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Merceditas Gutierrez Impeachment Drama

Have mercy on us seems to be the bloggers cry on the recent impeachment drama filed against bar flunker to borrow manay errr manoy (big brother) Ernie Maceda’s description of chief omBADsman errr ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez failure to prosecute high profile graft cases.

DJ of Philippine Commentary posted the list of the growing number of complainants as of this writing and feels there will be more as the drama intensifies:
Aside from former Senate President Jovito R. Salonga, the complaint wase signed by (there may have been more at the time of this writing), Up law professor and former Dean Raul C. Pangalangan, Florin Hilbay and Emilio C. Capulong Jr., all of Bantay Katarungan; Former DILG and DOT Secretary Rafael M. Alunan III, former PCGG Commisssioner Quintin S. Doromal and Emigdio P. Dakanay, trustees of Kilosbayan; Bishop Antonio R. Tobias, DD of Novaliches, and other former senior government officials, civil society leaders and other citizens of the Republic, signing in their individual capacities, namely former Senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani, former Civil Service Commissioner Karina Constantino-David former cabinet secretaries Teresita Quintos-Deles, Ernest Leung, and Corazon-Juliano Soliman, former presidential advisers Veronica Villavicencio and Jose Z. Molano Jr., former DOT Undersecretary Sostenes Campillo Jr., former DBP Chairman Vitaliano Nanagas, former NAIA general manager Guillermo G. Cunanan, UP sociology professor Randy David, former St. Scholastica College president Sister Mary John Mananzan, and civil society activists Leah Lopez Navarro, Crispino T. Aguelo, Milagros Regalado-Capistrano, Marry Anne Terrenal, Yasmin Busrah-Lao, Remy Rikken, Elizabeth Yang, Leon G. Flores III, Ramil V. Cinco, Marilou Borje, and Raul Socrates Banzuela.Merceditas Gutierrez, Bar-Flunker
Of course, Merceditas Gutierrez is fuming mad and fighting like a street fighter ala Lady Merriam saying she is a victim of "politics" and has her own “supporters” too that the Equalizer posted, a group called the Multi-Sectoral Anti-Corruption Council (MSACC) proclaiming her as the “paragon of independence and objectivity.” Except, there is only one teeny little bit of a credibility problem, the group is a big joke because the chairman is no other than Merceditas Gutierrez. Only in the land of cheats where jokers (no I am not talking about senator Joker Arroyo although he seems to be joking nowadays) shamelessly barking self-serving praise on themselves is just as callous it gets. Think this is worse now? Wait till Senator Aquilino Pimentel the self-proclaimed defender of the victims of innuendos and the annoyed passes the RORB into law and instead of annoying quotes here and there from the likes of Gutierrezes who will now have a license to give us an overdose of callousness enough to crash our hard drives.

Lito Banayo cites the elder statesman Jovito Salonga on the common thread that binds classmates Merceditas Gutierrez and first husband Mike Arroyo, to quote:
Ang sakit! And Salonga pushes the dagger deeper into the heart of the overly though selectively merciful Ombudsman by recalling that she was appointed despite public avowal of favoritism, due to her being the classmate of First Gentleman Jose Miguel T. Arroyo at the same Ateneo Law School where Nani Perez taught. Worse, Salonga invited attention to the realization, also in their complaint, that both she and the fabulous esposo “failed the Bar” in their first attempt to become certified lawyers of the land.
Yikes, no wonder they seem to click they took the same path but at least they never cheated thus they have to repeat the bar but then again why give the position to someone who had a problem passing the bar?

The 33-page impeachment complaint list down the bar flunker errr the list of dismal or non-performance of duties as ombudsman citing numerous high profile graft and corruption cases with some leading to the first family amounting to betrayal of public trust to violation of the constitutional mandate of her office. The long list of complaint for the impeachment was depicted accurately by Philip Gilmore Cartoons at Uniffors…… she has done nothing, period.

Interesting, will she get impeached under a house of thieves’ errr congress where numbers and not reason prevail? Will the members impeach one of their own errrr will they risk booting out a “merciful” ombudsman and replace her with one who will diligently do his/her duty?
Another drama is in the offing and the circus freak side show will be on in the usual venue at the house of representathieves errr representatives. Enjoy the ride folks this one has the makings of non-stop hilarious episodes that will give toilet humor movies a run for their money.

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