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Madonna & Gloria

Madonna is not the famous singer Madonna but a Filipina single mom named Madonna Decena a club singer and an Overseas Filipino Worker like most others have to endure loneliness and separation from their family. Madonna Decena entered Britain’s Got Talent 2008 hoping it will open more opportunities for her to get more singing engagement. More work means she can save money so she can be re-united with her 2 kids she left with their grandmother in the Philippines.

She took them by a storm and one of the lady judge was so affected by her singing was tearing up and so were some of the audiences giving her a standing ovation. I say good luck and hope she makes it. If not, hopefully some booking agents took notice and get her more work so she can fulfill her dreams of a united family. Thanks to Chee Garcia of OFWNet Foundation, Inc for sending this youtube video of Madonna Decena.

Gloria is that woman cheating errr sitting by the Pasig River. No she is not separated from her family but definitely she is separated....... from reality and just like Madonna Decena she has the ability to evoke emotions from those watching her. You can feel the pain and one cannot help but empathize with her sorrow. On the other hand with Gloria Arroyo you can feel nothing but repugnance, showing so much conceit that only a hypocrite with Napoleonic complex can muster throughout the interview. Just look at Anna De Brux of Manila Baywatch reaction where I saw this video interview of Gloria Arroyo by the International herald Tribune. Anna is having a grief and I can see why. Ahhhh Madonna & Gloria, one pursuing her dream to be with her kids while the other one seems to be dreaming……. actually out of touch with reality or too self-absorbed to notice what she is doing wrong.

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