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The Land of the Free Convicts in Gloria Arroyo’s Garcified Regime

The Philippines is definitely the land of the free…… freeing convicted criminals in a show of shows to portray her scandal ridden regime’s compassionate stance. Compassion reserved for convicted and well connected criminals that will never be convicted truly makes the Philippines a haven for criminals, but one thing is clear Gloria Arroyo is in charge and no one can do anything about it.

Angela wrote an article on Ninoy’s Killers quoting Kris Aquino’s woes at Inq7:

I wanted to keep my silence but I was really bothered by the narrative of the soldiers. It’s just so sad that they can rewrite history.
Spiteful convict loverI can only imagine how Kris Aquino feels, deeply hurt at re-opening the emotional wounds that will never heal overtime when an insensitive head of state acts like a brat so full of spite. I don’t know the Aquinos on a personal level and yet I cannot help but feel the abhorrent callous disregard and disrespect of this president with questionable mandate in trampling the very symbol of the peoples quest for democracy in ousting the Marcos dictatorship.

What is deeply troubling in this latest bout of insensitive spitefulness from a Mafiosi inspired government is how morons in their callous disregard tries in vain to portray a humane and compassionate government that it is not and never will. The quote below from the Inquirer editorial seems to offer a rationalization on the release of the convicted killer who they claimed has been reformed and thus deserve to be released back to society:

But Ms Arroyo’s political tactics aside, what can the nation gain from seeing the soldier-convicts continue in jail? If the object was to punish them, no one will contest that they have suffered enough — and according to the law’s own standards. If the object was to rehabilitate them, the evidence of reformed lives is clear. But if the object was to force them, through incarceration, to reveal the truth behind the assassination, the fact that they have continued to say the same thing over and over again, the fact that they continue to tell the same unsatisfying story, should tell us that after a quarter-century we have nothing else, nothing more, to learn from them.

Time to let them go. After justice, mercy.
Justice? Who the hell are these editorial cartoons errr writers kidding? Reformed? Mercy? I say shut your trap and smell the coffee! No wonder lying is an art form mastered by politicians, criminals and journalist alike in a nation where perjury is treated like a joke and even reward convicted remorseless killers free jail pass for sticking to the lies that they heaped on the public for over 2 ½ decades. On the contrary if the editorial writer believes there is nothing to gain or learn from these lying convicted murderers they are wrong. What we have learned from these and have always known is that it pays to lie and stick to it in a nation where there is no clear distinction between truth and lies.

Any right thinking Filipino who feels sympathetic to these convicted murderers should seriously seek professional help. So, if indeed these convicts were reformed why in the name of land of cheats do we hear former sergeant Claro Lat lamenting and angry at his wife for not visiting him in prison? Dream on fool and because he lives his life in lies he thinks his family can just bring him to New Jersey to live with them. As if such stupidity never ceases the son of the convicted murderer or relative whoever he is I really don’t give a squat that I saw on TV Patrol saying the statements of Kris Aquino deeply hurt their feelings. Can you believe the gall and stupidity of this kid and these murderers? Hello, will someone please smack this guy at the back of his head and remind him that Kris Aquino has every right to say what she wants to say considering she lost her father in a very violent manner while his murderers are alive still lying through their teeth free like a bird once again.

Re-opening the case is not conditioned on the Aquinos wishes although it was doubtful that the government judiciary and investigative agencies are not doing so out of respect for Cory Aquino's wishes but are afraid of what they will uncover. Afraid to confront very powerful untouchable people they dare not displease in a nation where might is right. I say re-open the case but then again in an administration where criminals get away with murder or conspiracy to kidnap as in the taped conversation of Gloria and Garci can we really get the facts straight. In the land where convicted murderers, criminals of the election fraud, fertilizer scams, WB Collusion and all sorts of aberrant sorry excuse of human beings are free to roam the streets and even run for public office will there be closure for the victims and their families.

Yeah talk to the Filipino people about humanity and compassion when we cease to learn of horrific state sanctioned violence committed against innocent civilians and non-combatants. The latest of which is that of Rebelyn Pitao kidnapped, tortured, sexually violated, and murdered discarded in the most inhumane fashion recovered floating lifeless in the river because she happens to be the daughter of a communist NPA (New Peoples Army) commander.

In a nation where people are confident of its laws and institutions, pardon and mercy comes naturally without shame and remorse. But in a nation where the laws are selectively enforced perceived as tool of the ruling minority elite faction to perpetuate themselves in power and the institutions bastardized to unrecognizable level, people ought not just be ashamed of it but respond with righteous indignation and outrage.

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