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Dreaded Abu Sayyaf Terrorist Strikes Again

Extremist terrorist of the dreaded Abu Sayyaf strikes again abducting ABS-CBN journalist Ces Drillon together with 3 others in the village of Kulasi in the town of Maimbung.

One of those abducted with Ces Drillon is a Muslim University professor Octavio Dinampo, Chairman of the Mindanao Peoples Caucus a credible and well-respected leader from Sulu and a leading peace advocate in Mindanao.

Officials of the province were wondering why the group left without any security, but with Prof. Dinampo with them who is at the forefront of peace advocacy, good governance and rehabilitation efforts in the conflict affected areas in Mindanao you would think that these terrorist would have respected his presence. Bottom line is you cannot trust these terrorist who will shamelessly abduct a Convener of the Bantay Ceasefire who has exemplified the ideals of active non-violence and the values of respect, tolerance and dialogue of life and faith.

Uncivilized medieval relic of the past I should say of these Abu Sayyaf group whose intolerance are akin to deranged rabid dogs are the ones responsible for subjecting American Bible translator Martin and Gracia Burnham the most intolerable captivity leaving Marcia a widow and the beheading Sobero another American victim in their group.

The Mindanao Peoples Caucus strongly condemns the abduction and peace loving people should do the same or we allow these relics of the past taking the whole region hostage in their violent propagation of their religious faith is sick. So sick are these people that they will kill and resort to terrorist act in the name god in this day and age surely has not managed to rise above their medieval past.

One thing is clear this terrorist group surely is dumb and dumber, abducting a person like Prof. Octavio who has established himself as an effective link of Sulu to the outside world particularly the donor communities in rehabilitating the war-ravaged communities in Sulu will surely drive away those who wants to make a difference in the region. His abduction will surely affect the poor displaced people of Sulu, but what do these morons know? I say no clue or clueless because that small mass inside their hollow head happen to fall in their index finger.

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