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GMA's Clemency of Ninoy Aquinos' Murderers an Insult & Rejection of his Martyrdom

By: Fidel Umaga

Closure on Ninoy's martyrdom?

Clemency or pardon for those convicted for his death?

This is to disparage the memory of Ninoy and all those he stood for as well as an insult to those who admire him.

Ninoy was a martyr not only because of the things he died for but also for the things he lived for. He lived and died for a Philippines that is free, where Filipinos may live in justice and peace as human beings, in a democratic atmosphere, where the law is dispensed equally to all, unmindful of the economic, social, religious and political circumstances of the person involved.

He wanted us to believe as he had believed and lived that there is more to life than eating 3 square meals a day and having a roof over one's head when night comes. He wanted us to believe that it is our God given right to live in freedom, as human beings. He wanted us to believe that we must be vigilant in protecting these God given rights and that we must be willing to defend them with our whole heart and soul. And should it become necessary for us to put our own life and limb in harms way in defense of those rights, we must have the courage to meet the challenge because in the end, our country, our people and every one of us would be measured not so much by what we have but what we do with what we have.

And where are we now 26 years after Ninoy's assassination at the NAIA tarmac on August 21, 1983? Are we different now from what we were then?

No. These same tyranny reigns albeit from different tyrants.

Many of us still act like SLAVES despite the so called freedoms that we have. Poverty still haunts the country. Ignorance still abounds around us. We are still separated from our neighbors. Most of us still worshipped many because of the circumstances they were born from and not because of those they have created for themselves and others.

In a sense, as we have not yet realized the dream of Ninoy for all of us, he dies everyday. Yes, I believe there should not YET be a closure of Ninoy's martyrdom. No clemency yet for those who caused the death of Ninoy.

In the ultimate analysis, when every thing has been said and done, we, whom he died for and are still alive today but failed and continuously fail to learn from his death, are complicit in that tragedy. To deny that is to deny the greatness of Ninoy's death.


This is lifted from the comment section of the August 21, 2007 post on Ninoy Aquino's Martyrdom that still rings true to this day.

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