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Fil-Canadian Balikbayan killed over property dispute?

What a tragic vacation for Fil-Canadian Ricardo Espinosa, 41, of Canoe Road, Coquitam, British Columbia in the Philippines beaten up and killed allegedly by his relatives over a property dispute.

This is so troubling and disturbing, on how this kind of incident has gone out of hand defies any logical explanation. It was reported that the victim Ricardo Espinosa wanted to sell his house located in Kamuning, Quezon City but his relatives who were staying in the property for 5 years without paying rent opposed it. The incident as reported by Nancy C. Carvajal of Inq7:

On Saturday night, a group of men knocked on the gate of the house.

When the victim asked them what they wanted, the men told him that they were there to help his relatives pack up their things in preparation for moving out of the house.

Victim mauled

However, when he opened the gate, they ganged up on him and beat him up.

A few seconds later, a gunshot rang out.

Mario said that after his brother was shot, none of their relatives came out of the house to help them.

“No one among my relatives helped us. Some of them even left [the house] immediately,” he added.

Mabanag said investigators would question the 19 relatives who were inside the house when the shooting took place.
The victims’ brother Mario Espinosa stated that he was five meters from his brother saw their relative Salito Espinosa shoot the victim 5 times in the neck and chest. Salito who was arrested at his residence in Guadalupe, Makati denies he shot the victim as he has no ill feeling or motive to kill the victim.

Nothing new here, this is a problem faced mostly by those with properties back in the old country but getting beaten up and killed is an indication of where the Philippines is headed. Non-payment of rent by relatives has always been a sore point between relatives and most of the time this is never discussed or avoided since it is a problem that embarrasses or a stain to the family name.

Most of the time Filipinos who migrated to the west are faced with this kind of problem on non-payment of rent especially when the renters, relatives or not knew that the owner of the property is out of the country. For one who will bother take them to a snail paced court system where it will cost more money in terms of loss income from the time spent trying to collect on delinquent renters? The obvious solution is to sell the property but it seems it is a high risk proposition so what recourse should absentee owners take to resolve their problem?

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