiercest disciples. After stabbing and killing Tate, prosecutors said Atkins tasted the actress' blood and used it to write "PIG" on the front door. During her trial, which took more than nine months, Atkins showed no remorse and maintained utter devotion to Manson, whom she called "Jesus Christ," "the devil" and "the soul." During sentencing, she taunted the court by saying, "You'd best lock your doors and watch your own kids."

Who would not have a hard time anyway with these evil reincarnate and now that the tables are turned against her it seems she is pleading for compassion which she never had, never will or come close to it during the commission of a dastardly act. She is a heartless cold blooded killer. What difference does it make anyway if she is released out of prison when she is confined in the hospital counting her last days on earth? But then again then again what is the point of releasing her precisely for that purpose also?

We are better off paying our tribute and remembering the victims like Sharon Tate rather than pay attention to the “plight” of a sociopath. Sharon Tate whose promising career and a wonderful life ahead of her cut short gruesomely by sociopaths straight from hell if ever it existed surely showed us the kind of evil that lurks in people like these monsters.

UPDATE: Susan Denise Atkins died at 11:46 p.m. PT Thursday (2:46 a.m. Friday ET) September 24, 2009 at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla.

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