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MRAPs, Obama's Poor Copy Cat in Manila Courtesy of Gloria Arroyo's Trapos

In his inaugural address last January, President Barack Obama made his maiden presidential call to all Americans, whether in public or civilian life, to stand on the plate and face with courage the most challenging crises, confronting America, both at home and abroad.

Pres. Obama
predicated the success of his call for national audacity on the return of every American to the spirit of great American traditions that sets a high premium on human dignity and man's inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; personal character; fair play; justice and the rule of law, to cite a few of these national virtues. He said to the effect that it was precisely because of America’s faithful and constant adherence to these principles that enabled the country to overcome, one after another, her crisis. There is no reason, he concluded, why the same fidelity to these principles would show a different result now. True enough. To date, the problems remain daunting but the American people and country stay the course.
GMA's MRAPs Stimulus Package kunoIn the Philippines, systemic corruption in public service vested upon the country the crown, as the most corrupt democratic country in this side of the Pacific region. And when it comes to human rights violations, the Philippines, despite the only predominantly Catholic country in the region, is no less worse. If not for the remittance of our OFW, the Philippines would have floundered long ago. Naturally, GMA, like any other leaders in the world, would like to learn a thing or two from the 44th president of the United States of America to solve the national crises confronting her.

Everyone knows that decency and accountability in public office and service are but necessary antidotes to save the Philippines from her current sickness. And there lies the fly in the ointment.

When issues about DECENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY IN PUBLIC OFFICE and SERVICE are called to light, the Filipino people could not help but relate them directly or indirectly with GMA and everyone is immediately overtaken with that
numbing feeling of utter helplessness, dejection and anger.


The Filipino people could not, would not and should not erase this perception from her persona or on anything or with anybody related to her UNTIL she clarifies with candor those still-unanswered questions as to the circumstances how she obtained her GARCIFIED presidency in 1994 and the anomalies after anomalies, following the wake of her ascendancy to power, that remain unresolved, like pestering pus-filled sores, to this day.

It is in the light of this backdrop that the Filipino people received this news relating to this high sounding, pious executive fiat calling for MORAL RENEWAL ACTION PLANS (MRAPs), directing all government agencies, including state-run and -controlled corporations and financial institutions to draft their own MRAP, which according to Presidential Anti Graft Commission (PAGC), shall be implemented on May 14, 2009!

The news further says that:

The activity is in compliance with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Administrative Order No. 255 “directing the heads of the executive department to lead [in] moral renewal in their agencies,” effectively making the implementation of the Integrity Development Action Plan (IDAP) mandatory.
And that:
The MRAPs shall serve as our bases in monitoring and evaluating the agencies’ compliance with their own anti-graft programs, an implementation strategy consistent with the spirit of AO 255,” Secretary Constancia de Guzman, the PAGC chief, said in a statement.
This call for moral renewal , and necessarily, public accountability in public office, to face the national crises ala Barack Obama, with all its neat acronyms (A.O. 255, MRAP, PAGC, IDAP, which can all be summarized as mental HOLDUP) is simply too transparent to hide its I.D.10.TIC (idiotic) intention to refurbish its tarred source.

First, it is too little too late. After more than 6 years in office, and after anomalies after anomalies, involving allies, friends and relatives in public office, which until now are unresolved or if resolved, were resolved not under the rule of law but by the rule by law, why call only now (on the penultimate year of her term) this moral renewal in public service?

Second, what is GMA’s moral qualification to call for decency and accountability in public service? Is it any less repulsive from Dr. JACK KEVORKIAN (Dr Death), as the principal speaker, extolling everyone in the audience, afflicted with Alzheimer's and Lou Gehrig’s diseases, on the Dignity of Dying a Natural Death?

Third, all these pronouncements from the most powerful public office in the land about moral renewal and accountability in public service are nothing but a TRAPO’S STIMULUS PACKAGE.

Fourth, this call for drafting an MRAP is like a mother, calling her farmer-son to put a double lock on his horses’ stable door after a thief stole several horses from the stable the night before , although the farmer knows it was his mother who was, in fact, the thief!

ENOUGH of this lying, deceit and hypocrisy from the high office!

As long as it is still the same family who officially resides at that most opulent place by Pasig River, although its odious smell is clearly not from the waters that flow by that river, decency and accountability in public office and service would remain selective, favoring political allies, friends and relatives of the sitting power. Let us pray that the innocent in these public offices would not be made escape goats for these favored class of Filipinos. TAMA NA. SOBRA NA. PALITAN NA.

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