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Romeo Jalosjos the 'Honorable' Pedophile of Congress living in style in Prison

Thanks to Manuel Buencamino for alerting me on Romeo Jalosjos a distinguishable not distinguished mind you will be freed after 13 years of leisurely vacation errr incarceration for raping an 11 year old girl. A testament of the Philippine moral degeneration, sentenced to double life terms has been deemed a “model” prisoner and deserves to be released back to society. As if it makes a difference since he has been living in luxury inside the prison which some quarters are saying this pedophile has been actually living outside of prison cells. So what is the point of releasing him when he has been enjoying what law abiding citizens has been enjoying, freedom of movement?

Where in the world will you find a convicted prisoner driving around the compound of prison grounds in Ford Expedition plays tennis every morning and spend the night in a resort-bar he ordered built as if he is on leisurely vacation at Club Med? The morons’ errr prison officials see this as “good behavior” enough for Gloria Arroyo to commute his 2 life sentences to 16 years which is in effect just a leisurely vacation for this pedophile rapist.

What in the name of cheating errr seating president with Garcified mandates are they thinking anyway, oh wait no I take that back these people are not capable of using their puny brains thus they are confused and irrational. Ahhhh the power of patronage in the land of feudal serfs where rich criminals can buy their way out of the harshness of prison life seen by moronic officials as manna from heaven and therefore "qualities" of model prisoner with good behavior.

Sure the “honorable” pedophile congressman contributed a lot to the prisons but having a resort-bar and roaming the prison grounds on a Ford Exhibition is definitely out of place and these morons should be investigated, no I don’t think that will work but instead sent to a mental institution to be examined if they are sane enough to run a prison. Romeo Jalosjos claims he loves it there and so are his fellow low lives so why release the pedophile rapist? I guess it is okay to release him provided he is confined in Congress where he can rob errr rub elbows with his fellow “honorable” of the criminal kind but please not back to society. The risk and vulnerabilities of little girls getting raped by a predator who may not have been reformed owing to what amounts to his leisurely stay instead of standard incarceration ordinary criminals are subjected to is really disturbing.

Since Romeo Jalosjos is being released based on the review and approval of the NBP Classification Board and an order coming from Justice Secretary SiRAUL O GOONzales for his release makes one really wonder on the wisdom of their decision especially with this report below:
A senior prison official, who did not wish to be named, said Jalosjos had actually been staying in a house outside the prison compound.

"His release was nothing new. He had been freed a long time ago," said the official.

The Inquirer source said Jalosjos bought a house and lot in Katarungan Village, where he has stayed since he became a live-out inmate a few year ago.

“The NBP obviously afforded Jalosjos special treatment. He has violated so many rules of the NBP. His good conduct time allowance should have been canceled,” he said.
Now is it not about time that whenever a clemency, commutation of sentence or pardon for a prisoner is conducted that the victims should be allowed to speak during those hearings? It is not like these officials are society’s exemplary models of integrity and competence that we can rely on them deciding who they release back to society. So it is just proper that the victims’ feelings and opinion should be given weight in decisions that may unduly impact and affect them.

Maybe congress should now consider passing a law where convicted criminals are not allowed to run for public office especially crimes of pedophilia, rape, incest, plunder and other crimes of moral turpitude since they are supposed to be the peoples representatives and not the scumbags representatives. On the other hand maybe it is wishful thinking especially when you see congressman and court judges flocking like birds of the same feather at the Tennis Academy of the Philippines Foundation an upscale club and resort-bar Jalosjo put up near his residence in Alabang. Well wishers perhaps jumping in joy can’t wait to hug their pedophile rapist buddy unmindful of who they associate with truly shows the kind of leadership the Philippines has to offer.

Quezon Representative Lorenzo "Erin'' Tañada III and Palawan Representative Abraham Mitra urge Gloria Arroyo in a separate statement to use her powers to pardon convicts "judiciously and carefully." Tañada's proposition is for Arroyo to list down potential inmates she is seriously considering to pardon or commutation of sentence to allow the victims and their relatives ample time to voice out their concerns and subject such presidential prerogative to public debate. While public debate will help in transparency it will oftentimes be used by grandstanding politicians defeating its purpose. I say enact a law that will require a public hearing where the victims and their relatives are allowed to voice out their concern before it goes to the president.

Patronage indeed thrive in a society mired in poverty, enough to cloud people’s judgment and morals compromised unable to see that the intent of the "generous" giver as nothing but insidious corruption of the people and the system. A ploy of the powerful criminals of the ruling elite lording over a society kept poor while they indulge in blatant deviant criminal activities and we wonder why we are in the muck...........

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