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The Official Joke they call No Ransom Policy

It appears that the Official Joke they call No Ransom Policy is all a big joke that politicians try to peddle to hide their incompetence in dealing with criminal Kidnap for Ransom Gang in the guise of Islamist insurgency.

MLQ III brought up some valid points that needs to be pondered on in his “Since Iraq, a hard place to be" citing the complex and muddled developments in the Ces Drillon abduction together with crew members Angelo Valderama, Jimmy Encarnacion and Peace Advocate MSU Prof. Octavio Dinampo.

Interesting indeed and the timing seems to favor the US junket of Gloria Arroyo for some “legacy” in her impending exit, that is if she indeed will step down after 2010 which other sectors doubt.

There is this hawkish faction in her administration that crop up in MLQ’s article which I will not delve on while it may appear on target will be too speculative and might get misconstrued as a “destabilizing” assault on the administration with questionable mandate. If there is a semblance of truth in this scenario it will probably explain the emergence of “child soldiers.” These are naïve and dumb children of poverty not realizing that they were used as props in a sinister plot to stage a “moro-moro” using the press and sympathetic gullible public as their stage venue. Good enough for the alarmist and romanticist to fall for and enough justification to rationalize an all out war to quell the “renewed” Abu Sayyaf insurgency in its “infancy,” literally I should say, hahaha. A little tweak here and there and perhaps this are good enough to convince key players in George Bush’s coalition of the willing to cough some “aid”?

Let us just stick to the official joke errr the ransom part which is so muddled at best but slowly turning out to be the biggest joke in this harrowing experience of the victims.

Earlier when Angelo Valderama was released, Undersecretary Amilasan Amilbahar of the Office of the Presidential Assistant on the Peace Process repeatedly said that the amount paid for “board and Lodging fee” for the release of Ces Drillion’s ABS-CBN crew cameraman Angelo Valderama was P2million. To which Indanan Mayor Alvarez Isnaji insisted was only P100K which he claims according to news report cane from his own personal campaign funds. It is now obvious that the initial P5million was entrusted to them for the release of Ces Drillon but the bandits released Valderama instead. The picture below shows the ransom money given by Ces Drillon’s brother being counted by the negotiators, so why was Isnaji released and insisted on only P100K when they have P5million cash on hand? And then there are reports that there is a second batch of ransom money in 2 duffel bag……. Why if that was confirmed to contain ransom money that is a lot of cash that surely is more than the measly P100K errr P5million, so where is it and who has it?

Is this a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing? It appears that Isnaji is getting his instruction from soon to merge or may have merged political party Palaka top honcho Puno that debunks Gonzalez claim that he is not an “official negotiator.”

This bruha errr brouhaha indeed is stranger than fiction with so many illogical and absurd claims and counter claims ironically coming from the government side and I am sure whoever concocted this is laughing his way to the bank. Razon claims his witless errr witness in his affidavit claims that Isnaji admitted to him that is pocketing half of the ransom money which Isnaji’s lawyer says was absurd because why will Isnaji blabber incriminating statements to a person he just met and barely knew, makes sense is it not?

There is one "absurdity" that I hope our liepapers errr newspapers should bring forth, how about those involved are having a dispute on how to divide the loot thus nothing makes sense? Double cross galore, why even poor Ces Drillon realized that she was double crossed thus she ended up as a victim that only shows that you cannot trust anyone especially if it involves politicians local and national alike.

Speaking of politics some sectors are saying that Isnaji is a victim of politics. Politics? Maybe if we look at politics specifically Philippine politics that is similar to a Mafiosi family turf battle then it may have been so. Is it possible that there are people not happy with how the loot errr ransom oooops "board and lodging fee" was divided or someone was too greedy to have not shared it, thus Isnaji is in hot waters? Oh well, the problem is whatever our politicians and government officials are doing now is not really solving the problem of terrorism. A quote from Rina Jimenez David's Journalistic Regrets should give us an idea on what goes on the terrorist mind:
But how to explain their descent from freedom fighters to bandits? Gutoc offers this explanation from the ASG’s Abu Sabaya, who told a radio interviewer in 2001: “Well, the government is stingy. Do you know how much damage we are causing the Philippine government? Billions. All I can say is, why we are banking on ransoms? Because if we talk about rights, we won’t be heard anyway….”

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